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  1. @Toxic_Rat Wish I could make it this year, but I can't make it until Saturday. I'll have to bring the Hawker and Cerberus station next year.
  2. Apologies for my delay @Tealadin but vtmobius is correct. It was a freebie when spending over a certain amount over Easter. Here are some pictures of completed Corsairs. Still have another squad of Brigands and Outlaw Frigates to go (along with many other things....) I switched to blue engines on the Omnidyne Battleship and plan to do the same for the rest. I will most likely be taking a break for a couple of weeks so don't expect any updates anytime soon, but I hope to get back to finishing the Corsairs and Omnidyne. Here are some pictures of the Corsairs vs Nuck Fewton's Bakash. A lot of red and orange on the board. And some from a battle a few days ago.
  3. I agree. A lot of air bubbles and cracks. The engine area was very brittle and I had to repair this area a lot. Currently painting mine and hope to finish them by Sunday before a local tournament here in Columbus.
  4. Posting these much later than I wanted to but figured I get them in before the campaign continues next week. I got my first victory over Sake Samurai and his Dindrenzi. Though I am a little bitter that he captured two ships and escaped with one (He got my Omnidyne Cruiser but I blew up my own Brigand before he could escape with it). I managed to take the planet and he managed to make contact with the Alien station, though he needed to improve his negotiation skills as the station shot at him two times before agreeing to a truce. Nuck and Firecam dueled next to me. I didn't get to see much of the battle but it looks like Nuck pulled off the victory. Enjoy the pictures, hopefully next time I can find the time to write a nice battle report like Eater.
  5. @chrach7 the tallest building was a special edition DVD set box for Die Hard that fit the scale pretty well.
  6. A small update. I will update post on the campaign page tomorrow but I started to work on some Omnidyne Cruisers and Corvettes. Not close to being done yet. I also finally got the rest of my Corsairs and the Overseer ship. So its time to start painting them as well. I hope with the next update to have the Omnidyne finished and the Corsairs started.
  7. I posted this on Facebook earlier today. I finally got my preordered Racketeer Battle carrier today. Here are some pics since many people probably haven't seen one built yet. The SRS look cool and I found it odd that the Spartan render doesn't include the two fin pieces that are on the final model. The other models look good, but man be careful when working on the engine area for the new Brigands and Gunships. Those areas chip easily.
  8. Small update. Some work in progress on the Omnidyne and Corsairs. Both are a work in progress. Not sure if I will stick with the yellow engines on the Omnidyne. Any thoughts or feedback appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Sake Samurai (Dindrenzi) vs Eater of Stars (Aquan) Due to my game running long I did not get to see much of this game between the Aquans and Dindrenzi. Eater of Stars wrote a short summary in a above post, but here are some pictures from his battle. See you all in a couple of weeks for week 3.
  10. I am late with my post but here are some photos from this past Monday’s games. Our Sorylian player took the week off and I did not get to take any photos of the Directorate vs Xelocian game. I just know that the Xelocians lost. Big_0 (Corsairs/Omnidyne) vs Nuck Fewton (Relthoza) My game this week was against my old roommate. Nuck has done an awesome job on his spiders. He ran his destroyers, 1 frigate squad, 1 light frigate squad, and a battleship with 2 frigate escorts. The game starts with the tier 1’s at ½ health, minus 2 crew, and 2 wings. This will not matter for him because of his repair roll and in this scenario on a 4+ you repair as well. He basically had a full powered battleship by the end of the game. Mine are still in need of some finishing touches. I added an Omnidyne battleship with 2 escorts since I am still waiting on my order for a corsair battle carrier. I added another Outlaw Squad and 2 more Brigands. The goal of this mission was to gather 4 scrap from the debris fields scatted across the area. In addition a mysterious ship showed up that we could ignore, hijack, or destroy for scrap (see mission briefing in an earlier post). It was a close battle throughout. The first shot of the game my Omnidyne Battleship with its 1 beam shot managed to damage the battleship. Overall though I couldn’t hurt him nor could he hurt me. Once I got the scrap after destroying the mystery ship I proceeded to bug out. My Omnidyne Battleship was down to one health but managed to escape. He did get the victory since I shunted out all of my stuff. If I had thought about it a little longer I would have held with one of my Outlaw squads in the gas cloud until the turn limit ended, which would have given me a draw (Again we aren’t using battle log and have a custom victory point system). He managed to also get all the scrap on his last turn. If he had not I would of achieved the victory. Onto week 3 and hopefully my pirates can turn it around.
  11. Thanks for the kind words @WestAustralian and @Skyhawk. The bases are actually printed off and glued onto bases. I originally got them printed on sticker paper but it wasn't working out as I had hoped so I just use a little bit of PVA glue to keep the bases on. I did not make these, but were taken from another forum user. You can find the bases link here: Click Here Thanks again and hope to update again soon.
  12. Thanks for compiling these. I am hoping that some of the changes are typos. (I'm looking at you Tyr). Have to get a game in soon and try them out.
  13. I like the brown asteroids. I might have to try that on my next batch that I paint. As always you work continues to push me to get painting my own stuff.
  14. Terran Fleet My first fleet and one I need to go back and repaint. I am hoping to update the grey and blue scheme in the future. Will try and get better pictures in the future. Terrain and Misc. Some terrain and civilian ships. Still working on the custom asteroids and have a huge pile of space stations and other terrain pieces to paint. Objective Markers Asteroids Civilians, Aquans, etc Up Next To Paint Thanks for looking! Comments and suggestions appreciated. Hope to update again soon. Links to my other hobby projects Cerberus Station : Click Here Planetfall City Display Board: Click Here My Planetfall Army: Click Here
  15. Hello everyone! I decided to finally post some of my painted Armada fleets. Currently my friends and I are starting a narrative campaign here in Columbus, Ohio and I am starting to paint some ships for it. Comments/Suggestions welcome. Link to the Narrative Campaign: Click Here Corsairs (WIP) Here is my newest project and my third fleet to start painting. I am really enjoying painting these older models. I have ordered the new ones and I am currently waiting on them to ship, so I decided to paint these in the meantime. What I was surprised to see was for the Outlaw frigates that they came with a turret piece (same piece on the brigands). In all the pictures I have seen of the frigates online, I have never seen the turret piece pictured. I have 2 sets of outlaws and one came with turrets and the other didn't. I was not sure if I got an unusual box or if they were supposed to come with the turrets. Luckily when I ordered my 3 brigands last year they came with 6 extra turrets which works out perfectly for my other frigate squad. Syndicate and Hawker My second fleet and what I have mostly played. I still have a lot to paint of both but here is what I have so far.
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