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    fracas got a reaction from GreenOakSteve in What do you wish/hope/want from the high seas?   
    Re-release the game as is
    i’d Be fine with some sort of rules for coastal fort assault ( hence only needing infantry tokens without need for cavalry , hoplites , etc)
    release a new faction for the north: ice floe that rams as frigates, longships as mediums, and large ships that can cast ice storms 
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    fracas got a reaction from Bad Idea Comics in Thoughts on ship Classes   
    Ship classes should be more on their tactical role rather than armaments 
    and be housed in the smallest hull possible for that tactical role
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    fracas reacted to Stoobert in Future FA rules   
    I hope I'm not speaking for others too much by summarizing that feedback to the 3.0beta FSA rules released on the forums last summer was not generally positive.   I didn't care for it myself, either, though there were a couple of interesting ideas. 
    No doubt there were lots of hands in development of FSA 3.0beta but Derek was the lead designer,  as he was for Halo.   Neil puts his stamp/name on everything yet wasn't involved a lot.... at least that's my understanding.   3.0beta struck me as a designer given too much latitude without enough guidance and feedback.

    There may be several reasons Derek was chosen for Dystopian by WC.  My optimistic guess is: this choice (along with Spartan_Josh ...not Linde, the other Josh) helps establish continuity.   It's helpful to have someone involved from a long time ago guide, and in turn be guided by, the new owners as rules are developed -- how this balancing act will play out is the real question.   You can read Derek's own perspective of his role in the interview, which hints at Warcradle values.  I will watch the Dystopian community reaction closely.
    I think the next question is "how much will FSA change", before we get to how.   The new 'fluff' Warcradle comes up with will probably drive both.  I am unequivocal that FSA needs to change a lot if it's going to compete in the 2019 marketplace.   Grognards can play SFB or Full Thrust.  Casuals can play SW:Armada.   FSA is a 3+ hour game that's not well suited for tournaments (been there), too complex for beer-n-pretzels, has some distinctive mechanics like DR/CR but not enough, somehow feels more like boats than starships, and lacks a compelling Intellectual Property.   Phew...that was a mouthful.   Some great looking models, yes, but where does FSA fit in? 
    I've played too many games of 2.0 and demo'ed too many times as a Vanguard to think 2.0 was 'solid'.  I respectfully disagree with those who feel 2.0 just "needs a few tweaks".   Yet I do have hope that with a compelling story and unique gameplay FSA will rise again.   I sure wish there was more I could do to help right now.  I think a player survey is a great place to start - the 14,000+ email list, as well as new player demos with an open mind, which is what I'm doing occasionally. 
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    fracas reacted to RuleBritannia in The new Armoured Clash   
    I don't know, WC has stepped back from some dodgy decisions regarding Fluff, so a concerted effort might make them roll back on what is regarded as a poor or at least odd decision on armoured clash, which would save cash, face and allow that sweet sweet land and naval synergy with enough cajoling.
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    fracas got a reaction from KiltedWolf in The fate of mobile airfields and other big things   
    I intend to continue with the 3mm models even with the new rules; using 30% or 1/3 ranges.
    stats will keep the proportion to medium tanks as reference.
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    fracas got a reaction from Youenn in Warcradle - Limited Print/manufacture runs?   
    The enemy of good is better 
    never let your ego ruin a good thing
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    fracas reacted to Bessemer in Line of Sight, and Screening Ships   
    Why not a Command Check to attack anything but the closest target? It's straight out of BFG, but it works.  -1 for each  unit "shot through"?
    You could give Escorts a boost by saying T1's with Escorts cannot be singled out, the Escorts must be wiped out first, but that might be a bit too unbalanced.
    Proposed rules changes are like ****holes at the minuet, everyone's got one!
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    fracas got a reaction from Wolfgang Jannesen in Squadron Activation   
    Shouldn’t we wait for input from WC?
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    fracas reacted to Pok in Future FA rules   
    You die, because there is no way that a human can react in time to anything happening in any remotely hard sci-fi combat scenario.
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    fracas reacted to Toxic_Rat in Future FA rules   
    Yeah, good point.  That scene was one of my favorites in the movie.  Forcing a ship to change its heading would lead to some interesting activation's.
    This is true, assuming that you were the victor.  Otherwise you'll be lucky to spend the rest of the war in a POW camp.  
    A campaign system really would be helpful here.  We've been using the following house rule for seriously damaged ships:
    Adds a bit of tension when your lead cruiser has to make a hasty exit. 
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    fracas reacted to Ruckdog in Ruckdog's Ice Maiden   
    After a week of concentrated effort (basically, all of my free time, and staying up later than was strictly advisable a couple of nights  :D), my Ice Maiden is finished:

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    fracas reacted to Doxxar in Subfaction: Kingdom of Greatbavaria   
    Hey everyone,
    allow me to briefly introduce myself: I am from Bavaria, Munich to be precise, and followed Dystopian Wars for years now, without buying anything, until a few weeks ago. With Warcradle reworking the game, i thought it is the best time to finally begin collecting. 
    About the models, i absolutely fell in love with the Prussian and Eclipse Company airships. Only Problem: Bavaria and Prussia never really liked each other, but no german kingdom really liked any other, so thats quite usual. Anyway, i came to the conclusion to paint my airships in a Bavarian style, and even wrote a story about how it came to be. I also modelled their unique legendary flagairship. 
    So i present to you:
    The Kingdom of Greatbavaria

    How they play: Due to their isolated location in south Germany, surrounded by allies and the Alps, their forces mainly consists of airships, with the few ground divisions being under Prussian control. Their airships are the standard Prussian ones, with a few additions (see below). I have no idea how to set the stats of the new airships, for i could not manage to find any players here, so i am absolutely unexperienced how effective or ineffective some things are. 
    The new airships:
    1. The Neuschwanstein: The massive flagship of the Bavarians, even larger than the Imperium-Class Skyfortress. Equipped with four heavy battleship turrets, a hangar, and an unique fore weapon, that ignores armour and shields.

    2. The Donner-Class Bombard-Airship: Idea for a long ranged airship. Using the bombard pushes the ship 1'' back because of recoil.
    3. The ?-Class Medium Airship: A medium sized Airship with two turrets and focus on broadside attacks.
    All these Airships have no Tesla-Weaponry, as the reactor energy is needed for the stabilizers, preventing the Airships to tilt resulting from the recoil (or massive castles upon them ^^).
    The .pdf file explains the history of Greatbavaria as well as its unique weapon system.
    Hope you like it^^
    Kingdom of Greatbavaria.pdf
    Edit: I added a few picture of the Neuschwanstein

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    fracas reacted to Skyhawk in Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)   
    Meet the Dauntless!

    I got a wild hair last week. It probably will be a shelf queen since I don't see me using it real often.
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    fracas reacted to Hicks in What will new PF bring us?   
    I haven't heard of any podcasts. What's the news, aesthetics only? Do they plan on making current models useless? My gaming group loves PF, but it's been hit hard enough with Armoured Clash scale change. I don't think invalidating everyone's PF collection would make them, or I happy.
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    fracas reacted to Frans in What if you didn't halve dice when linking?   
    I used to play BFG before I got into FA, and while FA is a better game in general, BFG’s principle balancing system, using blast markers versus shields, beats FA’s linked fire versus DR/CR system hands down.
    The reason why is because it achieves the same goal with less complexity, gets rid of the need to field maximized squadrons, and looks cool on the tabletop to boot.
    Oh, and not needing a maths degree in order to be able to play is always a plus in wargaming.
    So in my opinion it would be better to get rid of this whole linked fire concept altogether and go for something better.
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    fracas reacted to Overread in The fate of mobile airfields and other big things   
    Thing is that's either going to mean every faction has access to tiny robotics or players are going to have to start scrubbing aircraft off the flight decks of their airstrips to replace them with new decorative models. It's a neat idea, but I wonder at the logistics and viability of an upgrade kit - I also worry that it is invalidating original models and meaning that gamers have to cannibalise the models in order to make them work in the new game. 
    I'm certainly not opposed to rocket troopers and all those fancy themes, those are great ideas. It's just that I can see this plan backfiring with the existing fanbase. It's one thing to merge factions and change some visual designs of the models; one is purely practical and the other is something we'd seen happening even with Spartan Games (models evolving and designs changing along the same asthetic designs is something most gamers consider normal). But the scale change is seeming to not just change the scale ,but the design and indeed you could even say the appeal of the game. 
    I'm not saying that the concept is bad, just that the joint effort to  try and deliver this idea whilst keeping old models valid is going to result in very strange design appearances on the table. 
    The more I think of it the more I'd say it might be better to actually totally abandon the original models and to let the new scale change be design free to make itself its own game. That allows it to shed the shackles of former models that, really, won't fit well into the game design. It also leaves the gates sort of open for, if in the future, returning to the original scale as an add-on to the sea game if/when Dystopian proves super popular; or just leaving that area as a dead game. 
    I'd rather think that a dead game might be better than one which takes very odd design choices (and thus risks the chance of not cornering a proper identity and appeal of its own); and which might have not just a cool, but a very cold reception by existing fans of the franchise. 
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    fracas got a reaction from RuleBritannia in The new Armoured Clash   
    I wish you would keep the current scale
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    fracas reacted to Warcradle Stuart in Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition   
    No, they are removed from the table once their action (defence, bombing run or whatever) is resolved (the game assumes that they return to their parent carrier once they have conducted their mission for the turn ).  Each turn a carrier can despatch squadrons on a variety of missions (the larger the carrier, the wider range of missions available).  
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    fracas got a reaction from Warcradle Stuart in Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition   
    I see local air support viable only for the Land game and defenders in specific scenario 
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    fracas reacted to Warcradle Stuart in Carriers and TFTs in 3rd Edition   
    No local air support (though possibly a narrative scenario could supply it as part of a campaign).  
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    fracas reacted to Wolfgang Jannesen in Firestorm Painting Group   
    I'd like to present the recolor of my fleet, all laid out on my table in their space police splendor 

    Carrier, the RNV Augur

    Battleship, the RNV IronBreaker

    Dreadnought, the RNV Unyielding Justice

    Cruiser Group

    Destroyer Group

    Frigate Groups (working with what I could get model-wise)

    And finally how it looks to play these beautiful ships 

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    fracas got a reaction from Ryjak in Firestorm fluff   
    The biggest problem with too many factions is not the number of models but interfaction balance and uniqueness 
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    fracas reacted to RuleBritannia in 1.05 WWX Exodus rulebook fluff   
    I have some interesting thoughts on the Crown background and how it could definitely use polish, but that's more my nitpicking as a student of History.
    Firstly the fluff (if I am reading it correctly) is a direct descended from King Arthur's Britain.  This change would change so much history, with a Celtic Britain, particularly names, no parliament and a Romano-British culture.  Particularly vexing for WC the symbology of such a realm would be the Brythonic dragon rather the Lion plastered round the designs.  The Lion of England comes from Richard I and his Aquitaine roots.  
    There is a much easier point the alt the alt history.  Henry VIII was the first to claim an Imperial crown of England, whilst many had previously claimed overlordship of Britain as a concept from Offa onwards.  However, it was first a reality under James, and an easy way to do a different fork in British history would be the succession of James elder son Henry, rather than the unfortunate Charles I.  Henry was to all accounts a charismatic leader and more skilled militarily, whilst his religious views aligned closer to his Puritan nobles.  His success in turning Britain from backwater to military power would be a nice point of divergence, close to the original DWars point of divergence, the war of the Three Kingdoms.  This allows him to make the power of the British Crown supreme, comparable to Henry IV and Louis XIV in France, and reduce the power of Parliament, hence a more imperial state.  He could also campaign in Scotland and Ireland to confirm their obedience to England and create a truly British Kingdom.  His protestant faith would also justify a manifest destiny to begin colonial endeavours.  Otherwise we are dealing with a crumbling empire just before it even conquered much territory in the current fluff.  More personally I liked the idea of an earlier involvement in India because of a royal marriage between Henry and an exile princess, justifying both Imperial title and an earlier start date of British foreign adventures, as well as creating a more interesting mixed society and not having quite the same problems over imperialism.  
    As to the American Civil War it is awfully vague right now.  There are just general tensions between North and South because the Civil War Happened.  I would rather not involve slavery, whilst states rights plays into the idealised confederacy promoted by the alt right.  DWars classic Ore war based upon the access to resources would work, as would British promises of aid and the establishment of a more aristocratic regime to match the South's landholding.
    Anyway just ideas to think about considering the gaps in the current mixed fluff, and some more ideas might flow out of me later.  All for free WC.
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    fracas got a reaction from RuleBritannia in New Ship previews/renders/photos   
    Looks like a big speed boat with guns
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    fracas got a reaction from Ryjak in Firestorm fluff   
    But this seems more a rules/point issue more than a model issue!
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