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  1. Yup the problem with shiny new releases, everyone wants one. I'm using the time to get the rest of my forces painted up so I have some targets
  2. Cheers! Fully drybrushed? I thought it was airbrushed, then a small amount of drybrushing and inking. Must have taken some time to get them all done, the result is impressive so worth it. How are you going to paint the spaced metal panels on the other ships?
  3. Very nice scheme, what colours have you used? I'd like to do a similar style on one of my fleets, not WR though, got other plans for these guys
  4. Some ideas were discussed about this a year or go or so. http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/14327-ideas-for-giving-some-use-to-civillian-ships/ A major issue with trying to use civilian ships though is that there is no way to block direct attacks against them, so defending them is hellish.
  5. Solution 1 and 2 seem to make the most sense and fit neatly within the existing rules. If a minesweeper did exist, then having it as an escort, perhaps as a merc/pirate one. This would mean that in order to get the benefit of mine defense, you have to sacrifice TAC options. I feel that having each faction with a minesweeper could make that unit pretty much mandatory in prebuilt lists. Having SRS being able to attack mines, and reduce their strength would be an interesting option as well. But neither helps cruisers and frigates without escort/SRS options. I, however, haven't experienced mines as a major issue as of yet.
  6. Indeed, and I'm one of them Though I am surprised no proxy games have been played with them yet as players determine if they wish to get them.
  7. Part of it is due to the fact that each factions definition of a class of ship is different to the others. Just compare gunships and heavy cruisers, some areclose range brawlers, whereas others are long range. So to balance them and keep faction flavour, the comp tables need to be different. (Also limiting certain ally configs, which could be overpowered)
  8. Wasn't there that community campaign/event about a year back now in which the table was meant to be playing basically empty and then there was a squadron mix-up, with dindrenzi having larger squads. How were the results of that?
  9. Actually DanSG-19, 12AD in RB3 is only really equaled (and rarely surpassed) by heavy cruisers and gunships in other factions which cost over twice that of a Perseus. Even the 6AD at RB4 isn't too shabby for 120pts. Given this is a long ranged threat compared to much of the Terran fleet it can draw fire away from our knifefighters, meaning they will have less damage on them by the time they engage.
  10. The widgets allow much, much easier transportation as the flight pegs securely fit into the widgets but allow them to be removed easily and without causing damage or stress to the model or base.
  11. Looking good. I particularly like how the metal engine parts have that dull red glow under the surface, coupled with the bright vents, it really reminds me of a forge
  12. I don't even think their boarding defense is even that weak, they have high SRS so plenty to cover assaults and also plenty of space to take shuttles to replenish crew loss. Yeah ship Vs ship they are weak in that regard, but as a fleet, not so much. And if they want to do boarding themselves, assault shuttles and Terquai natural allies.
  13. I think this tactic would work best Vs Dindrenzi. With your forces all shunting, you can close distances incredibly fast reducing the long range railgun fire. Blunting your forces would be tricky, since the shunt ships can happily travel over 20" in an activation, ie stealth and cloaking will be active. What you will lack is AD in this close up battle, the gunracks of the Dindrenzi are pretty similar strength to those of the shunt craft, so taking corrosive or biohazard to inflict extra damage per shot may be vital. You do have a huge weakness though, your tactic will be pretty obvious. By keeping the fleet near the edges of the board, you then run risks of shunting off the table. This can then force you into a direct conflict with the Dindrenzi. Still it will be a tactical nightmare for them, and even in this situation, by keeping them at the edges, it means you have free reign of the board for objectives. Light cruisers are always T3 for Relthoza.
  14. I think that if everything had increased turn limit would have a very interesting effect, but I still think the multiarc nature of Aquan ships would put them ahead. But I reckon the difference would be less marked. From a gameplay standpoint though I think it might slow things up too much as the larger your TL and the less turns possible per movement, the more you need to plan and predict movement, which takes thinking and planning time to do so. However, those really need games tested for that.
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