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  1. Les changements de la V3 http://www.manbattlestations.com/blog/2018/09/01/dystopian-wars-3-0-changes/
  2. Pour faire vos retours sur les règles directement à Warcraddle, c'est ici : https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/dystopian-wars-third-edition-beta-get-involved
  3. https://www.dystopianwars.co.uk C'est parti pour le bêta test de Dystopian Wars V3.
  4. Hello. The Open Beta is officially announced by Warcraddle the 28th of August. You can follow the news on Facebook : Dystopian Wars . Only few days to wait
  5. They said they encountered some technical problems. Let them fix it and I'm sure we will have news from them very short at the beginning of next week. Be patient
  6. Very nice what you did ! I like it
  7. For the KoD, it's Velor who took the lead as I played with it sometimes. We just adjusted what was needed
  8. I created the card by myself with Photoshop from spartan's images.
  9. Yeah 10 pts for the squadron, nice. Thanks Yes , this is a change rules from v2 to v2.5 wanted by Spartan.
  10. We usually play a 1000 pts game. 800 pts if we want a quick game. 1200 pts if we have time . We play between 2h30 and 3h30. Most of the games , at Turn 3 someone have his field order done.
  11. We wanted to simplify to accelerate the game. And standardised turrets and values are a good way we found to do this. Option for Valiant is 2 pts , to have 10 pts for 5 models. We found 5 pts was too much and free was not possible. Vengeance : target painter give you +1 to hit for your squadron on 3+. (P169)
  12. It's our choise to take the highest reference and to bring all the other to the highest reference. like this, it's easy and more quick for our work. Everything is deadly. Plus the game is quicker so you can have more boats on the table for the same time.
  13. We decide first to change the minimum the rules, and to maintain as possible the fluff for every nations. We want every ship to be playable and fear by the enemy. And like this, if you want to be competitive, you can take as well the models you like and not only the ones the ORBATS say to take. For us, EOTBS is the most average and strong nation, so for example we change them just a bit. On the other side, KoB was the lowest so there is a lot of change for them . Another example is RC where mortars are great but turrets are very low in compare so nobody is taking the turrets models. So we decide to improve only the turrets models. Our way is to choose for every type of ship a reference (for example "assault carrier"). And we adjust for every ship with comparing : the reference , his nation, his fluff and some other ship we think there are in the same range. As a result, we preferred to improve where something is not good , rather than to nerf a strong unit (and make angry some guys who love the way of playing this strong unit).
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