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  1. TIF (actually two days ago in firestorm) Spartan sent me replacements for damaged parts Yay spartan!
  2. Tim

    Deep Sea Aquans

    Sounds a great idea! Depending how much deep sea fish look you are wanting to go it might be worth noting that colours change quite dramatically the deeper underwater you go.... Even by just 100 foot/30m red things are yellow/green
  3. TIF I still wait for spartan to send me replacement parts RSN left in dry dock still
  4. Either Destroyers and Frigates box or Dreadnought Box... takes the fleet to a nice even 1000pts (at least that's my plan!)
  5. I disagree with the thought, the planetfall troops are not likely to be allowed full run of the ship. More than likely they will be confined to a large cargo hold... or even be strapped into drop pods ready for rapid orbital insertion. Secondly, even if the say 1000 troops could have run of the ship. Would they be able to a) be alerted as to a boarding action, know where to get to during a boarding action. The ship could have Fold space escaped before the troops had even realised. Thirdly, would they even be any use. The boarding team attacks the bridge (go for a startrek-esque bridge) a single main access point that could be easily defended, blocked off or disabled. Heck, even if the troops started in a cargo bay they could easily be blocked off (or vented into space x) ). Lastly, the only effective way to have the troops protect the ship would be to post multiple teams throughout the ship... lining each corridor... Which would get in the way quite considerably... and be utterly useless when it comes to an orbital insertion... How much time would it take everyone to funnel back through the ships (blocking off turbolifts for ages) re-kitted, briefed, strapped in and checked over ready for launch.
  6. which episode would that be ? Thanks
  7. They are?! Any more information beyond this?
  8. They're in the description for each box in the webstore (pre-orders june)
  9. This... definitely would like to know!
  10. From Alex's reply [The online rules will be available] On release of the boxes I would assume (since that is what we were talking about
  11. Version 1 for the cerberus. The fee cruiser box contains all the parts for the version 2 heavies. yes to both the other questions!
  12. Awesome, thank you I was trying to figure out what depth of foam was needed for RSN/WR fleets... Figured that the banshee would be the deepest ship.
  13. A long shot, but can any one give the height of the NEW RSN Dreadnought? (Bridge to Lower fins) Thanks
  14. Already done! I'm looking forward to experiencing their legendary service!
  15. Woo!!! Just got an rsn patrol fleet for my birthday! But damaged bits and only 3 frigates :-( sad times
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