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  1. That was very easy^^ First white Primer on the whole model, let it dry over night. Use masking tape for straight lines. Now just black prime the whole thing. Done
  2. Teh colour scheme wasn´t my idea. But thanks
  3. It´s been awhile^^ But I just finished some Dindrenzi
  4. After some time on Lord of the Rings. I went back too finish my army. Recon Helix RSN Helix
  5. I just love the look of those new ships! Great work!!! Can´t say much on those new Stats. I will see how they work in some games first.
  6. The Omnidyne got new renders? Where did you found them?
  7. Why do I see a cats GIF? Edit: okay its because of some maintance^^ Otherwise this would have been a great troll
  8. What magnets do I need? Was it 2mm or 3mm?
  9. Really cool! Now that I see those gunships... hmm I might get them as well^^ Do you have a pic for the smaller ones?
  10. Thanks Just my normal small cam. Nikon AW100
  11. My Hyperion Leviathan Since size matters^^
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