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  1. Ok sounds doable. Would you recommend the bare battleship, or the specialist squad? Also, would you recommend the eagle or Illustrious?
  2. Could I just get a wee bit of fwed back on this potential Indian list: 1x Chanura HBS w/ shields 1x Chenab squadron 1x Jhasa w/ Howizer 1× Eagle or Illustrious (not sure yet, bit will be commodore) 3x Devaks 1x Monitor w/ attached Orion support carrier 3x Industry 5x Veer an Comes to 1500 on the nose
  3. Nope, the spartan comes from his now-permanently attached symbiotic pygmy elephant (look for the lump on his side), which he conceals with a large red cloak. Why do you think Spartan Games shirts have the red shoulders, if not in His honour?
  4. Could always check with (now defunc) Slayer Gaming's Dan, believe he can source things too, plus it's helping one of our own out...
  5. I know that was my reading too. But I figured I'd ask rather than assume...p
  6. Quick question, do you get these objectives with the 'single fleet' boxes too?
  7. From another post on Facebook: "These are coming out as separate 2.0 compatible boxes too... [snip] ... Just buy the half you want for your fleet!" Edit: darn that'll serve me right for leaving a post in the middle of writing it for 20 mins...
  8. You do, to an extent. You can declare whether to resolve Direct or Indirect first, and then once you have decided on a category you (the controlling player) gets to decide which individual attack to do first
  9. I know that myself and fellow Vanguard Slayerr are running a 13-man tournament at the start of February over here in Belfast (I know it's not convenient for everyone sadly). Later in the year we have Q-Con, tends to be the last weekend in June, 3 day convention at Queens University and rest assured there will be a tournament there too (also, legendary nerdy pub quiz...) Gonna try and do a third event come the autumn, not to collide with Reading though. Out of curiosity, aside from Dan would anyone be willing to come over for a day trip/weekend?
  10. 100% gonna be making the trip over from Belfast for the next one.
  11. So when calculating the 'Anti Boarding Pool', you do not add in any escort or nearby SRS pd (say the battleship had a wing of 6 bombers nearby, you don't add 6pd to the pool then, no?)
  12. Hi guys, this came up in a game recently and I couldn't find anything in the rules to clarify it, hoping to get some insight. Token of boarding craft launch an attack on a model, now that model doesn't get to add it's PD to the anti boarding pool, but what about other models in the squadron/interceptors? The rules under SRS simply say that the boarding is resolved as normal, only that the targeted model cannot add PD. I am of the opinion that they cannot, as the rules governing attacks again srs prevent linking fire, however my opponent feels that due to the boarding being carried out as normal, that they can.
  13. Would doing that not cut my gunship squadron down to 2-max?
  14. So I have a wee list I was thinking of trying out, before buying the required models, would appreciate any feedback on it as it stands: Foundry Dread +4 wings, Cyber, Bio Torps and Self Repair 6 boarding craft, 2 support Shuttles 2 Synergy with Cyber 400 Executive BB Cyber, Bio Torps, +3 wings 3 Interceptors 2 Synergy with Cyber 245 3 Gunships with Cyber 255 5 Synergy with Cyber 75 5 Synergy with Cyber 75 3 OSO Corsair Brigands +1DR +1TL, Blitz, Launch tubes and 2nd Assault 150 General plan is to reserve the Brigands and 1-2 of the Synergy squads, depending on opponent, and move up the 2-4" minimum each turn as long as possible, pelting out hazards and crits, and melting crew. The 2 Synergy escorts are there to split PD within squadrons/other escorts, or to link in with parent unit Cyber and no coherence effect loss. The boarding craft and Brigands are there to pounce on any juicy PD disabled/AP 0 targets. I was thinking tacs could be burn thrusters, Intel and Virus Strike. So any thoughts?
  15. Ok, so this is possibly a foolish question, as I simply may be unable to find the relevant section in the rules, but it is as follows: Relthozan fleets can take bio or corrosive on a lot of primary weapons. Let's say we take bio (cheaper) The Relthozan commander allows squads to take corrosive for 10 pts per squadron, regardless of the number of ships in said squadron. But doesn't say anything about taking up the hardpoint option. If I buy a squad with bio weapons, would there be anything to stop me paying the additional 10 points to add corrosive onto that too?
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