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  1. Sad i couldn't make it to the event. Gonna try extra hard next year though! Look forward to seeing pictures on ur FB page slayer gaming!
  2. Just to echo the above as well really. Patrol fleets are a great start ! Whatever you decide on picking up first. Ralthzoa have a steeper learning curve and a bit more tactics to them than others to start.. but dont let it put you off. There are some great tactic discussions on the forums to help. I find games 800 - 1200 play pretty well. They make games large enough that you can recover from a few bad decisions and a bit more give and take in a game than just playing with a couple of squadrons... But not Too large to take all day. NB// EDITED - when starting out learning the rules. we started really casual and with minimum stuff. Liek one frigate unit vs another. slowly introducing more rules. Then a frigate and cruiser unit vs a frigate and cruiser unit... These were not fair/matched games... but allwoed us to start getting the hang of movement, primary and secondary weps.. then adding in cloaking, target strikes, boarding etc.. as things fell into place And LASTLY - its important to play on whatever space you have , but to try and get 25% terrain coverage. it doesn't have to be fancy. bits of cloth for clouds. few rocks for asteroids. but it makes a world of difference and variation.
  3. Personally anyone who conceeds is essentially gives the other person a massacre type victory IMHO I wouldn't see it as fair to report these games to the Warlog if they were not played out fully... And any event will make its own rules as to what it wants to do for the reason of points there i guess too (But would ahve thought it gives away a massacre as well - although should always be the TO discression)
  4. For me i don't really get the question. In all my wargaming i get my most enjoyment out of honing down an allcomers list... So my list stays the same at a certain points level - inedpendant of who im fighting. Thats part of the fun of a challenge - developing such a list that has a chance against a wide spread of different opponents and scenarios. Its never crossed my mind to taylor for a specific race (Admittedly there is only 3 of us that play here so the options are small anyway at the moment) I think "Secret" race games could be fun / fluffy ,but i wouldn't make that a core rule - Its too incovenient if nothing else. Heck i dont even follow the rules to make my list after i know the scenario which IIRC is how the rules are written.
  5. Can most definately destroy the station .... Why would it be indestructable? Rather destroy it than let it fall into the hands of the enemy!
  6. Rangebands are a property of the type of weapon. If you use a hardpoint to turn a weapon into Cyberwarfare - It becomes a cyberwarfare weapon and therefore has 10" rangebands now. I don't think there has been an official line on it because to be honest it appears very obvious. The same way the weapon doesn't retain the coherence effect of what it was BEFORE becoming cyberwarfare. Just my opinion. Spartan Alex may duck his head in to confirm.
  7. Agree with Kurgan Also to note. That whenever a squadron "activates" in gas cloud 're disordered test and debris field 're the table. This happens wether or not the squadron moves - it's just whenever they are activated for their turn. (some people get a bit confused over this)
  8. Don't see any real problem. Although submitting it to Spartans worldwide campaign might be a bit cheeky haha
  9. Good point Botticelli! I forgot that part - whoops ! So u can dogfight once on the way to Ur initial target for the bombing run . But be intercepted infinitely.
  10. Actually declaring an attack run just does 2 things 1) it allows you to move out of command range of your carrier 2) means you have to return to base in the secondary movement phase irrespective of if you actually attacked anything.
  11. Agrees this really doesn't need a clarification It's pretty clear as it's under the title "optional rule" And therefore both players would need to agree to use it or not. Same way as optional rule : victory points is.
  12. I find this question a little unclear. But as your SRS activates it may move into contact with as many enemy SRS as it likes in a row dogfighting one after the other .... If it's lucky enough to get through them all. It could then make an attack run. But it's unlikely to be particularly successful as the enemy SRS also fight against you during a dogfight. But you could get lucky and pull it all off. Page 88 and 89 quite clear on this. "once a dogfight has been resolved, the active SRS token may continue its activation unless it has been destroyed or forced to return to base."
  13. Obviously interceptors do the same thing but with a 6 inch range. So at the point it crosses into 6 inches u have to choose wether or not you will intercept. Or again you will miss your chance No being cheeky and wanting to wait and see what Ur free PD will do before u risk your interceptors if they had to fly past them first !
  14. I believe the rulebook is quite clear at which point PD fires against SRS tokens. Page 88 Goes through it. When a SRS token moves to within 4 inches of a model then that model MAY launch a PD attack against it. That's the trigger. So you don't have to.. BUT that's your time to launch the PD attack during the tokens movement. So if you choose not to as it comes within 4 inches - you miss your chance.
  15. Thats good to know Stoobert - Thanks for the feedback ! Hope you had a great time too!
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