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  1. interested in the news about a new 2.0 version of then rules, wonder if its just a tightening up and clarification of the existing rules or a rewrite? hoping its the former as trying to remember all the errata and clarifications can be a pain
  2. MikeH

    Token stands

    the dice frame and base came from Warbases base can be found here select the 30mm x 40mm option at 18 bases for £1.75 2 cell frame as here select the 7mm option at 15 frames for £1.30 microdice I got from my various spartan purchases over the years but a quick search for 7mm microdice should help you find a supplier to assemble, just stick the frame to the base using PVA, leave it to dry and spray black
  3. MikeH

    Token stands

    hi all I have to say I'm not a huge fan of having lots of tokens in my games, so I decided to try and make something to tidy up the tokens in my games so with a double micro dice frame and a 40x30 piece of mdf I made this the dice can be used to track hits and crew points lost and there is space on the back for a couple of status tokens and as its the same width as a standard flight base keeps my tokens nice and tidy I've made about 30 of them for a few pounds Mike
  4. cheers chaps, I just need to check how many I have and order a few extras (just in case)
  5. hi all just thinking about getting back into DW to play some land games and I've been dusting off my old figures and going through my resin pile. in an Armoured Clash brigade box I found some Cavalry and Artillery tokens (like the infantry ones) but I cant see any mention of Cavalry or Artillery in the Infantry section of the rules or in the OoB's so I wondered if these are used in the game now? cheers Mike
  6. hi all quick question the Directorate Wraith doesn't have the Assault Vehicle MAR so I wanted to verify the sequence to deploy the Haunter and the Grand Company so the set up is, the wraith is transporting the Haunter and its the beginning of a turn with the directorate having initiative Directorate player chooses his Leviathan helix and activates the wraith, the wraith makes a standard move and then fires on a target enemy player activates something Directorate player activates the Haunter transport, it disembarks from the Wraith is placed adjacent to it and then makes its movement and carries out any cqb and main ordnance fire, then at the end of its activation (as the Haunter does have the Assault Vehicle MAR) it can disembark the Grand Company that can move and possibly storm a building is this the correct procedure as I'm sure in the past I saw people activate the wraith and then immediately activate the haunter and then the GC all in 1 activation? cheers Mike
  7. hi all like many I'm a big fan of 4Ground models and they've just posted an Urban Power Plant on their site http://www.4ground.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=65&product_id=994 now that looks really useful for Planetfall games
  8. Halo Demo at Firestorm Games, Cardiff starting at 11am
  9. Halo Demo at Firestorm Games, Cardiff starting at 5pm
  10. hi all we've just posted a review of Planetfall we recorded in May (it's taken a while to edit), the first half of the show is a review of the rules and the second part is a discussion on out thoughts on the system https://meeples.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/meeples-miniatures-episode-148-planetfall/ we do drift off subject a few times but anyone who listens to Meeples and Miniatures will know we have a habit of doing that :-) hope you like it Mike
  11. as a bit of a terrain junky I have a large selection for generic stuff (woods hills and rivers) I use firms like S&A Scenic or Battlefront roads I either S&A Scenics Wide roads or Angel Barracks woods- I use a template and drop on a few small trees buildings I tend to stick to the Spartan ones or the 4Ground ones that others mention I have got some of the Angel barracks buildings but they are 6mm and look a bit small hope this helps
  12. MikeH

    First Armada fleet

    hi All finally managed to finish off my Aquan fleet from the Starter set, really pleased with these ones
  13. This was a really fun game, next time we are testing out Legions
  14. MikeH

    First Armada fleet

    Thanks for the kind words all, here's a sneak peak of the Aquans only just started on the base colours, so still a long way to go on these, but it'll give you an idea of where I'm going with them
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