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  1. I think the Gubbins box was scheduled to release in March, according to this blog entry.
  2. I'll leave this tidbit, which I took from the manbattlestations.com blog regarding the May 4th Q&A, here: Uncharted Seas WC has spent a lot of time on it In a fairly advanced stage of development, some elements are still being worked Won’t see a lot for the next few months Expect more info/announcements in the Fall
  3. So I took the liberty of hijacking some notes about yesterday’s Q&A session from manbattlestations.com - Thanks for the write-up mate! also, I added some of my own thoughts below: On consolidation of factions: I hope they leave the main structure intact. So Kurak Alliance vs Zenian League, and Marauders as an oddball. As I understood from a past answer somewhere, they were looking into rolling natural allies into their main factions. I sincerely hope that EACH individual race will remain playable as a “pure” fleet at least. And the Zenian side will need to get buffed with the Saurians and the Illosians (Alex Mann posted an excellent write-up for the latter on his blog some time ago). On the plastics: Not sure what to think here. One thing is that I like my models a bit on the heavy side, and plastics feel flimsy to me. On the other hand this would eliminate the need for multiple pegs (a pet peeve of mine) and it would open up more options for different ship types. Though I hope they keep the ruleswise customizability (hardpoints and options) intact, but wont have us go all WYSIWYG with multiple different drop-on components. On the unique design opportunities: Curious here. Please include advanced, detachable, flight stands and, if possible, bases with dials for HP and CP at least. Also, please standardize base sizes with their corresponding ship classes. On the Classic models: Great move! If possible, please make sure at least patrol fleets for the core 6 are available, even if this would require a new mould, as they are great for drawing in new players. And maybe offer the special ships from the 2-player sets separately or per race as well. And, as a special request, please consider selling the half rings for my beloved OmniDyne separately, as Spartan did never fulfill my order for these. My wallet is cringing in terror already :D Thanks Warcradle for the huge effort so far!
  4. Yeah. That means shipping is cheaper for me. But it is still cheaper as opposed to me buying it for you and shipping it to you. Bottom line: Come on Warcradle. We need more resin crack <3
  5. Haha let's just say there is a reason they are sold out :) Now I just need a second patrol fleet and an additional box of smalls. Ordering went fine. The fee was quite reasonable, but the order took some more time because of the external stock thingy. The order got delivered last Saturday, and it is in great condition. God I missed receiving Armada boxes in the mail <3
  6. My wife got almost all of them correct. Then again, she isn't into games at all, barring a few board games. Conclusion: If you are a gamer, you do not have the time, nor the head space, to memorize these symbols
  7. I have to disagree on the underlined part. As far as I can gather they were talking about release dates, which of course relates to their production capacity, and that I understand. However, if I recall correctly the first thing they did was inventory all the items they received and entered them into their ERP system. Therefore, at this time they should already have a decent view of which molds are good enough to use, and which are too degraded. And that is the info I am looking for. Also, I reckon they will by now have a decent view of what existing sculpts they want to re-use (and, if required, create new molds for), and what models they are looking to re-sculpt first. Dates and time frames would be nice, but I understand these cannot be set at this time. Come on Warcradle staff, and drop us hungry starving Firestorm gamers a bone or 2 <3
  8. @Warcradle Richardor @Warcradle Stuartcould you at least shed some light on what you will (and can) re-release and what you will (or can) not? This can help people planning their fleet expansion, and it is also better for getting new players into the game by telling them what fleets/models will be re-released soon(tm) so they will not have to resort to the second-hand sources. Also, as some small sign of gratitude for saving the IP, I'd rather purchase models from you as opposed to paying (sometimes ridiculous) eBay prices! And as a follow-up, is there already anything you can say about possible redesign/re-sculpting and/or discontinuation of certain models? Many people would not like blowing a large wad of cash on models, only to see new sculpts being released a few months later. Finally, will you also be offering specific components for individual sale? Most notably the resin half-rings used on OmniDyne vessels. Thanks!
  9. Thanks a lot for the tip! I found the Xelocians I wanted there. It seems external stock adds some time (I think it was a week or something) to the order processing time, so I just went and punched in the order. Let's see how it goes... Xelocians are not the most powerful fleet (I proxied them once and got creamed by Sorylians), but their T1 ships are so awesome <3 Now I'm hoping WC will get some stuff into production soon(tm).
  10. Already asking on the FB page, but thanks for the tip I have tried Dettol, which has ruined some mini's. That stuff makes paint turn into rubber when the least amount of water gets in, and it tends to eat the minis after some time. Also, I tried rubbing alcohol, but maybe it's just my stripping skills which are lacking...
  11. WOW! I knew Spartan Games was not the most professional of companies, but this is crazy. When Spartan Games went belly-up, I sold off most of the stuff I had, and I never picked up the new Xelocians and Corsairs. These are what I'm after now as I love the sculpts, especially the Xelocians.
  12. Dear Warcradle staff, When you acquired Spartan Games' inventory, was there any stock left of the newer models? And. if so, are you planning on selling these models (or reproducing them if no stock was left) any time soon? I know you are planning to release a new edition after you are done working on DW, but if you could at least get some models out there it would be easier to get (back) into the game and introduce new people. Thanks!
  13. Firestorm Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter is live!
  14. The discussion regarding this took place on one of the Facebook pages, and not here on the forums. There is indeed nothing wrong with a bit of humor, but apparently some people have to pull everything out of context. Having a Spartan tag next to your name also comes with a target on your chest it seems Anyway, let's get back to coaxing more Pathogen intel out of @Spartan_FA_Mike, so we can plan our defenses accordingly and in a timely fashion
  15. Also, I would take the ship's race into account, as some races might have easier (or more restricted) access to certain ship types, which might affect the points value.
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