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  1. Sorry for double Posting... how could I delete it?
  2. Hey guys, One question to the repair action. If my Khatanga has 2 dmg points. How much hits I need to repair 1 Hullpoint / 2 Hullpoints? Do I have to pass the ablative too?
  3. With RB I ment rulebook, but for the other Points .... Thanks a lot!!! Safing my day :-)
  4. Hey guys, another makes-me-cry-and-angry problem: Spotting for my mortars! 1. for example a Squadron of Novgorods (4) - can they spot different targets? You can choose between a Squad of cruisers (3) and a BB. - I get 4 dices right? 2. Peset: - could I spot while submerged? - could target-painting while submerged? 3. could you tell where the hack this is in RB? Thanks in advance
  5. Is it then possible to ally a EIMC Forbes Aerial Blimp to a Russian fleet? Because the Forbes is the only aerial Unit?!
  6. Hey guys may I ask another silly question? Operational asset: could I simply take a DN and ready? No small? Could I also Mix like a capital ship and a capital aerial? The only thing I have to look for is staying under the 40% non Core?
  7. Short question: I don't get out which hightband a skimmer have in case of firing/Line of sight. When I would take a Marowit (PLC Medium Skimmer) behind an Iceberg (Medium) or an other Medium class ship. Is it possible to fire? Only with P or also with S & T? Am I partially blocked or...? I've read the Points with elevation Bonus etc a lot of times but I am not sure... Thanks in advance guys
  8. But the Tenkei has very low firepower hasn't it?
  9. Ok... Little bit different opinions :-) For me the Problem with the Raijin is like angelshard said... And a model without def-abilities should stay obscured all the time!!! ... Especially for these pointcosts. This is why I like the tsukuyomi... Firepower is okay overall and I think good for aerial. Further, this Unit has a clear Style to play... Go forward while firing and weaken the target, then bomb it to death. Or I am totally wrong? Sure you have to pick the right target ... Maybe a battlecruiser or a such a thing but then I think it could make its Points?! Ok... Tunguska is a beast for everyone... I also play Russians and I ordered one and will see how good it is :-) U said some skyfortress are also good... Which ones?
  10. Hey guys, are these to aerials as good as a ship or Squadron for its costs? More essentially ... Does it makes sense to run them? For me they look okay but not that good in comparison to other Majors... What do you think?
  11. Does the support flotilla is a good piece? When I look over the Repairnitskys and the fleet carrier I don't think there are good but a lot of guys really like them... Yes I am... And I know u from GW fanworld :-) You say KoB has to fear is but I think they are really tough! ... Hoods and Halifax and the Tribal-Dominion-Squad? Or the Ruler? ... All good ships with in my opinion
  12. Hey guys, me again with another question :-) Is the Magadan Squad good or is it better to left the Tunguska by its own? The Tunguska is a good one isn't it? I could have one for small money... Suyetkas I have already. But when u guys say the Magadan Squad is really good, then maybe I will take more money and bu the aerial Box. Thanks in advance
  13. What I expected... Runing BW as a striking ally-hammer seems more and more beeing a false Impression... But Ottomans... Is the Hisar really a good model? I mean... 1 real weapon... If you compare this to a BB it is not that much right?!
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