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  1. Shop owner/manager of 4th Planet Games in Wrexham, North Wales. We stock Firestorm: Pllanetfall as well as some FS:A and DW. Cheers Mark
  2. It's the Flying High diagram in the movement section - the Flying High model has a 'no shoot' icon on the arrow from it to the ground model. I assumed that it followed for shooting Underground models too. The rulebook does say (in the shooting section) that you can't shoot a model on another height level if it's within 8", with the eception of Ground level units shooting at Underground units. Cheers Mark
  3. I had my first game a few days ago. Prussian v Prussian. (Must have been a training exercise ). The forces differed in that my opponent had the Armoured Brigade box whereas my forces were compiled out of the DW Armoured Battle Group plus extras. Anyway - a point of clarification on the shooting of flyers: The diagram for shooting across height levels (in the movement chapter in Sirrocco!?), while admittedly just talking about 'flying high' models, seems to indicate a -1 to hit modifier for each height level fired through. In the Ranged Attack chapter the only rule (re:flyers) is that LOS is blocked to flyers within 8". So: Flying high models: no penalty to hit flying high targets; -1 to hit flying targets, may not shoot ground or underground targets. Flying models: -1 to hit flying high targets, no penalty to hit flying or ground targets, may not shoot underground targets. Ground models: may not shoot flying high targets with 8" (otherwise -2 to hit), may not shoot flying targets within 8" otherwise no penalty, -1 to hit underground targets (subject to a Command Test). Underground models: may not shoot at units on other levels within 8". Is this right? Cheers Mark
  4. To choose only 5 is way hard. The list would probably be different next week, but.... TIE Interceptor - it's a TIE. With extra cool. The original USS Enterprise. I just like that design. Plus it helped pull the concept of fictional starship design away from v2-like rockets and flying saucers. Hyperion-class cruiser from Babylon 5. No artificial gravity. Powerplant way at the back. It just seems like a 'real' design. 70's era Cylon Raider. It just seems cooler than it's modern counter part. Tardis. It's what I'd actually choose to fly around in. Cheers Mark
  5. Another one who want's a better rulebook. Finding rules is a nightmare....and that index! Cheers Mark
  6. Wyrd and Privateer Press are my two top manufacturers who seem to have model designers who forget they are making gaming pieces that have to be assembled and then manhandled on a frequent basis (they hope!). It's a shame the Invaders fall into this category. I was all for getting a set but now I'm not so sure.... Cheers Mark
  7. Well, potential rewriting is an issue with every format.... I guess we really should look towards a full second edition and big overhaul. Cheers Mark
  8. Perhaps a Privateer Press style approach...with a full description of each rule on the cards provided with the ship. But paramount is a properly written rulebook. A bit of rule streamlining wouldn't go amiss either...... Cheers Mark
  9. I was the opponent here. The icebergs were little models and so I thought (being unfamilar with the Russian rules) that they were 'terrain' and therefore a model rather than a template, and agreed that that the mine would have detonated, removing it from the game. I could go either way on whether they can do this.... Cheers Mark
  10. If you've played The Uncharted Seas then it's a bit of a leap. In tUS on marker is indeed 'real' and the other a decoy (with the underside marked in some fashion) but Black Wolf's Echo Generator mean that it can fool any detection methods buy creating the false echo, hence the two templates (as opposed to two conning towers plowing through the waves in tUS). I wasn't sure how it worked until I read it for a second time. Cheers Mark
  11. I wasn't going to base my land fleet, but upon seeing the fire-arc diagrams in the 1.1 were using the bases I felt I had to.... Cheers Mark
  12. I also use tiny dicefor TFTfuel. And for HP and AP on the models. Cheers ark
  13. Arrgh. The day before I head out to Australia....I'll have to catch the next one> Cheers Mark
  14. Ah, well, you didn't say that up top. I can't give advice for a 100% Core Force because I've only just got a Rhine myself (assembled but awaiting undercoat) so relied on the Imperium for carrier duties. Cheers Mark
  15. I've had success with a Blucher/Bunker Complex combo, especially against the FSA. The immediate threat combined with having to redeploy gives the Blucher (and the rest of your fleet) space and time to whittle down the smaller targets at range and still in good enough shape to have the guns to deal with the bigger elements. Cheers Mark
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