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  1. Do keep in mind that not every ship has superior design. Only the BB and DN if memory serves.
  2. Players: Angel Vengen / Tamothy Stern Points Value: 800 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: RSN / Terrans Battle Log Scores: 10/-5 Still coming to grips with his new fleet, it was a much closer match in the beginning, the game was called on turn 6 after his battleship finally fell.
  3. My brain went to 1960's UFOs and chrome everywhere. Not sure if it would look good however.
  4. I left it at 1180 in case someone else had suggestions as I couldn't see upgrades I needed. Obviously before I field it in a 1200 point game I'd maximize the rest of my ships. And by stating the ships were going to go around in a single group I'd be making sure the interceptors provided as much coverage as possible barring a nuke opponent. The frigates are still under whelming to me so I don't see a benifit to my fleet to drop 100 points somewhere else to be able to field two full squadrons. I'd just take the regroup card and hope they deployed on the same turn. A 6 bomber 2 interceptor load out on the carriers seems to me counter intuitive as I want a nice interceptor bubble. With quick launch I have a 18" 12 die attack profile with the bombers and deck crews to try and maintain the wings. Once the ships close on a target I just keep pounding away with the bombers as well as all the other weapons. I think it would devastate most t2/t3 squadrons and even give worrry to the squishier t1's
  5. So my group hasn't progressed into battle fleets yet, but I was toying around with the idea of a dual carrier 1200 point list, wanted ideas or opinions. Banshee +1 shield -1 turn limit +2 move High energy fore beam 2x argus Deck crews Quick launch 4x bombers 4x interceptors 2x spook squadron 3 spooks 2x bulwark squadron 2 bulwarks Comes in at 1180. Basic idea is keep the bombers in the carrier and use the interceptor token s to provide torp defense as I fly the bulk of the fleet in a single mailed fist. With 2x interceptor tokens out I'm adding a total of 16 pd in torpedo defense/boarding defense, and with two tokens providing defense runs, I have a higher chance at turning away opposing srs attack runs. Again the only thing I'm sitting on is the two frigate squads that will sit in reserve and hopefully come in late game to play clean up.
  6. Well the lists I ran was the patrol box and tested either more torp cruisers or some destroyers. And I'm not saying they are a bad fleet, but that they are a bad fleet for my current playstyle. Once I feel comfortable with my RSN then I will try to use the wr more to get better with them
  7. I did them in a neon green with only a moderate bit of OSL, like they were running on low power to avoid detection
  8. In all honesty? Dice is how it happens. I've done nothing to his naussica and then watched his scatter gunracks double crit or more ships off the board
  9. Thanks guys, this wasn't for a squadron of carriers, but one RSN carrier with 12 bombers theoretically. Stinks that I can't combine them tho.
  10. Thanks. I haven't gotten too many games with them on their own as they crumpled against my local dindrenzi player. I'm leaning towards them being more of an accompaniment fleet and not a stand alone one.
  11. So I'm working on a new carrier based battle fleet list and ran into an issue I'm not sure of, hence this topic. If I have a carrier with 12 wings and purchase 2 tokens of 6 bombers each and thought the course of the game I take some casualties and now only have 1 wing from one token left and 5 wings from the other token, can I combine these into one token of 6 again if they are both inside the carrier? In other words, would I be buying 2 tokens of 6 wings, or would I be buying 12 wings and two tokens I can split them how ever I want?
  12. Finally finished up my works ships... Line work was a huge pain if I'm being honest.
  13. Finally finished the patrol fleet box. This was more of a pain than I thought it would be
  14. I agree with sniddy. Having multiple arcs would be fine if they had more range but since they have to get within 20" to do anything you get lucky flanking them in or shunt and roll on the table. They just seem very lack lustre to me the way they are currently
  15. Players:AngelVengen vs TamothyStern Points: 800 Scenario: Border Clash Factions: RSN vs Terrans Battle Log: RSN 10 - Terrans -4 Terran Battleship had it's shields disabled for two turns, which spelt it's fate. His dice were not doing well for him in the begining of the game, Allowing me to cripple his battleship and cruiser squadron early on.
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