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  1. Looks like the new helix system will be quite flexible.
  2. The old firestorm tier system also had restrictions, both on tier and type of ship. No such thing as a fleet of shunt cruisers (unless you did a carrier accompaniment based list). I predict a helix based system wont produce wont produce fleet list that look to different from old firestorm. You will still need a mix of ships sizes and classes.
  3. Found this quote from Stuart. Looks like Helix system is confirmed along with some subfaction trait style rules. Stuart also mentioned that subfactions traits weren't done yet and that they were open to inputs on how to capture the old factions in these traits. Also found a few thing about the new Dindrenzi background direction. I have compiled them into one quote for convenience. It also seems that the new timeline is set between three and five centuries after the first war of secession.
  4. No i definitely remember Stuart mentioning that 3rd will use a helix system. I cant be bothered to find the quote right now. Very interesting what direction they will take this. The Terran+Directorate merger was a surprise to be sure. I do understand that we cant have 3 major human factions but i always imagined that Directorate would either stop being solely one race , or merged with Dindrenzi. Im optimistic about the new direction though. A fleshed out Terran alliance might have been cool, but i think that i fleshed out Terran Directorate . I find the new look okay, the paint job will probably decide it for me in the long term. New Relthoza a much more spindly than the old more angular ships, fits they nano mastery fluff so that pretty cool, but they will look very advanced next to the old ships. Veydreth have a completely new style, but i find it really cool, they are my number one candidate for first new models/fleet. For me the verticality is key in the look, and removing it would make them much blander. New Dindrenzi are almost a full 180 from the old look. From minimalistic to ornate. From square boxes to curved archs. I don't find this change appealing at all. The old look was a slamdunk in the department of "utilitarian no frills warships" and they played like they looked, as an army of artillery, a fitting doctrine for a military force. Whats more is with the new style for Terrans, Dindrenzi and several of the minors, no faction inhabits the design space of "minimalistic and utilitarian", which is otherwise both really cool and popular. It would also have loved to try out the new rules, but i can see why they don't want to release the beta without any ability to control and followup on the process. I hope they will be generous with their rules reveals in their studio diaries. Overall i'm optimistic about the new direction of Firestorm, but i expect it to take a couple of years before it really finds its groove.
  5. A new dev diary has popped up, announcing the unfortunate delay of the beta. It also includes renders for a faction called "Terran Directorate". Will this be our first faction merger? What are your thoughts? https://blog.warcradle.com/blog/2020/warcradle-studios-diary-28?fbclid=IwAR1BiCc_H-Hs-5Lc4kjym8DncCP3svVZlXuQrFcJC54QNgyU08OHuNovc0g Update: Stuart has posted the following: ""The Terran Directorate emerged from the ashes of the Terran Alliance. Weakened by the civil war that followed the costly Dindrenzi secession, a consortium of powerful corporations. including Sabulon, Hark-Williams, Melcon and Works Raptor seized control of the Alliance. The subsequent two centuries saw a mercantile and avaricious culture come to dominate humanity. Terra's resources had long been exhausted but now from the fading opulence of its orbital yards great Acquisition Fleets venture out on the hunt for opportunities to bring advancement and power to its commanders." -Looks like directorate have bough out the old Alliance.
  6. Its good to finally see the Firestorm universe brought back. I'm ready for rampant and mostly baseless speculation about the future . Does the new and prominent Veydreth designs indicate that they will have a more prominent role in the future of firestorm? I could see them becoming the backbone of a new consolidated faction of former minor races, as part of a move towards the new free for all setup of the background.
  7. Im not saying mines couldnt or shouldnt be saved. Just explaining the logic behind their elimination.
  8. Its a 65£ starterbox, 2 30£ level massive ships (the stations is not available as an add-on), 20£ asteroid box, 15£ Acrylic tokenbox, 5£ rulebook hardback upgrade and shipping worth anything from 7£-40£ just for the starter set. That add up to around 165£ pounds of stuff and shipping worth 20-30£ for most customers. Not the best value i have seen in a kickstarter but not bad either. The stretch goals are where this option really shines as Squadron Leader (150£ level) is the cheapest option that gets lots of free stuff from these, all of which would also get free shipping.
  9. Im withholding my vote until i know what this new option will mean in the greater scope of the game. But i remain skeptical of promoting even bigger alphastrike attacks. As it is a first strike with a healthy cruiser squadron can have a significant effect on the game. The new CR+DR rules and crit chart will make first strikes even more power full. Perhaps focused fire is to much, perhaps not.
  10. And that's whats great about FA. So many different styles of ships, all of them well crafted. There is even a great variety in ship design styles among terran ships. Which i really like. It gives a great sense of the scale and history of the Terran Alliance. I've always imagined that it resulted not only from different generations of warships but also from different competing companies, each with its own style, betting for government contracts. A nice visual and thematic counter to the streamlined dindrenzi warmachine But we are forgetting the original purpose of the thread. Discussing the new ship renders just released. I find it cool that some factions keep almost the same visual style ie Dindrenzi and Sorylian just more detailed. Showing how they remain conservative in ships designs, but still upgrade their fleets whit new technology. While other factions have descended down a more radical design part like Terrans and Relthoza, alluding to implementation of new technologies and design philosophies. Which is also reflected in the rules,at least in the taskforce ships, where these ships have statlines and MARs that simulate more advanced warships.
  11. I would agree whit Polaris here. Surely the medical technology of the future would feature advanced cybernetics,trauma kits even nanites and most importantly battledrugs that would be able to return a good deal of soldiers to operational level until the end of the engagement.
  12. I fear our taste in terran ships is vastly different. I really like the design style of the Apollo but it is showing its age in the technical department. I used to hate the Razorthorn, it actually made me put off starting FA for several years when i saw it in some promotional material, because i though it was to simplistic and low quality. I later acquired one when i bought a set of used terran ships and its been growing on me. Perhaps i can still be saved. I'm not really a fan of the Tyrants design direction either, so perhaps not. I also prefer the Ares over the Solar! The new battlecarrier on the other hand is probably going to be my new favorite (those engine pods man!), but i will reserve judgment until i see it in person. I think every terran player can agree on that count. I don't even own any Hauberks, all my upgrade pieces somehow ended up as debris markers...
  13. Spartans newer ships keeps getting prettier. These new guys really shame some of the older members in the line up. Makes me wonder why they choose to open the kickstarter with pictures of old and out of production models that simply doesn't represent the current skill level of the company.
  14. Im glad that spartan is still open for review of V3 rules. I feel the new edition has great potential but is hamstrung by several more ill considered changes. This being one of the major ones. I cant seem to find and pro's for the new deployment system, and many cons. Unless you guys know something i have missed it should by an easy choice when deciding which is superior.
  15. The 150 pound level is probably the most common because it has free shipping(big deal outside UK) and enough upgrades that it still has great value if split between 2 people.
  16. To be fair to Spartan FA Mike (god how i wish they just gave him a completely different name) he isn't the only one doing play testing, and likely doesn't have that much say or information given how often he has to "radio back to base" for confirmation on different subjects. He is mostly just the public relations spartan - and he is doing a good job in that regard (at least in my opinion). The idea is that bigger ships have more visible drive signatures and are therefore detected more easily. Counter arguments were brought up of cause, staging grounds and staggered sends offs could easily let smalls arrive first. Ultimately it matters little as Spartan FA Mike did tell us that fluff wasn't the deciding factor behind the change.
  17. Thank you for explaining. It sounds like only the mighty Mathhammer knows the true difference between the options (but command point usage is a good point!).
  18. No escort carriers for the Terrans in the foreseeable future either. But who knows what tricks Aegis ships will be up to in this edition.
  19. How is this different from simply adding more dice in these range bands?
  20. Have you guys seen the new documents about pathogen (and saurians) released in the kickstarter updates? The Pathogen design document has some interesting tidbits pertaining to the future pathogen ruleset: Virulent Infection Pathogen Special Rule All Pathogen boarding craft are carriers for their insidious Pathogen virus, ensuring that their attempts at boarding will often cause debilitating effects to a target long after they have been seemingly ejected from the vessel. If a Pathogen Boarding Assault succeeds in causing Damage to a target model, that model automatically gains an Infection Permanent Effect Marker. This Marker can be repaired in the End Phase as normal, however should the vessel fail to do so, it immediately suffers the loss of 1 Hull Point and 1 Crew Point Systems Network MAR ... In the case of the Pathogen, the Large and Massive models in the fleet have access to a Systems Network that gives friendly Pathogen models within range the Long-Range Assault Boats MAR, meaning they can launch their boarding assaults from a greater distance, greatly increasing their ‘threat bubble’ with that weapon system. Seems like pathogen is going be spreading a lot of infection tokens around.
  21. Perhaps the new Battlecarrier alternative BB statline will be the one used by the current Tyrant thus replacing the mail order only Tyrant model without adding yet another BB to the terran list?
  22. Mines had a controversial reputation because of the infamous "mine drive by" technique, cluttered up the board with a lot of tokens and complicated movement. Given how V3 is focused on being faster and having fewer tokens it not surprising that mines got axed.
  23. I own a extremely pretty and very lonely Templar and she would love to get a pair of sisters to complete her squadron.
  24. The new deployment method will make center deployment of larger ships the only viable choice as any other option will just lead to a refused flank. The change also has ramifications on list building and ships balance. I have already voiced my concerns in the other thread and tried to find the reasoning behind this, in my opinion, drastic change but alas only the fluff reason and the fact that deployment didnt matter in Spartan FA Mikes meta came to light.
  25. Size class will dictate deployment order in 3rd edition. Installations will deploy first, but from then on you deploy the biggest models first descending into mediums and smalls.
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