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  1. Did I miss something? Where are these guys mentioned?
  2. Thanks for the responses Libran! Yes the Directorate I normally run up against always has a squad of R&D Cruisers. The biohazard is really to get around, but it is the cyberwarfare that hurts me the most. Two games running he has disabled my Tyrant's shield with cyberwarfare and watching the Tyrant die in one turn is pretty disheartening. I am going to try playing with cyclic shielding more, I tend to be a temporary solutions kind of guy. As for the Aquans I think my biggest trouble with them is getting around their maneuverability, but I did not think about the AP approach. I might try using our assault cruisers against him as they did have some good effect on Directorate cruisers. The Ares combo would be nice, but the Ares suffers from low DR and CR and craptastic PD. Without at least a fighter escort, Aquan torpedoes would have a field day with the Ares. Still though, 6 wings of assault boats is 12 AP. The Oannes only has 3 AP and 6 CP. If I can muscle through that defense I might actually get to capture her. Still a tough cookie to crack though. An Ares that close to even a crippled Oannes wouldn't last long.
  3. This is what worries me. Spartan Games has done a great job of even keeping the Minor Races in the game, but I feel like the scale is tipping towards only certain factions. Despite the popularity I think the Sorylian and Relthoza boxset would be the right move to push more variety into Firestorm communities around the world.
  4. So I have been having some trouble lately with my Terrans. I recently got back into Firestorm after getting some of the my Battletech group to give it a shot. My normal opponents before had been Dindrenzi and RSN, so understandably I got very comfortable fighting them. Now I am facing an Aquan and Directorate player regularly and getting absolutely curb-stomped. What are your tactics against these guys? Furthermore if someone could help me with a 1200 point battlefleet it would be greatly appreciated. All the models I own are listed below, but I don't mind proxies: Tyrant Ares 2x Marshals 3x Teutons 3x Artemis 12x Armsman/Missionaries 6x Escorts 1x Valhalla station (has been used as a Palisade more though)
  5. I do not think adding a mine-sweeping/destroying mechanic would unbalance the game in anyway. Right now I can tell you that as a Terran player mines are amazingly effective at countering us. My normal opponent is an Dindrenzi/RSN player, so naturally I want to get in close to counter his long range firepower. When I do get close he just activates and rolls over with crazy high AD mine fields that forces me to activate my ships inside minefields while he speeds away. Even if I had a small chance to counter them it would be better than watching a third of my fleet vanish under minefields (which just happened yesterday).
  6. Quick question: Would people be interested in buying Firestorm terrain like prepainted Planetoids and such? Just asking for marketing research.
  7. Updated original post with better pictures and some highlights.
  8. Yeah I apologise. When the sun goes down my loft gets really dark. I will take some better pictures tomorrow with some natural light.
  9. Like Ryjak said. the RSN are elite-generalist. Their ships are kind of jack-of-all-trades. So you will be able to take on anything that comes your way, but you don't have any tools to fight anything specific. Granted, you do have some of the toughest ships in the game and torpedo spook is one of the scariest MARs in the game. Coupled with Elite Crews your fleet will keep firing linked salvos until they are destroyed. Oh and you have superior design as well, which means you only suffer half crew damage. So if anyone manages to actually crit you with your high CR, you are going to mitigate the most common crit type which is crew damage.
  10. I will have to chime in and say the Dindrenzi play just fine. Aside from being one of the easiest factions to pick up, they are among the most powerful. Simply you can put A LOT of hurt on your foe in the first turn and more importantly the second turn. Whereas most fleets struggle to do anything but chuck a couple dice at range-band 3 and 4, you can throw a lot down range. Kinetic is a beast of an MAR and you have it on pretty much every ship. Even when other fleets get close you are the best at RB 2/3 meaning you are engaging an already weakened foe in your best ranges. While you have the downside of not being able to brawl as easily, tons of mines solve that problem beautifully especially when your BB has double mines! Your destroyers are probably only second to the RSN, which if you run those you have no room to complain about anything in your fleet. With some of the highest CR in the game you negate a lot of weapon MARs simply because people don't crit you. Ablative armour can be a drawback, but a lot of ships can purchase it away. All in all I see people struggle against them, myself included, more than any other fleet out there. Between the Dindrenzi and RSN you have a very solid fleet that is very easy to use. I didn't even mention elite crews on practically everything. That alone makes them hard to deal with on top of their ridiculous railguns.
  11. I have been on the receiving end of shunting Heavy Cruisers and let me just say , "Wow!" The turn they arrived they did their job and crippled my tier 2s then proceeded to mop up the rest of my fleet with the help of my opponent's BBs.
  12. Reading through this thread now. I have a masters in astrophysics and I am studying engineering at the moment. Feel free to ask any questions and I will do my best to answer.
  13. So finally got my Terran fleet in and assembled. I also broke out my new airbrush and tested it on my Tyrant. This was the result:
  14. 1200 points is what I regularly play with my Terrans. Here is what I use: "Bongfu's Moving Castle" Tier 1: 2x Marshal w/ Nuclear Torpedos Tyrant w/ +2 Mv, Shield Projector, and 1x Escort Ares w/ +1 Sh, +1 Mv, +2" Comm, 6x Bombers, 3x Supp Shut, 2x Sentinels (+1 Sh, Nukes, Weapon Shield) Tier 2: 2x Aegis (+3 Comm) Tier 3: 4x Armsman 4x Armsman The main idea of this fleet is a moving castle. Everything is clumped together and moves as one up the field. With all the PD you can add up for ships really close to each other you wont have to worry about fighters or torpedoes. Onces you crash into the enemy battleline the murderball can break apart and start maneuvering for kills. Keep the carrier group close to the Tyrant to keep its crew alive and watch it eat anything it touches.
  15. After running a battlegroup with them (Ares + 2 Sentinels) I have found it to be absolutely devastating if your opponent ignores them in favour of something bigger (like my Tyrant). Ill run it with 6x Bombers and 3x Support Shuttles. It sits between my Tyrant and a squad of Battlecruisers on my line. The BCs and BB normally take most of the enemy fire because my opponent doesn't think a carrier group is that scary. Let them think that as you launch some pretty impressive nuclear torpedo salvos at him and when you are close beam broadsides can wreck even an enemy BB. All in all, expensive squad but fun. The support shuttles can help keep that pesky crew damage from hurting you. I have actually run it with two 6 wing strong support shuttle tokens. I literally just make crew damage disappear. The other option is bringing an Aegis. I think for lower point games this can be a good one, especially if you don't have a Tyrant on the field. The Ares can be a tough nut to crack if you give it +1 shield and an Aegis. If you use it with your cruisers nearby it can really help keep your gunline intact on the approach.
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