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  1. Hmm...those new freighters? Plus some of the old stations (assuming they aren't ghost stations). I should have clarified as "stats prior to kickstarter end".
  2. Agreed. Any chance of stats, or will it be a run of the mill ghost ship?
  3. Cyber got nasty; I expect to see lots of cyber heavy fleets, unless cyber gets toned down from the current V3 rendition.
  4. Considering most objectives require you to activate by them, you can blast the relevant ship and deny that way. Alternatively: table your opponent and win through TV gained via ship destruction.
  5. The drawback is spend a command point and you need to be in a specific range band. That's it.
  6. You can focus fire only in specific range bands, depending on the weapon type (primary, secondary, tertiary).
  7. Can you highlight the changes made? These look the same as the first batch (including the mention of helices in one of the Dindrenzi ones).
  8. Here's a thought: Everyone gets the same number of command points at the start of each turn. Certainly MARs and squadrons will add more. Or pull an Infinity and say each battle ready squadron contributes 2 command points, each attrition 1 at the start of each round.
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, but unless pathogen get shields in this edition, will they always be able to regenerate? The defenses overloaded crit would only put a disorder on them, as they do not have shields.
  10. Maybe they can have tier 2 accompaniment, that's variable based on the faction. For example, the Directorate battle cruiser is similar to their destroyers, so maybe run it with a destroyer. For dindrenzi, maybe a cruiser or heavy cruiser.
  11. I never take Turmoil R&D cruisers. The linking is off for the grav weapon, and two ships to a squadron makes them give up battlelog too easily. I also don't use the dreadnought, because it feels like flaming garbage. That being said: I always use an Anarchist, and heavy cruisers when I can (as I like boarding fleets).
  12. Everything? Specifically: Heavy has no torpedoes and has a fore fixed nuclear weapon, which the regular cruisers do not possess. It also has the same DR/CR and shields, so it doesn't "feel" heavy. They don't synergize at very well. Regular Terran players can add more.
  13. Considering mines have been removed; I doubt it.
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