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  1. Great Pics Is it possible to post all Fleetlists? I only knew 3-4 Fleetlists (and my own of course...) And some of them have been based on other ideas I normaly have...
  2. It was realy far away for us but have been a lot of fun! Maybe next time again!
  3. Are there any Information regarding the updating of the ship stats? I am waiting for my new terrran torpedo cruiser
  4. The light cruiser (as all Alliance cruiser) really need the 4th HP. The DR/CR is at normal Terran Level (so the lowest in game). Reinforced fore may help... but a battle log swing of 6 Point with Elimination 9 HP is far to hard. Weapon shielding is nonsens if the ship gets destroyed with 2 shots... As said before I would also suggest to Change the Points at the Harpoon between turrent and shield to become the same like at the light cruisers. Turrent for free and more defense for theadditional 5 Points.
  5. The benefit the ships have is that the CR is realy high. Ablative plating is the "explanation" why this could be so and a kin dof malus if you starting loosing Hullpoints. If you go and buy the "remove of ablative plating" then your engineers have created a proper armour / plating
  6. The Battleship can be fielded in a Battlefleet... ....to slow....
  7. Attrition Class Assault Carrier - +2 AP, Second Assault, 6x Assault Shuttle, 2x Tyranny Corvette with Scout How can you include Tyranny Corvettes to your carrier? I don`t see the option... ------------------------------ Now I see my mistake
  8. this would be nice but I would prefere higher AD Stats which do not decrease during the range bands (like terquai) on a turrent.
  9. Our Relthoza Player always jumps that far as he wishes +/- 2" With that "skill" shunt cruiser are really scare full. They also give you, together with a carrier, the Option for "split berth" for your Bombertokens, after that you can jump away and/or fire the enemy in the back.... Great ships!
  10. The Xelocians are for hunting Waypoints and Ressources. The Hawker Frigates mostly stayed back at the own Waypoint / Station / ..... and Launch their Torpedos at max. AD-Level. Also the Xelocians can start in reserve to get some "Tableaction" and an additional activation. A 4h Tarakian Cruiser would have been nice of course, may be also adding weapon shielding for the Hawker Cruiser...
  11. I played Hawkers as mainfleet in a small (InHouse)Tournament: Battleship with - Cyberturrent, +1 Mv., +1 HP, 1 Terran Escort 3 Resolute Cruiser 3 Rulak Cruiser (Tarakians) 4 Endeavour Frigates 4 Karn Frigartes (Xelocian) Rulak Cruiser because you have to destroy them before they start loosing firepower. Karn Frigates becaus they are the cheapest T3 and acceptable fast.
  12. thora

    WAR LOG 3726

    Players: thora vs. Ranus_Magnus Points: patrol Fleet - 800 Points Scenario: Waypoints Factions & Allies: Allianz of Kurak (Hawker / Tarakian / Xeloxian) vs RSN Battle log results: +10 / -1 To his apology.... It wasn´t his own Fleetlist / Fleet.
  13. On page 68 of the rule book are some nice Pictures and the ruling: "If during ist movement a model Comes within 4" on an enemy Mine Marker it must immediately halt. This model and any other mdels (friedly or enemy) currently within 4" of the Mine Marker receive an Attack...." ".....Once this has been resolved, the model may complete the rest of its movement. Howeder, the Mine Marker is nit removed until the end of the current Squadron´s movement Phase. Any other models that move to within 4" of the Marker must receive an Attack with the same number of Attack Dice as the first. Once all models in the Squadron have completed their Movement, any Mines which were triggered are removed from the game board." So - the mine is triggered by the first model which activates within 4" f the marker - all models within 4" of the marker gets the attack - the rest of the squadron finish their movement and can get within the 4" of the marker and can get hurt so regarding your Picture: the first ship activates and all ships get the AD from both mines, thats it and nothing more. The rest of the ships don´t "move within the marker" they are starting within the 4" of the marker.
  14. 1 Carrier ___ +1 Shield, Deck Crew, 5 Bomber 2 Destroyer ___ Torpedo Spook 3 Frigates 400 Points The Carrier may survive a Little bit longer and can repair his losses via deck crew.
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