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  1. "Belyĭ Flot Bitva Brigady 12"Morskoy Vladyki" is better be corrected to the "Belyĭ Flot, 12 Boevaya Brigada" (or insted of Brigada you can use Gruppa (group) because it is more fitting for naval group from my point of view, while brigada is for ground based army). Bitva is used for single battle (Battle of Borodino - Borodinskaya Bitva) Well here are my comments about names. Ded Moroz as support carrier name is a nice choice from my point of view, with some humor in it (becasue of it's ice generator it is really fitting), but it's somewhat differ from the oter "big ships" naming concepts. Ships of the First Line are really good, nothing to say else about their names. Ships of the Second Line have common concept, and about including Avvakum you have already said earlier. Overall it is really good list. “Moroz Drakonov”is actually translated "Frost of the Dragons", for "Frost Dragons" it wil be "Moroznye Drakony" or "Ledyanye Drakony" for the "Ice Dragons".(anyway, "Moroz Drakonov" sound good, it's just have different meanenig as I mentioned above) Belaya Armiya 12th Udarnoi Armii better be "Belaya Armiya, 12 Udarnaya Armiya", because "Udarnoi Armii" has to be connected with other word somehow ("part of the Shock Army" - chast' Udarnoi Armii, while "Shock Army" - Udarnaya Armiya) "Alyaska Gvardii’ - guardians of Alaska? If so, it will be "Gvardeyzy Alaski" for the collective of men and "Gvardiya Alyaski" for regiment. Also you may consider "Strazhi Alaski" (but this is will be more like "Alaska Wardens"). ‘Stahli Dozhd’ - can't get "stahli" part. Steel rain? If so, "Stalnoy Dozhd" . This is it for my "inside" point of view, with best wishes, Grimenart
  2. I've never seen any land model except the metzger, so I did not know, thanks for explanation. But anyway it have strange wheels and from my point of view they look fitting for digging)
  3. Land dread looks great, but I can't get how this thing moves. It have some sort of the wheels, but they are on the flat surface (according to this image) (yeah I know it's can be base), and the front armor with symbol is so low, that it will definitly "ram" the ground. So I'm not sure if they work like wheels or the whole thing is work some other way. On this image there is many dirt around the wheels. Maybe land dread is the digging unit we were told about? Any ideas?
  4. Whoa. Ships look great. Especially carrier. And land units. Not so sure about the flyers though.
  5. Great conversion. Especially I like the third one.
  6. I knew that MythicKhan as head of "Reveal the Russians" won't stop on first preview I think too much preview will spoil the interest a bit, but one, let's say medium flyer will be nice to see.
  7. Reach, good story, like it. Seems fitting, and I also hope for cathedral-like units Mekat, so basic scratch build? I think they wealth is not that bad during DW timeline. They will not use "junk" units, won't they?
  8. Thanks for the feedback! It's nothing, I've been curios too how this will look So far we've seen preview of land unit and 2 naval. Any ideas how air units will look like?
  9. Thanks! Though I most likely will go after black-yellow-white flag for myself Oh, and up to the paint discussion here I have some doubts for my fleet. I consider two main paint options - black with gold and white, or white with red. I think I will made up my mind when models will be released and it will be possible to see them "in person".
  10. Sorry for the delay, as I promised here comes the cleaner edition of jack and bear-only version. Same as previos - non-commercial use only, all credits for the Russian Flag from DW goes for Spartan Games and for the jack to Russian Navy.
  11. Oh. Seems I knowed this one, just was confused by the fact that wreath is not on top of someone's head (so most of the time laurel wreath imagened by me from different angle). Heraldry is really weak spot of mine, so thanks for cleaning this up for me! Off topic mode off, will try to make clean version during the weekend, or if I can even on friday.
  12. Considering scale this will do, though it is really crude, it has some wrong-coloured pixels on the edges of hmm don't know how all this leaves around the white round where bear is called (even in Russian). But thanks for the feedback I will make it clean, but not today (for myself, because I am not pleased with current one )
  13. It's a bit crude, but will give the genreal impression. If required, I wil make it cleaner and can go with only bear, without this white round, but not today, some stuff to be done which makes impossible for me to spend my whole time in the graph editor. All credits for this image goes for the Spartan Games who provided us with this bear and Russian Imperial navy for the jack, image for non-commercial use only. (just to be safe )
  14. I am afraid we are in no position to choose names for the ship classes As for the EotBS I've tried to look in the dictionary and have no success in trying to understand what class names mean (actually there was some translation, but they didn't make any sense to me in most cases) . Though there is some really nice names (personally I like Tsukuyomi which can mean moon, or the moon god of their mythology) But apart from japanese, I'm not sure If discussing possible names of ships will change actual names. However Spartan Games is great company, so if really many of they customers will agree on some naming concept (wich I find impossible cause every one has they own opinion, right?) they will consider it.
  15. Is there any restriction In using such stuff? (I mean take the Russian flag from Spartan Games site, cut out the bear and place it in some othere image. I've honestly read forum rules, but don't remember). If there is no such restrictions, it can be easiliy done with some graphic editor.
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