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  1. Am I going crazy, or is the Terran Hauberk heavy cruiser listed as a tier 3?
  2. It's 'intrigued' :-) (Apologies, I have nothing else to contribute to this discussion.)
  3. Any possibility someone could have a shot at writing up the new ships and, as I've seen in other tactica pages, a summary of how to tailor tactics against specific races? For example, how to best set up a Terran fleet to combat Dindrenzi or Directorate strengths? This is really useful and it'd be good to see it expanded!
  4. Remember to send us the link when it's up!
  5. Okay, so the position I'm in is that I have very little in the way of models - just the TaskForce starter set and a Terran cruiser group. What I buy will depend on the advice I'm looking for here, but I'm thinking about picking up a patrol fleet, a carrier group and some shield cruisers and leave it at that for the time being (and get some Artemis / Harpoons later on). So that would give me 1 apollo, 1 ares + 2 aegis accompaniments for Tier 1, a cruiser squadron (+ an aegis?) for tier 2, and Armsmen and Wayfarers for tier 3. That leaves me with my cruiser group and the Perseus squadron unused. I think that comes to about patrol fleet level. I'm looking for advice now for whether that's likely to work as a combination, and what hard points and upgrades I should get. Also, would the Hawker regent class carrier be better than the ares? Opposition wise I want to set up a Dindrenzi / RSN alliance fleet, with a Dindrenzi patrol fleet box and RSN carriers and cruisers. How would that work out, and how should I set those two fleets up to play off each other best?
  6. Hi Just seen a thread in the Dindrenzi section of the forum where Dindrenzi players were giving tactical advice to a new player: http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/18593-help-for-a-new-player/#entry328382 Does such a thread exist for the Terrans, and if not, how do I maximise what I'm getting out of my ships? Suggestions on fleet composition and strategy, especially against the Dindrenzis? Thanks!
  7. They're here: Taskforce_Patrol_Fleets_May_2016 (or some of them, anyway!) Glad the wait's over, looking forward to seeing the other models released in due course.
  8. Great blog! But the issue's not with the vertical bit of the stand connecting to the stand holder - it's the stand holder connecting to the model itself. I've put glue in the recessed bit the stand holder sits in, but the weight of the engines means that the model eventually overcomes the glue and lists nose-up. I'm considering drilling directly into the model, but it's not an ideal solution.
  9. I seem to be finding that the new Dindrenzi ships with the Taskforce set are too rear-heavy to sit properly on the flight stand. Any glue I use to attach the circular base into the hole isn't strong enough and so the whole model is tipping up - any tips? Just stronger glue? Thanks!
  10. What're views on the heavy cruisers? They're expensive - does their effectiveness justify the costs, or are there better ways to maximise firepower?
  11. Hi all Have we reached a consensus on the best configuration for a Terran 800 points max patrol fleet? What're the best hard points / upgrades to get the most from the models? Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the tips. The lighting in the picture isn't great, so let me talk you through how I did it. I used a black primer coat, and then an orange and a white base. At that point there was no primer showing. Over that I put an orange wash for the copper bits and a grey-see through oil. These gave it a smoother texture and a bit of a sheen. The yellow detailing went over the top. There's not actually any light blue although the oil and lighting is misleading! I used a black brush primer, but in future I think I will use a white spray. Would you still recommend the brown wash?
  13. Me again. So a while back I posted a photo of my first attempt at the engine section of a Teuton class cruiser. Thank you all for your comments, and I hope I have taken some of it into account, having now completed my first set of models - a Hauberk Class cruiser squadron. I'd thank you all for any more comments or advice for a noob taking his first steps in FSA. Thanks!
  14. Do the Terrans really go in for Cyberwarfare? I know almost nothing but I'd had them down as a more old-fashioned, dependable, and tried & tested fleet.
  15. I haven't given up hope! I'm currently in the process of completing the models I'm working on at the moment (Terran heavy cruisers) and obtaining Valhalla. I'll post some photos when they're finished.
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