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  1. EFxx, where the xx is a two digit number. Example is EF79 Adanar on pg. 121 in the book. Makes naming a bit odd to me, but it is the only example we have as of yet that I know of.
  2. Agreed on the kinetics, sure looks like a dorsal cannon on the cruisers. Picking up from Dan, perhaps a new tier 2 ship (escort carrier or battlecruiser with wing support to fit the heavy SRS focus maybe?) and a corvette squadron in a new box would be good, to give more fleet options and flavor sometime. Alas, this would be far down the line, still fun to think about.
  3. Due to some amazing deals right now, looking to expand my Ryushi fleet. Are there any races you fellow Ryushi players would recommend for allies? I currently only have the Ryushi fleet box and the battlecarrier box, was thinking either Hawker for heavy hitting or Veydreth for variety. Though, with the upcoming Terquai fleet, may hold off for one of those. Thoughts?
  4. I used a blue permanent marker on the edges/sides, leaving the flats clear. Gives a forcefield-esque glow from certain angles but mostly invisible from others, and leaves you able to clearly see the detail on the flight deck. Experimented on spare clear acrylic with different dyes/paint/etc, couldn't find anything to color the entire piece and still be able to see through it easily.
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