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  1. Hello fellow admirals, I'm a little late with this announcement, but we had to wait for green light from the Feencon people. Our gaming group is organizing a Firestorm Armada tournament for up to 10 players during this years' Feencon in Bonn, Germany, on Saturday, July 22nd. There are some free player slots left, so I thought I'd put the word out and hope for some guests We'll play 3 games with 800 points each, scenarios will be Border Clash, Recover Resources and Hold the Waypoint and our only house rule is that we don't use the upper/lower battlelog limits. Gaming mats and terrain are provided by us and places 1-3, last place and the winner of the "best painted" vote will win prizes. We only ask for a small fee of 5€ (Feencon admission of 8€ needs to be paid seperately) for maintenance of our terrain and other equipment. Information and registration on tabletopturniere.de Should any non german speaking players be interested to attend, please contact me and I'll be happy to provide a full translation of our tournament rules.
  2. Directorate ships actually do have that shape. Yes, they're flat, but they still have one long axis. The second part of my answer to that is more important though. All the ships (even Kedorian have a small standard movement value) move in one direction along an axis aligned with their main drive (unless at full stop). Accelerating the ship on a different axis (turning) causes g forces that are larger the faster the ship flies and the smaller the radius of the turn is. The ship's structure can't take unlimited g-forces, that results in turn limits. The forces resulting from rolling around the central axis are smaller and don't stress the ship's structure nearly as much (constant fast rotation is actually used to stabilize projectiles and rockets, but you wouldn't think that the same object could turn on the spot without breaking). What about the rest "doesn't hold water" ? Lighter ships will be more maneuverable, that's a fact. Space used for anti cap ship weapons can't be used for PD weapons. That's a fact. Different nations even on earth use(d) different standard procedures and organize(d) their soldiers differently (the german "Zug" doesn't have the same number of soldiers as it's counterpart, the american "platoon" for example, at least according to wikipedia), so why would you think that stellar empires with far larger differences in their cultures and traditions wouldn't ?
  3. @Stoobert Most ships are roughly cylindrical in shape, meaning they are long but thin and flat compared to that. Rotating around that long axis puts significantly less stress on the structure than rotating the around one of the shorter ones due to less leverage and the rotation being neutral relative to the direction the ship is flying in. That's why ships can basically rotate around their length as fast as their thrusters (or whatever) allow (so it doesn't take time in game terms), but have to respect certain limits when it comes to turning around any other axis to avoid damage to the internal structure (so we have turn limits). We have absolutely no idea how they work. They might just be quite small devices that usually aren't hit as ships take damage and their varying power levels might result from other limitations. To me, torpedoes are far worse in that regard, because they should generally work like modern torpedoes or missiles, so they'd require large hardware close to a ship's outer hull that might get damaged. Fighters carry anti cap-ship weapons (taking away space for PD weapons), therefore they have a larger mass, turn slower and are easier to hit for the more maneuverable Interceptor ? Not that hard to imagine. Culture, military doctrine, tradition ? One might be more effective than the other in game terms, but that's only because we assign them arbitrary (from an in universe point of view) point values and Battlelog rewards.
  4. I would like to add that with the proposed new critical hit table, the so called "focused" attacks would in fact be more random than the normal critical hits. Every result on 1D6 has got the same probability (1/6), while 2D6 probabilities follow a bell curve with 7 being the most (1/6) and 2 and 12 being the least (1/36 each) likely results. In the current system this increased randomness of 1D6 rolls is mitigated by the possibility to target specific systems. There isn't really any "focus" in spreading possible hits evenly across all of a ship's subsystems.
  5. So I guessed right Thank you very much.
  6. Remember that Reapers have enough movement to just fly circles instead of being in full stop. If you don't have asteroids or planetoids close by that would interfere with that maneuver, it gives you more flexibility with them (for example if they are supposed to hold an objective but you want them to be able to leave on a moment's notice).
  7. Hello my fellow lizard admirals. I have been working on my Reinforcement Group last night and I seem to be unable to find any single model pictures of the ships. For that reason I can't figure out which hull is supposed to represent the Harvester and which is for the Lucern. My first guess is, that the one with the slim looking fore gun and less broadside weapon mounts should be the gunship, but I'm not really sure. Please enlighten me
  8. Oppi

    V3 Wishlists

    It was definitely in Wing Commander, very much so. I can even recall when I encountered that. In Wing Commander 3, one of the first missions, the Kilrathi have those "skipper" ship to ship missiles that periodically cloak, you have to intercept those for them not to hit your carrier. Starlancer did it as well. BSG didn't have to do it because they had those huge clouds of spray and pray "point defense" fire on the Battlestars. A totally different approach to SciFi from all the others. Many of the others aren't actually fitting examples. Star Trek doesn't really have SRS, Star Wars doesn't really have ship to ship torpedoes (I at least never saw any in a movie, they only used small ones on "SRS" Bombers), neither does Mass Effect (everybody basically uses railguns, because the accelerated-by-mass-effect projectiles have far more kinetic energy than any explosive can ever make up for). Maybe I should correct my original claim a bit: "It's a pretty common theme in SciFi that does have all three: Capital Ship battles, fighter carriers and ship to ship torpedoes." What in actual reality is anywhere close to anything in FSA ? "Real" starship battles wouldn't look like what we see in FSA, Battlefleet Gothic or similar games at all.
  9. Oppi

    V3 Wishlists

    And you don't think that might have to do with the technology present in detection/tracking of the warheads and speed and accuracy of the fightercraft at that time ? In SciFi, Fighters intercepting ship to ship torpedoes is a pretty common theme, and that's exactly the reason why I'd like it to stay. It just needs to be balanced with the other options. There are many possibilities for that besides taking the option away entirely. Have a token guard one squadron (or even just one ship) that has to be assigned when the token moves, have tokens link their PD with the ships they are guarding just like everybody else, decrease PD range for tokens, increase their cost, have them intercept torpedoes at the risk of getting blown up in the process due to the warhead exploding (they'd have to roll seperately then, so that might not be the best solution) ... I could think of some more, these are just the easy ones.
  10. Oppi

    V3 Wishlists

    Only if they give us something else to counter bomber tokens. Every ship having to roll PD against them individually makes them almost impossible to drive off without interceptors, because only 6s do something. At least the "hit but not destroyed" results should pile up over the whole activation or for every "hit but not destroyed result" one wing should not be able to attack this activation (without being destroyed of course) because they are busy evading PD fire.
  11. I introduced a new player to Firestorm Armada this weekend, and since I took pictures anyway, I thought I'd write up a quick battle report. We had a 620 pts game, I played my Sorylians and let him borrow my Tarakians, since his Directorate fleet is still in the dry dock. I don't think I'll be able to remember the exact order of activations in all cases, but hopefully I can give you a good summary of the battle. Sorylians T1 Swordbreaker Battleship (+1 Shield, +2 Mv, Weapon Shielding) + 2 Arrow Escorts T2 4 Skyhammer Cruisers (one is represented by an old heavy cruiser in the pictures) T3 5 Scythe Frigates (Pack Hunters) Tarakians T1 Sanarl Battleship (+1 Crit Rating, +2 Wings) + 6 Bombers T2 4 Rulak Cruisers T3 5 Kurar Frigates Setup Luckily we could use my X-Wing mat for the small fleet value, so we didn't have to play on a naked table. Kudos to ops-center for the terrain zones. I didn't have time to build nebulas and debris fields yet, so those were a life saver The Tarakians entered the field in one broad line. At the sorylian edge, the frigates took cover behind asteroids, the cruisers went behind the debris fields and the admiral took the center behind the nebula. Turn 1 The Tarakians won initiative and chose to start. Frigates and cruisers advanced into terrain and open fire on my admiral with their grav weapons. My opponent chose to roll dice like his life depended on it and managed two critical hits on my battleship with his two squadrons, scoring 2 points in turn 1. His Battleship launched it's bombers and advances into the nebula, from where it goes after my cruisers and frigates. With a little luck on my side he didn't cause any damage one the cruisers and only managed 1 HP on one of the frigates firing through the asteroid field. Sorylian fire isn't that effective over long ranges, so I could only take cover and advance my frigates to the center. Turn 2 The Tarakians win initiative again. His frigates go first and again manage to cause a critical hit against my Battleship. The sorylian admiral tries to take cover in the debris field, which he only manages to reach the edge of. Fortunately, the Battleship is at least close enough to the enemy cruisers to ignore the nebula via scatter weapons and score a crit against one of them. At this point, I just hope to get a little lucky and be able to shunt the admiral out. I didn't announce it this turn, because I didn't manage to enter the debris field, and wanted to be inside it while charging the fold space drive. The enemy cruisers seem to be out of luck and only manage to score a single point of damage against my battleship. The tarakian battleship's broadsides don't do anything at all, it only manages to blow up one of my frigates. The bomber token is forced to land because of a failed disorder test. My frigates manage to scrape a hull point off the enemy admiral thanks to pack hunters. MVP of the turn goes to my cruisers though. Coming out of the debris field, they open fire on the enemy cruisers and manage two critical hits, one of them stripping a ship of 3 of it's 4 crew points. That one was ripe for the taking now. Turn 3 The enemy admiral makes his disorder check this time and the Bombers are ready to launch again, just in time to blow up my battleship. What did I take the escorts for ? ^^ The sorylian frigates scrape another hull point off a damaged cruiser, their tarakian counterparts kill a frigate and one of the two remaining escorts in return. Both Skyhammer cruisers manage to fail their terrain checks and both roll a 5 for asteroid AD. One of them gets a critical hit to the main drive and is stuck inside the field. It's collegues manage to capture the softened up cruiser and blow up another one though. Finally some battle log for me. Turn 4 I win initiative and begin with my cruisers to get them out of harm's way, not without taking more damage from the asteroid field of course. They at least manage to rid me of two enemy frigates. His admiral can't get a line of sight to my cruisers just as planned. He blows up one of my frigates with his broadsides and another one with the bomber token instead. The third he tries to board, but his 4 AP don't do anything. My last remaining frigate flees into the nebula and starts to charge it's FSD. The captured cruiser tries the same inside the debris field. His frigates roll crew damage in the debris field and one of them gets blown up by losing all it's crew points. Yay, more battelog for the lizards. Turn 5 I go first yet again and try and move my cruisers out of bombing run distance. At this point, they have eaten too much damage to destroy the last remaining tarakian cruiser. He manages to destroy 2 of them for another 2 battlelog, the frigate and the captured cruiser get away via fold space escape. That's all for this turn. We agree on ending the match at this point, as the score wasn't really going to change in a possible turn 6 anyway. Final score : 10:2 for the Tarakians. Always good to have the new guy win the demo game Some thoughts : Grav weapons are nasty, shooting through basically everything. Getting critically hit twice on the battleship before being able to do anything about it was real bad luck still. What's even worse, I totally forgot that they do suffer the -1 to hit for nebulas. In my head they just „basically ignored all terrain“. So maybe the situation wouldn't have been that bad if I had thought of it. Most other things went as well as they could. I pretty much had a limited choice of targets because he could keep inside the large debris field and fire away with indirect weapons. Impeded scatter guns wouldn't have done anything to his battleship. He also got the „all LOS to target blocked while in the debris field“ result more often than not. I still can't manage to keep those bombers off me. Sorylians have a real hard time against those, as we can't get SRS on our frontline ship as many other factions do. Taking a carrier for interceptors instead would cripple all offensive potential of my T1s at this fleet value, so I went for the escorts, but when I needed them most, they failed me miserably. Hope you enjoyed the bat rep, leave a comment if you did.
  12. The release schedule is in fact one of the very reasons I (and others in my gaming group) stick with Firestorm. I've played Warmachine/Hordes for years and I finally quit it because it's comparable to getting a bachelor's degree to just keep up with all the new releases to not constantly get surprised by new stuff at tournaments etc. I have work to do and I have a number of other hobbies, I can't devote all my free time to keep up with one game's new releases. Getting new stuff released for "my" game maybe once a year is perfectly fine with me. People at where I live also play supposedly "dead" games (War of the Ring by GW), that are no longer developed, because the rules are good and you can still get the miniatures. I don't think a constant stream of new stuff is nearly as important as fun and engaging gameplay that people can easily get into. A simplified turning mechanic (and I don't mean getting rid of it entirely) would go a long way to enhance accessibility.
  13. Ich sprech mal mit der Regierung ( I'll talk to my girlfriend )
  14. That kind of timer is quite common at Warmachine/Hordes tournaments and actually works pretty well. Granted, they usually don't have you lose immediately if you run out of time. Most of the time you just can't do anything any more besides mandatory moves and stuff like that, or you get a very small fixed amount of time per round that allows you to make one or two activations before standing still again. Of course you need some rules for when the timer switches over or may be paused. Erfurt is a little far away for me to attend, but it's great that there are german tournaments at all.
  15. Username : Oppi Location : Wesseling, Germany Could you also add our gaming group's web address ? http://www.tabletop-bonn.de/
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