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  1. That video is excellent. I do like the movement system described in it.
  2. cas

    Cas's Soryl

    Restarted this topic because my old one no longer has linkable images due to dropbox. As with my veydreth, finished the painting on my Sorylian armada to commemorate spartans fall to the persians. Posting here to celebrate firestorms return.
  3. First fleet for the Soryl is generally pretty easy. Squadron of frigates or corvettes, squadron of regular cruisers, then either a battleship or a carrier for your T1 option. Your cruisers are the workhorse here with your t1 usually being the distraction for delivering the rest of the fleet.
  4. Yes they did in the previous fluff. Though they were tremendously big/expensive to build.
  5. In a post scarcity scene resources can also simply be stations and planetary populations themselves. An example could be the huge foundry system hawker lost at the beginning of the dindrenzi offensives. When resources are unlimited the ability to harvest and manufacture those resources become the limiting factor. Wars are about taking and controlling major population centers rather than resources themselves. This does mean wars would still need a reason to start, either desire for control in the original terran vs dramos offensive or a system where wealth makes right like directorate.
  6. For battle damage just applying nuln oil probably wont cut it. It will look more like patches of light. Take a file and stanley knife to bits of it, then nuln oil the cuts after painting the cuts grey of dark silver.
  7. cas

    Cas's Veydreth

    When I heard Spartan had gone down I painted the last of my veydreth, the second onslaught squadron, the third corvette squadron and the cruisers. Mostly so I could leave the game with a fully painted fleet for display. Now they may actually see table time.
  8. Well lets see what future holds for the tribes! Painted the last of my Onslaughts after the news of spartans demise to leave with a finished army. Posting here for others to enjoy and to test the new forum.
  9. cas

    RSN fleet

    Ah got it thanks. Looks like warcradle doesnt support dropbox security. Imgur it is.
  10. cas

    RSN fleet

    Nice work. Not a fan of the colour scheme but the detail and coherency is amazing. How are you posting the images? I cant seem to get the new forums to let me.
  11. Looking forward to a firestorm rpg let me know when its a coming thing.
  12. Tarakians, tarakians and more tarakians. Veydreth force people to spread out ships where tarakians force people to cluster in order to avoid being gravitically shoved into planets. This severely limits where and how your opponent can fly. Perhaps im just bringing tactics from other games where board control is more a dominant game feature but this is a brutal combination that takes an experienced opponent to play against. Not recommended for playing against new people however.
  13. They are most certainly good at 800 points. They can suffer substantial damage before giving up battle log even if the battle log is higher than in larger games. They have to kill two gunships before they get a measly 2 BL, then hunt down the third one for the huge swing. Its not hard to get the third gunship out of the way. In return the amount of pain they can put out on a smaller fleet is devastating. Its hard to describe how much of a patrol fleet they can kill. My standard goto veydreth 800 point list is: Corvettes +Mines x5 Destroyers + high energy x3 Gunships x3 Predator +2MV +2MN The gunships are the star of the show here, they and the corvettes reserve, the destroyers use stealth systems to survive while the predator does its best to survive behind terrain. If they spend enough time to kill the gunships the predator gets in range and mulches them. Usually what happens is the gunships roll up out of fold space and kill everything.
  14. Sorylian and veydreth can be difficult to get to work together. Both want to flank or shunt with as many of their vessels as possible. Veydreth destroyers work well with or without ambush as they provide some long range options that can take hits. It can be hard to use assault cruisers effectively from ambush as the turn they need to spend powering up their drives often kills them. It can be fun starting the game with almost everything in ambush or reserve - but its really difficult to pull off.
  15. I used one 3mm x1.5mm disc magnet in each piece. Used a dremel hollow out a space for them. Since the noses are only plastic and fairly light it works fine.
  16. i used magnets to make mine swappable. Works fine.
  17. Allowing PD to defend mine attacks would neuter the minefield MAR unless ratings were substantially increased. It would also screw the ability to use minefields as an area denial since people could effectively ignore it. Having said that drive by mining does need to be reduced in power. My veydreth fleet will need some tweaking ... and then a bit more tweaking .
  18. Sorylian aspis defense platform is listed as a reaper frigate in the stat block.
  19. Good spot on the destroyers. It actually makes them competitive with the veydreth destroyers now. Only changes I spotted are the accompaniment rules
  20. I have a copy of the rules from the box that I have scanned (so I can use it on my tablet). I can provide if thats legal/ok by spartan.
  21. So likely a mistake then. Thanks.
  22. Can I poke again for a semi official statement on the change to the veydreth recon helix? Its a big change and it would be nice to know if is likely to be a mistake or an actual rebalance.
  23. cas

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: Cas vs Kevin (not on forums) Points Value: 1500 Scenario: 5 - Ghost station Factions & Allies: Dindrenzi vs Sorylians Battle Log Scores: 6/5 draw Long and bloody slog where sorylian reserves failed to arrive.
  24. Also another poke regarding the veydreth helix. Its a pretty substantial change so I like to hear if it was intentional or not before models hit table. (looks at two fully painted veydreth helices )
  25. Still very much a heavy helix fan.
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