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  1. It looks like the KS is turning quite bad... When looking at Kicktraq, I even saw a day with a negative amount of pledges, meaning that people are already taking their money back. The overall KS and goals aren't attractive at all, it just looks like some kind of pre-sale, with not much added value.

    It will probably be funded, but it won't be much over those 50k euros, and I'm not sure that SG can do anything to boost it.

    Launching this new KS while tons of people are still waiting for the pledges of the previous DW one was a huge mistake IMHO. I, for example, could have pledged for the FA KS, but never will because of this. 

  2. Is Kickstarter SG's new business plan? 

    Will it be a third KS in six months for PF?

    Kickstarter is a tool to fund original projects, not some kind of way to do pre-sales and get customers's money one year before delivering the product, especially for a long-date established company like Spartan Games.

    I would also not hope many pledges from the people that are still waiting for their DW KS stuff promised 6 months ago... Bad timing.

    I, for example, won't even consider dropping a single penny in it until I get every single mini I paid for almost a year ago.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Spartan Neil said:

    Thanks for the feedback child9. And your English is fine - no worse than mine!

    Now you've invited me in I may have to keep annoying you all with my ridiculously long threads...

    All the best,


    PS: don't sell your models. You will need them to kill the Pathogen and Saurians....


    Being annoyed with the kind of things you brought in your second message is all I ask for, along with keeping my minis and playing with it :)

    Just give me reasons to do so, and I could even become again the compulsive SG buyer/player I once was!

  4. @Spartan Neil Finally! Thanks for this post (6:42 pm), a hundred times. I'm not pleased with everything you said, but you said it. This is totally different than repeating "Great stuff is coming, be patient guys!" and this is totally the kind of communication I want, and I guess everyone here wants. I know it's more time consuming than just saying "wait guys", but it's a thousand times more informative and can really buy you time from us the players. So again, thanks for this post.

    We all know that SG is a small company. We all know that it can't handle every game it made. And we're well aware that, when a game don't work the way you hoped and don't make cash, you can't reasonably invest in it again and again. We understand all this. But please, tell us this kind of things. "Folks, we are sorry but we are forced to stop (for now or forever) supporting "choose your game". It's tough to hear, but it's way better than letting us wait for months or years, hoping for the best, to finally learn this is over (I didn't played TUS, but I know that was a real bad surprise for a lot of people, because you announced things that never happened). When you miss a deadline, don't keep silent. Come here, explain us what happened and give us another estimation, even an approximate one. And when announcing a deadline, don't put yourselves too much pressure on. I prefer a far but respected release date than a close one which is postponed multiple times (like you did with PF for almost a year...).

    I used to be one of the biggest fan of SG, I really did, but all this slowly fainted as you were making the same mistakes again and again. For now, I really have low estime for SG because I consider that you fooled me as a fan and a customer, as well as a lot of other people, and this way too many times. But please, all we ask is that you better yourselves and solve the issues that a lot of people pointed at. You'll be surprised how easy we players can forgive, if we're just a bit pleased. But you have to do it right now, because in 3 months, there might be no turning back. I'm myself on the verge of selling every bit of SG I own (and that's a lot of stuff ^^') and focus on other supported games.

    Come back here again soon (you or one of your coworkers) to post messages like the one you just wrote. To let us know what's going on at SG's. That's step one, and that would really be a good thing to helps us trust SG again. Then move on at your pace, and deliver us the cool games and minis we know you can get out. That's all we ask! :) No more silences, no more political cant and no more lies/broken promises. Communication is the key.


    P.S: Sorry for bad english, had to write it quickly!


  5. 3 hours ago, Spartan Neil said:

    Spreading ourselves too thin: always an issue and we are looking at how to resolve this.


    Excuse me but no, you don't. You're aware of this problem for years and did nothing. On the contrary, you keep spreading more and more : Taskforce, Fleet Action, Halo Fleet Battles, Halo Ground Combat, Dystopian Empires (thank God, we escaped this one...) and now this boardgame. All this, in the very last few years.

    Please, stop taking us for fools by saying one thing and doing the opposite, and try to focus on your already too numerous existing games. You might get new customers but you'll lost tons of others. And believe me, it has already started.

  6. As it's available to preorder, I seriously doubt it's part of the KS.

    It's just classic random SG acting. They get an idea and just do it, no matter if it's totally unwanted or if it hurts their already too numerous barely supported games.

    BTW SG, what's the point in making surveys if you don't take their results into account? The last one clearly stated that we don't want any new game. You're already totally drowning and unable to provide 10% of the support your current  games needs.

    Stop this nonsense, now would REALLY be a good time. I'm sad to say this but I hope this boardgame will fail hard.

  7. - Communication

    - Communication

    - Communication

    - No more new games and support for each of the existing games (that's a minimum). And by supporting, I mean regularly. Not "one year for DW, one year for FA, oops it's been two years that we did nothing for PF!"

    - And most of all, no more lies/broken promises. There have already been way too much of them


    I really loved SG and bought hundreds of minis for almost all their game systems, I really hope they'll finally get their **** together and go forward. I'm pretty sure all of us are willing to pardon a lot of things but SG has to act and change NOW. Not in two months, now. Time is running out... Let's cross fingers!

  8. 1 hour ago, Spartan Linde said:

    Honestly @Flamebeast most of you have nothing good to say and ***** and moan no matter what is said. its not worth reading. I spend most of my forum time in the Beta forum being productive.


    if you dont like things then move on. 



    Very nice. That's how you get new customers and keep the old ones.

    In addition to bitching and moaning, be sure that I'll now do my very best to inform people how SG deals with its clients. And again, I'm pretty sure no one here is being toxic just for pleasure or because it's their nature. There are real and valid reasons to that, reasons SG is 100% responsible for. Some people keep their cool, other express their concerns, sometimes in a very direct (and yeah, toxic) fashion. And right now, you're just being as toxic as some of us. Good job. 

    How condescendant and unprofessional SG has become let me voiceless...

  9. My advice: just wait and see if Spartan just let Planetfall dead or if they do something to revive it... The game is dead for about two years (no minis, no news, no rules, nothing), how could we possibly encourage you to buy things for PF? Fly, you fool! :D

    Spartan guys promised tons of new things for June but as always, nothing is coming and these same Spartan guys are akwardly silent for weeks (months?).

  10. 14 minutes ago, Bessemer said:

    As for delays, I have never heard of ANY KS project arriving on time. Iv'e heard that Hawk are only just sending out the last of their KS pledges (anyone with other info please post), and the DW KS had the spanner-in-the-works of the printer going out of business almost as the order was placed. Not something SG had control over. 

    Come on, we all know that the printer issues aren't the real cause of DW Kickstarter delays... SG was already late before it happened ;)

  11. 5 hours ago, Balteth said:

    Child9 - I posted up a Battle Report last night so I'm not sure I'd describe the forums as 'dead'. I know the focus is currently on FSA but I'm guessing it'll shift very soon to Planetfall to meet the August deadline. Spartan are currently living up to their new timeline and it seems people are slowly giving the new army lists and rules (as far as we know them) a try. All in all, it's movement in the right direction :D

    I was of course not talking about content posted by the members of this forum...

  12. 8 hours ago, sithsquirrel said:

    Was never happy with directorate leviathan. Had no leviathan CQB so just had to let robots walk up and melee it without defending itself....but being it was flying high enough to be seen by all how do you melee it ?   If they shoot it, why doesn't it get to use its CQB to defend ? Nevr happy with that so it never made the table once the battle robots came out. Waste of $100.


    If you let a battle robot come in base contact with the Wraith, it's just that you're playing it wrong. Battle robots are really easy to avoid...

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