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  1. I couldn't find a general discussions topic for the whole community so I am putting this one here as I predominantly play DW. I just want to give Spartan a huge shout out - I recently bought a number of items in their uncharted seas scenery range that were quite badly miscast. I contacted their customer support and not only did they replace the miscasts, they replaced the entire sets, threw in extras and gave me some additional items that I was just querying availability on - all for free. That is truly great customer service, thank you Spartan games!
  2. I cant really say what brings me back to the game because I never really left. I do have fairly long breaks from playing though but that is probably my fault than the fault of others. I guess I can say what keeps me interested is basically what everyone else has mentioned. There really is no other game out there quite like this one. I love the steampunk genre, I like naval games, I love many of the models. If I whine about a few models that I don't like it's because I care a great deal about the game and what it looks like and for every model I may bleat about there are 10 that are absolutely fantastic. So what can be done about the waning interest in my area? I am quite aware that a single enthusiastic gamer in an area can very successfully champion a games system and breath life back into it simply by being the driving force behind badgering recalcitrant players back into the fold, organizing tournaments, providing a good gaming experience by making good tables and scenery. We all know (or are) someone like this. I aim to step up and be "that DW guy" at my local club. I have built a DW table - shout out to Rubbishinrubbishout on the interwebs for the inspiration and guidance for that and I have started on building the islands that he also has videos on. so 'nuff said, I have islands to go and build.... And on that score how do you fellows think the uncharted seas scenery from Spartan scenics will look on a DW gaming table?
  3. I agree with doubloons, this is also my belief. I dont think that there is any one aspect of the game that can be held to account, I think it is the net effect of a number of slightly cumbersom rules all adding up to slow the game down. That said it is ALSO these self same attributes that make the game what it is and contribute to the immersive and narrative feel you get out of the game. I am therefore very cognizant that the proposed streamlining improvements do not overly detract from the aspects of the game that drew us in in the first place. Its a fine line, one doesnt want to cut the heart out when embarking on a pruning exercise.
  4. Excellent responses, thank you for the feedback. I realized after posting that it may well have been redundant to post a topic like this on a forum dedicated to the game - as it is likely if you dont play anymore you have already voted and are out the door as was posted in another thread started by Grey as a counterpoint to this one by aetius. The comments by Jaeger I cannot echo strongly enough. It is the background of any gaming system that contributes to a fantastcly immersive gaming experience. I think too that we can all agree we are still huge fans of teh game - and this post isntinteded to deride or detract from the game, it is truly a good game that we all want to play more. the purpose of me psoting this here was really two-fold, firstly to really generate discussion and post my intended "Lite" rules updates and get a sense of the community take on them and secondly and possibly more importantly, to give a voice to those who have given up on the system. This is important because it is these lost players that outnumber us who do play by quite a significant amount, These people generally do not complain or whine about the system on forums and give feedback to the games company, they merely migrate to different systems and dont come back. speaking from experience, in a games club where at one point we had 16 DW players we now have 2 diehards. (one of which doesnt participate on the forum, leaving me to fill that role). It worries me intesly that my experience is not unique and that for every fan current supporter that this game has there are a large number of people that no longer participate. In trying to address this and polling my peers we identified the areas i mentioned as issues most often cited for people no longer playing. Game length being the most significant. We then tried to identify game elements that contributed most to making the game long and came up with the items we did. One item that did come up was that 1.5 - 2 hr games are essentially ideal, (especially for tournament play), and that whist you could restrict points values to ensure games were small enough to fit into the schedule, this was not an effective approach as people want to use lots of models not justa fraction of their collection. anyways there is a lot more horse flogging I could do, but I think it will be better to put my money where my mouth is and get out there and test what I proposed and provide feedback - the true test though for me will be to see if we can lure wayward club members back into the fold so that it will once again be possible to get a regular game of DW in on satudays!
  5. I set up this thread, not to be negative, but to provide constructive criticism and feedback. The point of this exercise is to get more people playing and more players returning to DW. So why dont you play Dystopian wars or why have you stopped? Ourgaming group initially embraced Dystopian wars enthusiastically, but interest after fleets had been painted and test games played started to wane. Setting up tournaments, rather than halting the slide merely seemed to accelerate it. What were the issues? Caveat - this is in my gaming meta and may not necessarily ring true for everyone, others may have their own issues, or none at all. Well people would give a number of reasons ranging from their factions being neglected (from the non core nations camp) to cost. - clearly neither of these issues are real, but they represent the extreme ends of the bell curve - you always get these and they can effectively be ignored. So what were the real issues then? There were a few issues that came up consistently in most conversations and tournament post mortems: The games were too long. - Any game with a dreadnaught seemed to be all about the capital ship and seemed, on average to take too long (more than 2 hours) especially when the points were increased beyond 1200 to account for the one "heavy". The game is to complex to pick up easily and presents a barrier to entry. Too many multiple MAR's models with rules that could have been more faction specific, too many non-faction specific MAR's blurring the distinctiveness of the factions. The Game has a few mechanics that are cumbersome and add time and complexity to the game like the SAS separate activation mechanic and the quite convoluted 'game-within-a-game' boarding mechanic. The main culprit in highlighting these percieved shortcommings were actually were the other spartan games systems. People migrated to FSA and planetfall as faster, less complex games. In the spirit of trying to breath life into litterally hundreds of shelved (and in most cases fantastically painted) DW models, a friend and I have come up with some quick play rules whose intent is to simplify and speed up the game without losing the essential flavor of the game. Bearing in mind that massive game balance effort goes into this game by the game devs, the changes were global and kept to a minimum. So hopefully a DW 'Lite' set of rules modifiers if you will: All models only reduce their firepower (stats) from more than 50% damage taken - rounding up. (this is to ensure that fire power and thus the abiity to remove models quicker) is maintained for longer with the aim of shortening playing time. SAW's are treated merely as long range salvos. All Saw's move and resolve normally in the same activation as the parent vessel. The player may choose when to activate the parent or the SAW's but when either is activated all actions with either the parent or all SAW's must be completed before moving on.- (small attack craft like FSA turtles for eg are treated in the same way) The aim of this rule is to speed up play and remove the activation spam issue that was seen to be an inherent issue (read not well liked feature) in the game. All boarding actions are combined. Boarding actions need to be resolved with as few dice rolls as possible, the attacker and defender getting only one boarding party each. Multiple sources that provide attacks in one activation like a parent vessel and small attack craft are combined and rolled as one attack. Squadrons attacking from multiple ships against one target combine into one boarding action. - this is the most hairy rule chanage likely to be updated as a result of play testing. it is felt at this stage that as much as possible, squadrons that can have a mix of crew quality must all take the upgrades or none take the upgrade. (rather than averaging the attack/defence quality or somesuch. The many MAR's issue identified above, we left alone as it was felt we would change the core feel of the game too much by messing with those. we are in the process of playtesting these and would love to get feedback if anyone else is up for trying them out as well. We dont want to break the game in any way shape or form, or to give any faction an undue advantage over any other.
  6. Oops my bad I just noticed this thread now. I should have added the bombardment group comment here
  7. We play any part of the model is within 4" just like the magazine explosion example.
  8. Good to hear that no one seems to think more than one is OP. The true test of a balanced unit min maxing with it. Seems one or two is optimal depending on the fleet size. Now I just need to test the theory on the board!
  9. Nice bat rep. I think invader scenario games could be a lot of fun!
  10. This is a great idea. I like the way the submerged model template is much less disruptive by allowing you to just place the surfaced model over it.
  11. Dang that's right, I forgot about that. As most AA is less than primary gunnery I am not convinced that's a win in any way.
  12. It would be great if this statement was reflected in game, but with the restriction on MAR's to rulebook only I unfortunately think that this is just a fluff statement that wont be represented in game. (heres hoping I am proved wrong!)
  13. I am somewhat perturbed by the fact that the best advice given to deal with the terror ship is to either take a nullification gen or ignore it. This makes me wonder how effective 4 in the same fleet would be. Especially if the only other way to deal with the ship is to throw a disproportionate number of activations and attack dice at it.
  14. As no one has started this yet I thought that I should post this. All the other nations have started their threads but poor old FSA seems a tad under supported in the DW community. I was pretty excited by this model, in my opinion it's one of the better looking of the heavy bombers. (Just personal taste though). Speculating on what it may do, it looks like we should get at least some useful MAR too. If the description is anything to go by I am guessing piercing or some such. The heavy destroyer though is a bit of an unknown I am hoping for some long range indiscriminate Fire but maybe that's asking too much of the general vanilla that is FSA. The model seems a tad nude up front, I still like it but the temptation to lengthen the gun barrel may just prove irresistible. Ok so my ridiculous iPad seems unable to upload the pic. I will do it later from my ever reliable windows laptop. The B-72 Heavy Bombers (nicknamed Big Bears by its crews) is a true triumph of aeronautical engineering. Their pilots are capable of flying the craft at low levels (a feat that would be unthinkable to most pilots) ensuring the aircraft can be almost undetectable to enemy fighter cover. Armed with two rocket pods mounting Cadence-Class armour piercing munitions and two bomb bays suitable for area bombardment there are few nations that can deny the devastating effect of the B-72 Heavy Bomber or the skills of the crews who fly them. The Yale Heavy Destroyer uses technology recently developed for use on the Georgetown Cruiser to give the Federated States of America an additional bombardment asset in medium to long range engagements. These vessels are often commanded by captains promoted through the ranks and are armed with a single Bombardment Gun that utilises rapid firing technology. 2 B-72 Class Heavy Bombers 3 Yale Class Heavy Destroyers 8 SAW Tokens 6 Micro Dice 2 SAS Movement Trays
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