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  1. Ok, I hope I missed something here, but after re-reading the new 2.5 Rulebook I had to ask others. Under the 'Anatomy of a Model Profile' section on Page 75, the book uses the Moskva Dreadnought Profile as an example. On it, it has listed the option for an 'Ice (Range 16", 3) Generator'. Obviously expected this to be a renamed version of our old Glacier Generators right? BUT!... under 'Generators' on Page 66, the Ice Generator is shown to only have a (Range") value, no ice Points value. Also, we no longer have the ability to create Icebergs due to this loss, as the description only mentions the ability to target a model within the listed Range and apply a possible Critical Effect like our old alternate attack option with the Glacier Generator! So my question is, @Spartan Mike, have we really lost the ability to create Icebergs? This is one of the Russian's defining features, as important as their love for Mortars and Ablative Armour. Is the Moskva Dreadnought profile incorrect showing ice Points that have no effect at the moment, or was the Generator description missing several lines of text and all of our precious iceberg tokens and bits still have a use?
  2. Wait, nevermind I think I understand what you mean. So I would still have to go in a straight line afterwards.
  3. But wait, do I have to Disengage? Heres the direct line: "Following a Collision or Ram, unless BOTH Models can move off without a further Collision between them, the Model or Models involved must Disengage." So if we both could move away without causing another Collision, I DONT have to disengage. Would I still have to move in a straight line? Seems odd that a huge BB would be inconvienced by a tiny frigate.
  4. So after looking through the Rulebook, I am at a loss. Perhaps the internet and you fine gentlemen (and women) can help. Last game I played, I declared a Ram with my Chinese Jian BB against a Prussian Artemis Frigate. I moved up my minimum 2", went one more inch, and hit. Obviously, my giant raft of wood and jade crushed the small frigate with no damage in return. My opponent then asked what happend now. Considering we have never had a Ram succeed in sinking the target, we checked the rules. The closest answer we could find was in Section C2, page 50. "If a model involved in a Collision or Ram suffered NO damage it is not seriously hampered by the contact, but after Disengaging, may only move in a straight line for the rest of the current activation." We followed this to the next paragraph, "Disengaging: Following a collision or Ram, unless BOTH models can move off without a further Collision between them, the Model involved must Disengage." Here's where the question comes in. According to the first paragraph, since I was involved in a Ram and suffered no damage, after disengaging i must move in a straight line. But, according to the Disengaging part, if we both could move away (He was sunk, i could move freely with no ship in front of me) Then do i still Disengage, have to move in a straight line, or am free to move freely? Id appreciate any help on the matter!
  5. I hope I am not the only one who finds some of the portions of the book laughably obscure, so I have decided to come to the masses to try and answer some nagging rule questions. In no particular order... #1 - Linking Anti-Boarding Fire: If a model is under the effects of Shredded Defenses, can other models in its squadron still link fire? Since the model being boarded MUST be the Lead Pool, but there is no Lead Pool as it cannot use AA, do you still add AD from other models in the squad within' 4"? #2 - Flamethrowers: Flamethrowers are listed as Specialized Weapons that are Tertiary. Under LoS (Pg. 55) it says that Tertiary Ordnance cannot fire over a target obscured by 1 Size difference. Is Tertiary Ordnance just Tertiary weapons in general or a more specific kind? So can Flamethrowers fire over a model 1 Size difference or only 2? #3 - SAWs: How do the majority play with SAW when it comes to Area Denial? Do you allow other ships to be placed over their base, as they are technically flying? Or can no ship ever land atop them, making them bricks of Denial Space? #4 - Diving: What weapons count as Ordnance for the purpose of halving AD for being Partially Blocked? #5 - Command Abilities: When do you declare and initiate a Command Ability such as Pass the Tools or Safe Passage? Does the Commodore squadron have to be activated in order to pass the order to a specific ship ahead of time, or does any squadron, say after ramming a sandbar within 8" of the Commodore, simply declare it is using the Ability? Thank y'all for all your help in these matters. I truly love this game, just wish the rules were a little simpler to understand.
  6. Thanks for all the help fellas! I appreciate it. Time to go cut out more Flaming Markers then...
  7. Oh, also would the BB lose a hull point for every CR amount it received? In the above example, would the BB lose 1 or 2 HP for the double critical hits? Lastly, do you ever roll on the Crit table for a Flamethrower?
  8. So I am having a hard time figuring this out, thought Id ask the group. If a Yue Squadron combined fire and got 20 hits on a Liberty BB, who has a DR7 CR10, how many tokens would it receive in total? Some say it would have 4 Flaming Tokens, and 1 Corrosive Token from the Flamethrowers and lose 1 AP from Lethal Munitions. Others say it would have only 2 Flaming Tokens and 1 Corrosive, along with the 1 AP. Do multiple DR or CR amounts stack the number of tokens? Thanks for any help on this!
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