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  1. Play task force I've found it to be 45-70 mins its great fun just wish they'd support it a little ...
  2. Cool next question what does a dreadnought function like in the smaller task force platform ?
  3. Can anyone official get back to us on even a rough eta for the task force stats for current models, the game is pretty good but it's a shame there is no stats for the rest of the models its stopping me buying fleets to be honest. I don't have enough time for full armada games at the moment and task force is a pretty good substitute it would be nice to get some information any information to be honest on the furthering of the game. It's sad that it's kind of been left to stagnate
  4. Please tell me there's a designator on the ieapteus ? Other wise it's going to be a tough time replacing the rsn ?
  5. Surely the above isn't correct ?
  6. Seconded, although I use the lizard recon but it is feared. Heavy inf are great ... And numerous lol
  7. No he's not saying that clearly a flippant comment ... Lol *sigh*... I agree the td's need tweak though. I think they need an extra shield each maybe, fits the fluff makes them irritating and allows them to get to ef range. Etc Terrans are not under powered at all. say that with good experience.
  8. Not when you add predator in. .. Adds the cloaked stalker feel.
  9. Aye the cloak thing was just flavouring, I knew it may be too much
  10. I'd love to see a dramatic range drop across the board , increase in flat out distance, loss of cloak in ef and access to the predator mar across the board. That would give relth the feel they need
  11. If I remember correctly the diagram shows the lev landing within an inch of enemy models eventually. This leads me to believe that the 1" rule only applies to first landing site.
  12. Have you tried adding the tactical edge to the terrain like we do as above. Allows people to make the choice between picking terrain to Benifit them or hinder the enemy or both. I played games where I picked all the terrain and tried to 'gum up' a tracked and wheeled force's deployment zone but he gave himself a lot of Los blockers. It's great you end up playing a tactical game with terrain alone. Give our terrain a try too (although I'm guessing knowing you gr1m you already do a quite fair set up ?)
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