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  1. The Ika's guns have a better arc now and are secondary, not primary. Very, very nice.
  2. So by that logic, you can NEVER cancel a cancel, be it them using Espionage or them using cards to equal the VP value of the card you're playing, Because if I play a card, and it's getting cancelled, I can only play ONE care per activation, and therefore cannot use either an Espionage from my hand or an equal VP card to cancel. Likewise, while it seems like the rulebook is implying you can combine cards up to a total equal value (so I could combine 3 20's to cancel a 60), is this actually NOT the case, as I'm limited to playing only one card, and therefore have to have that one card be equal or greater in order to cancel? I was confused as to whether "playing" a card and "using cards to cancel another card" were the same or not, but it got cleared up.
  3. I need to get more games versus more opponents, but I want to try out still going torpedo bomber heavy, even if my opponent takes a bunch of fighters. But I want to hang the bombers back a good ways, let my other ships shred his fighters with AA and come in later when his forces are already damaged and limping. Put the finishing hits on things instead of trying to get a ton of dice and double-crit things. Since SAWs roll fewer dice and hit on worse numbers, typically now, I don't think we should expect them to be the double-critting cruiser executioners they used to be, but rather something that can reliably crit something and help the rest of your fleet take them down.
  4. I don't know how to search a thread for something, but I don't recall this coming up in my reading: 1) Can you cancel a canceled TAC card, or only "played" cards? Say I play a 40 point card, he uses 2 20's to cancel - can I use another 40 to cancel his 2 20's, or were his not "played", and therefore I can't cancel them? 2) Why does the Espionage card exist, if you can just cancel TAC cards? Is it solely for the purpose of canceling a 60 point card without having to spend 60 of your own cards' worth of points? 3) Can you cancel an Espionage with another Espionage? 4) Can you cancel an Espionage by discarding cards? Seems to really limit its usefulness there. In fact if you can't cancel someone's discarded cancelling cards, it seems BETTER to use normal card canceling instead of the Espionage card, since using it means playing it, and playing it means they can then cancel it without a chance to have their cancelling....cancelled! It seems like I should make sure Espionage is not one of the ones I select for my deck, as it seems like it's a liability. I should just hope I draw 2 other 20's or a different 40 and throw it away to cancel whatever I would have used Espionage on.
  5. People have said to send a big attack at your target with distracting mini attacks from the escorting Kitsunes. Wouldn't they make their counterattack against the big one, and not care about the others? Seems like a safe bet that they won't do any damage....
  6. Don't forget the Ika's AP won't be used against the target ship's AP, either. There's no more derelicting ships with the Ika or other robots. It just uses its AP as another attack, going for DR and CR as normal. Also don't forget the Ika's Rugged Construction will take 1 AA die away from the attack on it. And won't the anti-boarding AA need 5's and red 6 to hit?
  7. How is this designed to be used? Is it actually used in the FSA game? It seems too big to be practical. I could almost see it being used in 25mm scale, but then it seems like an awful lot of trouble for basically a transport.
  8. Sadly you have to take the testubo. Also I would recommend the Raijin, as it's your only source of a node generator in the air. Downside too is that you're mainly dealing with rockets. The testubo fires rockets, the DFA-170 fires rockets, the inari's guns are lackluster and also fires lots of rockets. Are you wanting JUST air, or air core and other units as well?
  9. That still means that if I fire three DFA-170's against 3 french cruisers, firing one salvo of 7 at each one, they can choose any of the following options: Cruiser A defends itself, linking with B and C. B and C are on their own with no dice to defend with. Cruiser A defends itself with B OR C linking, and the odd one out defends itself. Nobody links, each one fire its own AA to defend itself. Is that right?
  10. I would ask why not use torp bombers and go after the ships that come further forward? Medium ships generally can't go with a CAP, and it's not hard to position yourself so that only one ship from the squadron is in AA range. They need some pretty lucky dice to kill a SAW token when only one medium-sized ship is firing, and whereas you're looking at maybe a single crit on a big battleship-like target, that often equates to two crits on a medium - basically take it out of the fight entirely. It will also have less CC to defend itself with. In addition, since mediums are faster and have weaker guns, thus requiring them to get in close, you're more easily able to replace and re-task them due to less distance to travel. If you could be making an attack run turn 2, you can be retasking at the start of turn 4 and ready to make a second attack run. I don't really see the logic behind the "a squadron of SAW makes a battleship-sized attack, so I'll just take a battleship", since the only time your battleship is really making THAT big of an attack is when they get in close, which is also turn 3 or 4 or later if your opponent is actively avoiding them. So either way, if your complaint is you only get to do it once, you're only really getting a good solid round of BB shooting once too. Plus carriers are a bit cheaper than battleships, so if you're getting battleship damage for less than battleship cost, it seems worth it to me.
  11. Since the bomber isn't capital, has anyone had good experiences using them to hunt small ships that aren't elusive? In 1.1, before they fixed the wording, they hit a sweet spot as a medium, non-capital model that could hit both elusive and small targets alike without any penalty. I liked using them because you could have each one target a different small, and their very meager AA had to each fend for themselves. 7 dice isn't a huge amount for rockets, but it was often enough to get a 6 and a couple other hits, or the occasional two 6's, and I found they crit fairly often overall. I liked this because I found many battles ended up with small vs small action, which was very bloody and I usually came out on top of (go Uwatsus CR 6 and lots of guns), but diminished, and unable to use my Uwatsus to really terrorize larger ships the way I wanted. Does anyone use the DFA-170?
  12. My only problem with the arashi has been my friends rolling too damn many 6's on their defenses. I'm glad shields became a heavy d6 rather than an exploding d6 for anti-rocket. I miss them only working on a 5 or 6, though. It seems folks like the Kaiju, and I think I agree. It's the node projector that I think seals the deal for me, as I don't like the Raijin very much and want to take my Honshus as Mk IIs when I take them. Seems like with the advice from this board, I'm looking at good news in that the dreadnought, the pride and joy of my fleet, is usable this edition. I'm looking at dread, tenkei, kaiju and an ika as standard in my lists, which means I'm quite large-heavy. Three squadrons of Uwatsus, a squadron of tanukis and something else medium and it seems like I'm solid!
  13. Aside from the obligatory small in an Air-core fleet, is there really any use to the Tetsubo? They're no longer the boarding threat they were, they can't fly stratospheric....anything really good about them? Even with air hunter, if they're trying to stay obscured that means they're just hitting on 4+ with not all that many dice, unless they catch an air unit that's flying below obscured height.
  14. I love the chimera lasguns for pumps.
  15. Can you really afford to go without a carrier, in 2.0? Talking about your proposed changes, I mean.
  16. Are the rules for Armored Clash still valid? Or should we use the new Dystopian Wars rules for land battles?
  17. Yeah I don't own a Mizuchi, and while the model looks neat (and I like to own at least 1 of every model in my chosen faction), I don't need triplicates of everything else that comes in the box it's sold with. The Ika got me into the game, but now I wonder about it. I feel like it's going to take damage a lot more quickly. Also, while it's now able to fight, fight, and fight again without a lot of reduction in damage potential (I always hated boarding some escort and having them get lucky with a few exploding 6's, completely nerfing my ika) and go hunting for mediums, it seems like it really struggles against the large targets we used to love using it against so much. It's neat that it gets to shoot its guns now, and also neat that they are secondary weapons to fire at full effect, but using AA against it for counterattack when it boards hurts, too. I consider the Ika somewhat of a specialist, and was thinking along the lines of the gun-platform ships. Seems like the Sokotsu wins for all but the larger games where the Hachiman can come out and play. Thanks guys!
  18. I used to love the dread, but never took it due to it well.... being terrible. Then they made the new one, which was so much better, and I brought it along all the time. Now I can't decide what's better. I will have a tenkei in my fleet, and a squadron of Tanuki's with an Arashi. I will have two squads of Uwatsus. I can't decide whether I'm better off taking a dreadnought, or perhaps a battleship with an Arashi - or a heavy battleship with an arashi? I've only used the heavy battleship in a single demo game, and it performed well, but I have my sokotsu sitting around as well. Since they can take escorts and the Arashi as an attachment, is that a better option than taking the Hachiman? Better than the hachiman with escorts?
  19. A spy from the EotBS forum here - does this mean people use AA against the Ika now, instead of CC like before? It doesn't send over boarders, it's just coming at you.
  20. USA Location : -TX, Dallas/Plano: Groups at Madness Games and Comics (usually Sunday) and Texas Toy Soldier (email arrangement) – Thesock, Spellbound and 8 others – 2 EotBS and a ton of CoA I think this should be edited to "email arrangement" for both. The regular group at Madness is now irregular, but there are at least a dozen people in the area that have fleets.
  21. Hey guys! My name is Brian and I live in Dallas. I'm always looking for DW players. We had a group of about half a dozen at Texas Toy Soldier for a while before they petered off, and then another group of about 6-8 at Madness for a while before people got into warmachine and someone started cleaning our clocks with Ottomans With the new rules release I'm really hoping we can get it up and running again. Easy to build, easy to paint ships means people can get good-looking fleets going fairly quickly. Plus, while TTS offers discounts on DW stuff, Madness's selection is huge, and I would like to help them see some return investment on it. I have 3 weeks left of summer vacation, after which I'll be relegated to evenings and weekends for gaming. Send me a PM for my contact info!
  22. Sure you could. Take a russian shield tower. They aren't just land models (you could have it sitting out in the water as an island outpost or building).
  23. I myself was kind of thinking "why not just keep them behind other vessels...."
  24. I don't think it says anything about it. The glacier generator says its glaciers disappear, but nothing is mentioned about the clouds or storms, so there's not necessarily anything to suggest the effect would end. Our reasoning was that the glacier, otherwise, is a permanent effect until someone crashes into it. The cloud effect, and the storm, both go away at the start of the turn.
  25. I took a raijin against CoA and did very well. Against my recent Ottoman opponent, though, I'm not sure what they'll be able to do for me. If he uses his cloud generator, he'll already be clouded up even if I shut down the generator, so unless I activate the Raijin first and shut him down, which seems very conditional, then I'm not going to be doing too well. And two of them? Hmm. Dunno about that. The arashis, though, I like.
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