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  1. I like the exploding 6's on defence it adds an element of tension and luck and on offence Seen 1 shield stop around 4 damage to save a ship - seen 3 shields I think it was fail to save 1 Seen a 2 dice shot nearly double crit a dinzi BS It's a 5 second task - it probably adds a few minutes to a game but can swing it around and makes things more exciting
  2. Spartan really hurt the game locally - but as we also play WWX and seeing what they did with that, there's definitely goodwill to Warcradle (had ups and downs initially) When the new system launches we'll certainly be playing it locally
  3. While it had good points, it had some really bad ones too, I'm wondering if we'll be seeing 3.0 finished, a 2.5 retweaking what was there in 2.0, or a 4.0 ? Any rough idea when the spotlight will shine over on FSA and we'll start hearing news?
  4. Cyber went from being able to regularly get 2+ 'dmg' via crew to struggling to do 1 Add in no more prizing ships and cyber got weaker not stronger IMHO
  5. Sir, can I interest you in a new executive position in the directorate....
  6. Prime Kickstarter season Renders in progress and then slowly dribbling out Stretch goals rejigged hard Low publicity Rules 'in progress' All big negatives in my eyes too - they'll push ahead with this, I hope it makes about 70k realistically I think that's about the ceiling we're what 47k now - you may get a k or 2 more from the latest release But, unless things really change - I can't back - low funds, low interest locally and nothing to inspire them or me to rejig funds
  7. +1 to hit is a pretty big deal - can easily make or break some attacks Depending on how it plays it may reward too much certain play styles. Park a dinzi B/ship back lines and let it drift around popping things as it's effective range will be long/mid and your sorries with there short/point blank just won't get close Get into a stand off where whoever moves gets focus fired as they enter kill range... ...and maybe I'm salty from PF where my directorate with lumbering tracked etc were getting hosed by lizard artillery that could stand there lobbing shells all day but if it hurt that game I feel it can only hurt this game - maybe it works, maybe Given the kickstarter has lurched forward a little shame the V3 rules arn't ready
  8. Don't worry - I find Biological attacks less deadly in this edition, you can still function at peak efficiency until right at the end...so about those 2 questions I asked?
  9. Yeh I thouhg free shipping wasn't till £290+ but you are right, in both respects, except 'great' value I'd question
  10. Ok as much as I feel this Kstarter is going bad - sure it will fund, almost certain - but the amount and backers will not be what they wanted SG1 10k - opens an add one SG2 20k - Freebie to £65.00 and above (the standard level) - the above SG3 25K - opens an add on SG4 30k - opens an add on SG5 40k - Freebie to £150 and above (the deluxe level - actually most common oddly) SG6 45k lots of add on's and SOME freebies to £250+ SG7 50k - add on SG8 60k (so about 150% of whats already been pledged) unlocks the Illosians and adds SOME frebies to the £320/£290 + I'll stop here, I was looking to defend Spartan, but now I kinda agree The stretch goals are mostly adding add ons, These pledges arn't great value £72 shipped here in UK for the 2 player set - I can pick up the current 2 player set for £74.99 shipped £2.99 more and I can SEE v3 out live and kicking, Ok I don't get a map or my name in size 3 font in book The other bigger pledges don't really hold the value for me, so this KS is dead to me....I'll wait for V3 and see if locally I can get interest
  11. With boarding, crew removal and cyber all taking a hit...be interesting
  12. Welcome back! So - now you've had some live play testing 1) Whats on the block for being changed, and maybe some of the why 2) When can we have the stats and enough rules to start beta testing this bad boy
  13. Need to bump it up to 6 for that, unless we leave it at 5 and rename it the Dirty Harry
  14. I've honestly tried to keep the flame locally And yeh the kickstarter this early and as @reddwarf says the little things....are things people care about and they're hard to sell I don't have a working product to put in their hands to get some test games to get some non theory feedback We're gonna get 3.0 eventually without fan fare or enthusiasm and I don't think it will be 'good enough' no ones feeling it and the way things are going theres nothing to build a lot of enthusiasm I am holding onto lots of feedback and communication - that either bad things will be changed or are not as bad as we think once the whole big picture comes together - but it's an uphill struggle and given all I'm seeing I think 3.0 won't re-ignite interest, but smother it
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