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  1. As much as I would love to see Works Raptor (my favourite faction) get some core helix love, I think with the rumours of a 3rd edition of Armada on the way, then the Bakash and veydreth might see some releases. It would make sense and maybe tie both game systems tighter together. Just a thought.
  2. looking good as always dude. Your relthoza are striking.
  3. Barolde

    BluFlcn Paint Works

    Just scrolled through all your pics dude. Wow, just wow. Deft use of the airbrush and great colour schemes. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your awesome sauce minis.
  4. Barolde

    Seb's Workbench

    Awesome colour scheme there dude. Will be interesting to see a whole fleet painted that way.
  5. Thanks. I do plan on playing my Dindrenzi Nemesis in the next couple of weeks so will hopefully get a few group shots of the whole force together and write a bit of a battle report up (his camera is much better than my piddling mobile).
  6. just got these 'Shady' characters finished
  7. Dude loving the WR. How do you do your transition between colours as it really Works (sorry couldn't resist)
  8. Players: Barolde vs Ravenasri (nof) Points value: 4000 Factions and Allies: Directorate & Works Raptor/ Dindrenzi Starting ZH: 40 Zero Hour Score: 0/28 (Major Directorate Victory) Turn Count: 4
  9. Thanks to the (un)seasonable weather I was able to get the Works Raptor Witch Interceptors done in double quick time.
  10. Cheers guys. Very encouraging comments! May try the Works Raptor Witches next. These will be a different scheme
  11. Just got the Wraith Leviathan finished. The front view With the Haunter transport undocked And the side
  12. Very nice scheme you have going there
  13. Looking forward to seeing your Colour scheme. Sounds interesting. I painted my core in dark red and grey. You can check them out under the Barolde's AAA Directorate post. I'll be posting pics of my Wraith there once I finish the painting it. If you like big chunky robots you will love our Assault Helix. 2 badass Accoster Robots. Think ED209 from Robocop.
  14. The Wraith model is way better in the flesh than what is shown on the box. I'm currently painting mine up and I think the model is brilliant. I've only used it twice but has had a sterling performance on both occasions
  15. Nice dude. You definitely won't regret taking the plunge as Planetfall is a most awesome game. As a fellow corporate exec I would recommend you get the Wraith Leviathan when you can. When I first saw the pics I was 'Meh'. But the actual model is something else. I look forward to seeing these painted. What's your colour scheme?
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