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  1. Have you ever tested an Ascendency as accompaniement of/to (?) a Judgement? I second everything else you said.
  2. This is the Harvester Gunship EDIT: Found the mising picture:
  3. May be someone missed his/her timing? Like the official announcement was scheduled for April 1st (and was delayed/moved to May 1st because someone could take it as a joke) and the mail should not have been send out before that date.
  4. @Commodore Jones / @Bessemer Have you ever tried a Eliminator with an Ascendency escort? They work like a Battlecarrier (5 Bombers with Deck Crew and a big gun) and even if someone shoots the Eliminiator down you don't loose Battlelog-Points (because of the Ascendency). It's amazing!
  5. At least we have a picture: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/uploads/monthly_2017_03/IMG_0561.JPG.5d2145bcae065396c4470d88f5eb22a0.JPG Anything else?
  6. Did i miss one? Or is it this one: 4. Firestrom Armada Turnier der Grünen Horde
  7. I would like to play, but there is a big TCG-tournament i have to attend at the same weekend.
  8. Yes, that's it. Only torpedo shrapnel passed my PD.
  9. Tournament is over. I had one escalating Engagement (as planed) against Terrans. (Torpedo-Cruisers, 2 times Frigates and ONE Shield Cruider; Tyrrant and Battlecruisers in reserve) It was … a massacre. Turn one was short. One hit on a terran Torpedo-Cruiser and some scratches in my Ships paint. Turn two started with the arrival of my Gunships. They closed in on the Torpedo-Cruisers, reached 15” and did a double-crit on one, igniteing the reactor. The resulting explosion did a crit on both remaining Torpedo-Cruisers. In Turn 4 my Gunships did EXACTLY THE SAME to the Battlecruisers (double-crit, reactor overload, crit on the remaining ship). Long story short: no chance at all for my opponent due to bad luck. (15 : -14) So i can't tell if the list is good or bad.
  10. 14 seconds! It was my last game and i lost by 14 seconds. (9:15)
  11. Like alextroy said. I love this. Or at least the idea, we will see if it works as intended.
  12. This Escort is what does the trick! It transforms the old and rusty Battleship in a Battlecarrier. In addition it can save me from loosing Battlelog when the Batleship is destroyed (Cloaking - yeay!). And in this list it even has Countermeasures to enlarge the area of effekt where my Gunships can strike with double the fun (Decimator Warheads).
  13. @all: don't dare to name " a unit that has long been talked about for years and has not come out."! You would delay it even more.
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