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  1. Skilledou

    New Q&A Announced: June 22nd!

    They said they encountered some technical problems. Let them fix it and I'm sure we will have news from them very short at the beginning of next week. Be patient
  2. Skilledou

    Restarting my scenery builds

    Very nice what you did ! I like it
  3. Skilledou

    regle wild west exodus en francais

    Merci pour les joueurs FR de WWE
  4. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    For the KoD, it's Velor who took the lead as I played with it sometimes. We just adjusted what was needed
  5. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    I created the card by myself with Photoshop from spartan's images.
  6. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Yeah 10 pts for the squadron, nice. Thanks Yes , this is a change rules from v2 to v2.5 wanted by Spartan.
  7. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    We usually play a 1000 pts game. 800 pts if we want a quick game. 1200 pts if we have time . We play between 2h30 and 3h30. Most of the games , at Turn 3 someone have his field order done.
  8. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    We wanted to simplify to accelerate the game. And standardised turrets and values are a good way we found to do this. Option for Valiant is 2 pts , to have 10 pts for 5 models. We found 5 pts was too much and free was not possible. Vengeance : target painter give you +1 to hit for your squadron on 3+. (P169)
  9. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    It's our choise to take the highest reference and to bring all the other to the highest reference. like this, it's easy and more quick for our work. Everything is deadly. Plus the game is quicker so you can have more boats on the table for the same time.
  10. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    We decide first to change the minimum the rules, and to maintain as possible the fluff for every nations. We want every ship to be playable and fear by the enemy. And like this, if you want to be competitive, you can take as well the models you like and not only the ones the ORBATS say to take. For us, EOTBS is the most average and strong nation, so for example we change them just a bit. On the other side, KoB was the lowest so there is a lot of change for them . Another example is RC where mortars are great but turrets are very low in compare so nobody is taking the turrets models. So we decide to improve only the turrets models. Our way is to choose for every type of ship a reference (for example "assault carrier"). And we adjust for every ship with comparing : the reference , his nation, his fluff and some other ship we think there are in the same range. As a result, we preferred to improve where something is not good , rather than to nerf a strong unit (and make angry some guys who love the way of playing this strong unit).
  11. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    The KoB was the lowest nation, so this is our idea to push them back into the game . In the play tests, it is a nice improvement , the naval ships are more to fear now
  12. Skilledou

    Fleet Action Doncaster correct stats

    Hi. I don't have it, but from my point of view, I think you can play your Doncaster DR4 HP4 CP4 .
  13. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    UP with the link to the ORBATS and Game Changes
  14. Skilledou

    Dystopian Wars V2.51FR

    Hi, For the French Communauty, the end of Spartan in august 2017 was a real shock. We really though that the Kick Starter will be a renew, but finally not. We had an unfinished v2.5 Dystopian Wars game on our hands, with plenty of bugs. We love to much this game to let it vanish. So we decide to finish this version. I contact the best French players and I create a work team to terminate the game. The purpose was to have a finished and more balanced version, as close as possible from the Spartan’s v2.5, for continuing to play together in tournaments or just for fun. In the mean time, Warcraddle bought the Spartan Company, but we knew it will be long until they create a new version; so we continued our project. After mouths of works, hundred of games, the finally arrived close to the end of our project: we call that Dystopian Wars v2.51FR. You can find the game changes here : V2.51FR-ENG We have plenty of ideas for the v3, but we decide to stay as close as possible from the v2.5, and concentrate our time on the ORBATS for a more balanced game. Here arrive the ORBATS's changes for our v2.51FR : LINK FOR THE DRIVE ■ Core Nations Available : FSA , RC, KOB, EOTBS, PE. ■ Alliance Nations Available : BW, IR, LOIS, OE, PLC, KOD, RFA. ■ Cards construction in progress : Chinese ■ Factions still in progress : ROF (too much protection, cannot find yet the solution) COA, EIMC, HEC, ROE : Not started due to lack of players in France. Stay Tuned.
  15. Skilledou

    Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria

    Hi. It's nice to create a new model, especially when you create it after in 3D. It look so great. But don't forget we are in a game and the purpose is to have fun for both player. When I kickly see the defence characteristics of your sky fortress, your opponent have to throw 20AD for a crit in obscurred and close to 22AD with rugged (1). With AA9 and 12AP elite (+ 3 defense), you are not prinzable by boarding. So I think, even if you put a bigger price, what you create something too big . Especially when it is a flying model with obscured and stratospheric

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