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  1. Hello All, Pendrake here. Kind of amazed that the forum has been resurrected at all. I collected mainly Covenant, Japan, Russians, and a few random models from other factions including some Firestorm ships. Some of you might remember my Island Maps thread (put "Island Maps" in the search bar). I am chuffed to see it has survived to yet a third! forum. PD
  2. Why is my icon round instead of a square. It was designed to be a square. 

  3. I think this hit the nail on the head. Modern day navy just doesn't really exist. What would be the point even. There are easier ways of taking something out. Somehow I think those ways would be next to useless in space. So surly the ship designers (as in fiction designers) would want a con-sis measure for ship classes in the future...you know...so the whole naval reboot doesn't go into decline. Hmmmm. Pok, you were kidding (" "?) but you might not want to float that definition of 'modern' around any art historians or actual archaeologists... Cf: DarkPawn, there are still navies. Most are only capable of defending their own coastlines and limited commerce protection. I think only the Russians have recently built anything that might be called a cruiser (but maybe I should include China or Japan). In the USN the difference between cruisers and destroyers is now hopelessly blurred. The original functions of cruisers (long range independent patrol, scouting or commerce raiding) are now the province of nuclear submarines. The clearly defined roles of different ship types have been blurred. It is because the armor protection, shape/size of the hull, the power plant and the speed were once critical to the role the ship could play. Now the weapons technology embarked is much more important in defining the role of a given design.
  4. There are a bunch of sci-fi space opera authors that have done largely the same thing, model their space navy (or navies; or 'star-nations') on the historical Colonial Period (broadly 1830 to 1930 ?). It is almost a defining characteristic of space opera fiction. David Weber's Royal Manticoran Navy is but one of many examples.
  5. I will try to explain. I always found it odd normal and predictable that FA DN/BB Battleship, Battlecruiser and Dreadnought classes did not follow match our wet The British Royal Navy's counterparts in designation. As the game is written from a humanocentric Anglo-centric (British) point of view... it should surprise no one that the class designations of capital ships are analogous to those in use by The Royal Navy at its historical zenith, approximately 1919. Firestorm Armada and Dystopian Wars closely emulate the capital class descriptions of the British Royal Navy drawn from one narrow period in history. For understandable reasons that period is remembered fondly by, is romanticized a bit, and serves as inspiration to certain game authors. _________ I don't know what is up with corvettes, frigates, escorts, gunships, destroyers, cruisers ... Spartan seems to have drawn inspiration from all over the historical military map and developed it's own specific parlance. The only Gunship I was familiar with outside of a Spartan game comes from various air forces. The Harringtonverse Space Operas didn't have Gunships _________ Back to Battleships: For a ten year span from 1909 through the duration of the First World War all Dreadnoughts were Battleships, but there were Battleships that were not, and were no match for, Dreadnoughts. So, DN > BB. And there were attempts at Super Dreadnoughts (during this key period). South American navies started ordering individual ships intended to be superior to any other single battleship or dreadnought from British shipyards in the run-up to WW1. Case in point: HMS Dreadnought could fire only four twin turrets to a broadside; Agincourt could fire seven.
  6. Combine being able to freely face any direction at the end of a move with a forward fixed channel launch and it amounts to what Leviathan said.
  7. Try reporting the problem to one of the other addresses Mail Order/Packaging Issues: despatch@spartangames.co.uk Artists, Graphic Designers and Writers: Ben MacIntyre – ben@spartangames.co.uk Marketing Enquiries: Ricky Brewer – ricky@spartangames.co.uk Modellers and Sculptors: Neil Fawcett – neil@spartangames.co.uk Press Enquiries (to be added to our Press Mailing List): Gary Bent - gary@spartangames.co.uk Rules Enquiries: rules@spartangames.co.uk Trade Enquiries: Gary Bent – gary@spartangames.co.uk or Katie Bennett - katie@spartangames.co.uk
  8. Talonz how are the Firestorm Dreadnoughts (DNs) and Battleships (BB) backwards from historical 'wet' navies?
  9. I have the twin-hulled dreadnought but not the carrier. I never plan to play the French fleet I just liked that model a lot. (I have a set of the frigates or maybe escorts, some kind of cruiser, and maybe a 30 pack of the flyers, for the same reason.) I really can't see Spartan letting you 'borrow' a 3D model, unless you applied to be a free-lance digital sculptor for them and that would most likely involve Non-Disclosure-Agreements that would prevent you from ordering anything from any internet digital printing service. You might even be better off working from a scan of the specific resin model you want to make a matching part for. Spartan's resin cast quality is very good - but having examined their models, no two resin casts can be relied upon to have exactly and precisely the same waterline. The quality is good enough you will never notice it at 12 inches away if two models are side-by-side on the table top. But, take those same two models and match them up base-to-base and see what happens. They'll be very close but chances are they'll be off half-a-hair someplace. You are low on coin but you have access to a copy of the Maya software which is a 5K or so software license?? Not even going to speculate how that is possible. But OK. New plan: Sculpt some gun turrets or sturginium tanks or something --of your own design-- that Spartan is not doing and put it up for sale on Shapeways. People buy it. You use the proceeds to buy a RoF carrier...set it on the scanner and proceed with plan B.
  10. Your plan is to: Buy one of these: Sculpt a lower hull for it in Maya software. Send the lower hull model to Shapeways. Ask Shapeways to print the lower hull for you. Glue the resin model from Spartan to the part you ordered from Shapeways? Or maybe I don't understand the plan? Seems like you could just put the resin hull on a 2D scanner, get a TIF or a JPG of it, load that into Maya, trace the outline, square it up and begin from there. Then you'd have a 3D wireframe of the existing waterline to base everything on --- rotate it to make a base hull --- etc.
  11. I have not been on this forum in quite some while and I don't have a copy of Sirocco. Propose an entry to the time-line involving the Templars based on what is in Sirocco and post it to this thread. 1307 - The Order of Knights Templar flee France taking most of their wealth with them ( ....does it say that in Sirrocco???.... ) 1870 - The Order of Knights Templar on Malta launch an attack against ............ [ ??? ] -or- 1307 - The Order of Knights Templar flee France taking most of their wealth with them ( ....does it say that in Sirrocco???.... ) 1870 - The Order of Knights Templar on Malta launch an attack against ............ [ ??? ] Replace whatever is correct. More contributors welcome.
  12. Try something smaller for starters? like Savo Island...? Everest: rent a ballroom-sized venue with a 25 foot ceiling. Preferably with at least one rather grungy, industrial looking, cinder block wall. Negotiate with the management the chance to permanently enhance the looks of the place by painting a mural on that wall prior to a DW event. Then... Paint Everest On The Wall. Proceed with a DW tournament in the rented space. You gotta dream BIG.
  13. How far up above the table is Obscured Altitude? if it were shown to scale? The 'flight altitudes' are: Surface Skimming Normal Flying Height (sufficient altitude to clear a massive size defense bunker that is sitting on top of a massive mountain**) Flying 'Obscured' (above that world-wide, ubiquitous, ever-present cloud deck that offers obscurity) Maybe the theory behind the existing rules for when something big is shot down (remove model---it disappears) is that the model comes down somewhere well off-table, over the horizon. The flying stands are not the literal altitude... ...really it is much taller than a stand displays? **Can there be terrain so tall that it forces a flying machine to go around, or go obscured to overfly the terrain? Is there fluff that suggests the use of diesel, as opposed to coal oil, or just straight-up coal as a fuel? All I have ever seen reference to regarding propulsive power is steam and sturginium but I don't read 'fluff' as avidly as others do.
  14. The simple way to make the calculation is 1 inch equals 100 feet. (I recommend memorizing the phrase ) See the second link in my signature for more info. Some random notations on the Sizes of Things: 1) Ignore the Huffington-Puffington Post for information on military matters... ...that's kinda like looking for information about astrophysics on Hello Kitty's official website, well maybe not quite that bad, I suppose HPP got the name of the ship right. 2) The biggest warships currently operating are US Nimitz Class aircraft carriers. USS Enterprise (CVN-65) was about 1111 feet (and a little longer than the more recent ships). Dan has this pretty much right. 3) That Japanese ship you found is a decent sized helo-carrier (which they named after a 19th century armoured cruiser and insist on officially classing it as a destroyer). The WW2 Imperial Japanese Navy had both battleships and a carrier that were a little bigger (they converted the third Yamato hull to a carrier). 4) A one inch diameter sphere of Woodland Scenics brand clump foliage would be a decent representation of an ancient 100 foot tall oak tree (one inch = 100 feet --- there's the phrase again). 5) A Hachiman Dreadnaught at about 6 inches long = about a 600 foot ship. 6) A 50mm square miniature base would be close to a 200x200 foot off-shore platform. See the first link in my signature ... the whole thread is dedicated to the problems of scaling real islands down to table-top size.
  15. What, it can't --rain-- on Dystopian Earth without a generator? Is the sturginium pollution that bad?
  16. +1 Way too many people have bought dice that 'match' their fleets in some way. Just want the common sense bomb dropping rules from AC thank you very much...
  17. The OP may be thinking of Victorian Space battles, but I got the idea it was more about Mars colonies and such. If we called them "Ether Ships" who says one Ether Ship could even find another one in the Ether. You can't have a space battle if you can't find a foe. Rise high in the atmosphere (far above Obscured) translate into the Ether; slide through the Ether to Mars; translate out of the Ether into the Martian stratosphere. Descend. Reinforce the Mars Colony. It is Dystopian Wars but the dirt is RED. Ether Cruisers just serve as a logistic link to Earth. Some of them are huge heavy-lift skyships that can transport whole squadrons; some are smaller courier ships. What is O-Space? ...missed that in the fluff, or else not getting the reference.
  18. I would like for Spartan to (someday) do a VSF Mars (expansion) that is based on NASA's maps of Mars rather than Percival Lowell's and based around their own ideas rather than those of Edgar Rice Burroughs and H.G. Wells. Point of divergence from real history: Mars never lost its water as our Mars did (influence of Sturginium deposits suspected). Vague plot line: The various nations are going to Mars because they suspect the invaders are setting up shop there (big mystery WHERE are the invaders from? ...scientists in disagreement, world leaders concerned...) TBH, it would not be that hard to create a few Mars scenarios, with some special terrain rules, some overall effects due to low gravity, thinner atmosphere. Those interested should just work up some materials and try out their ideas. NASA has done all the hard research.
  19. Mythic three questions, how would you plan to visually represent the height levels (indicate which level each ship is on), what happens when a ship is at height band Low and it decides to descend, how would the height bands work with terrain objects??? My guesses: Have three different Kinds of flight stands [?] Allow ships to 'drop out' of a battle [?] Terrain...planets would occupy all height levels [?] rings would not [??] asteroids would randomly change levels [?]
  20. It looks reminiscent of WW2 Japanese Aircraft color schemes, e.g:
  21. Yes, it is 1:1200, but there are a lot of over/scale features on most DWars models. A frigate model that is an inch long represents a 100 foot ship, but if you checked carefully it is probably sporting a turret, or barrels, or something that would look OK on a 1:600 scale model. Thought to keep in mind: there is a sculpting limit on features like gun barrels (they can only be so small) and something only a millimeter thick is an object 4 feet thick if scaled up to real life. That 1mm thick gun barrel is a four foot thick tube -- bigger than anything ever carried by any real battleship. It all means that buildings meant for slightly bigger scales might look OK. Those architectural buildings you linked to are are mostly likely absolutely, rigorously on scale, at 1:1200 with no over-sized features. They might look a little small next to DW buildings. They also won't have the detail textures that the Spartan buildings have and that will make them look odd next to official models.
  22. Might as well re-post these, the original will have gotten well buried: Scale Terrain / Buildings / Six Foot Tall Objects (Like some soldiers...) 1:1200 --- 1 inch equals 100 feet --- 1.5 mm soldiers 1: 900 --- 1 inch equals 75 feet --- 2 mm soldiers 1: 600 --- 1 inch equals 50 feet --- 3 mm soldiers 1: 300 --- 1 inch equals 25 feet --- 6 mm soldiers 1: 240 --- 1 inch equals 20 feet --- 7.5 mm soldiers 1: 225 --- 1 inch equals 18.75 feet --- 8 mm soldiers 1: 180 --- 1 inch equals 15 feet --- 10 mm soldiers** 1: 144 --- 1 inch equals 12 feet --- 12.5 mm soldiers 1: 120 --- 1 inch equals 10 feet --- 15 mm soldiers 1: 72 --- 1 inch equals 6 feet --- 25 mm soldiers 1: 60 --- 1 inch equals 5 feet --- 30 mm soldiers 1: 48 --- 1 inch equals 4 feet --- 37.5 mm soldiers*** **From about here down on the chart (but up in size) scale creep and the various 'fudge factors' figure makers use to excuse their lack of mathematical rigor starts to become noteworthy. ***Soldiers that measure only 32mm would represent soldiers below 6 feet tall. Scales Spartan is using for one game or another in Green.
  23. They would be closest but the chimneys (big fat cylinders) would look huge/strange. The lack of any details like doors/windows sort of allows the little plastic monopoly buildings to be scaleless. @1:144 -- These are somewhere between nine and ten eight and nine times too big. @1:300 -- These are four times too big.
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