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  1. Thanks for the compliments! I picked up some sheets of thin plywood at a craft store to base the buildings. In the game, buildings work best when they are in a set area. I then used pumice to create the road and basic flocking material.
  2. I would expect something similar to this: http://www.spartangames.co.uk/dystopian-wars-fleet-guide-pdfs The Russian fleet guide contained several updates. This should get everything nicely consolidated for the Prussians. I know the update was hinted at, but I don't know that there is a timeframe just yet.
  3. I've used mine as towers in the past, but now I mostly use them as objective markers.
  4. I painted the Fausts (the little robots) a darker scheme to match the paint on the Dystopian Legions version. I'm not sure why I made that choice, I just wanted to try something different for them. I figured that the red and brass colors would still tie them to the rest of the army. The bombers have the dark grey wings to match a typical Air Force pattern. They have the same light grey as the rest of the army on the underside of their wings. Thanks for the feedback!
  5. That's a great set of questions. I've been wondering if the rules included in Operation Sirocco will be updated from the .pdf on the site. Have you e-mailed these questions to Spartan as well?
  6. After getting in a few games of Armoured Clash and having my wife out of town I was able to get a good chunk of my Prussians painted up. Comments?
  7. I'm just getting started and have played 4 games so far with my Prussians. So far I can say that basic Armoured units are very consistently good. Artillery is nice, but too much will swallow up all of you CP. I'm still getting the hang of infantry. I think they can be good, but I don't feel I've used them correctly yet. Aircraft are fun, but not as strong as ground units. Strafe is an important ability for aircraft.
  8. I enjoy the speed of play with Armoured Clash. In AC you don't track TFT fuel or infantry fatigue and combining fire is much faster. The cards are also specific to the armies, which makes them more useful.
  9. 2 Reivers + 1 Hussar + 1 Konigsburg + 1 Donnerfaust = 415 Points!! 5 Ships 23 HP 22? AP? (Not sure on the Donnerfaust) 2 Tesla Generators Combined Firepower Speerschluder - 13/11/10 Primary - 30/22/12/4 Broadsides - 15/9/5 Tesla Broadsides - 15/10/3 Link the Speerschluders in with the Tesla broadsides for maximum fun. It would make for a fairly speedy mob of death. Of course the low DR/CR makes it a very squishy mob of death too. Will I play it? Heck ya! At least once.
  10. Could I, in theory, field a Reinforced Squadron of 2 Reivers and one Hussar, with both an attached Konigsburg and a Donnerfaust? Would I want to?
  11. Music to my ears! I hope that the stats are as imposing as the model!
  12. Great suggestions. I really prefer that the Hussars main guns stay Primary. It makes it better able to combine fire in a reinforced squadron.
  13. Has anyone created a reference sheet for game rules for Armoured Clash yet? Or possibly a cheat sheet with unit stats on it?
  14. Are there any planned events at GenCon for Dystopian Wars/Legions? I clicked through he GenCon pages and didn't see anything. I'd love to get in a demo game of Legions or possibly play some Armoured Clash. It sounds like the new faction boxes will be released there, but what about events?
  15. Please be careful with my forum handle. It turns obscene when you miss the 'm'. That being said, I'm basing my opinion on playing with the current ships. I've found the Teslas on the Konig far easier to use and far more effective than the original ships having multiple arcs. The case where I could have fired multiple shots have been few. Especially when you consider that the fixed channels made lining up multiple shots extremely difficult. A single 180 degree arc is easier to use and more often effective. Based on play experience.
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