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  1. Any day now I'm waiting for my Corsair gunships, too.
  2. I'd recommend cruisers with the carrier over gunships. Cost less and can drop a very nasty mine
  3. Had mine sorted out Saturday running as the administrator, and there was much rejoicing Thanks again, this gets better all the time!
  4. Got a new computer and the program will not open Problems with windows 10 compatibility? Very excited for the new updates!
  5. I've pulled it off with my current list Deterrent w/ Frigate escorts Annihilation gunships Enforcer frigate squadron Impact light frigate squadron and icing on my cake - Executive battleship fully loaded
  6. Mike, I found another flaw. Yesterdays list was Directorate with Omnidyne allies and it gave me the error for having too many points of Omnidyne. I ignored it as I know that I'm allowed 50% Omnidyne accompaniments in a Directorate fleet. Minor flaw. Thanks, Brian
  7. That's probably half my problem, I'm still running Vista
  8. Directorate also naturally ally with Omnidyne, which I'm more fond of than Works Raptor. OSO is more shooty than WR and their T1s can pull the nasty trick of having both regular torpedoes and ARTs which can really ruin someones day. The gunships are nasty in numbers, which they can do with Directorate. I haven't gotten my hands on the new cruisers yet but they look okay. The corvettes are some of the best! Cheap, high numbers, elusive and pack hunters! Only downside is torpedoes or ARTs are your only weapon choices. Like the Impact, they draw a lot more fire than they warrant Works is great for boarding IMO other than the torpedo cruiser, which gets shut down usually by PD/interceptors. Difficult target and stealth across the board. Go straight for the throat and rip it out. But WR and OSO can't run in the same fleets without using planetfall Directorate is just plain nasty as everyone else has said. Their options are impressive and they are unmatched in cyber. I don't think cyber is a game breaker but it has its place. Drop a few hazards on a T1 then close in with heavy cruisers to board We even have gravity weapons now If I were to change one thing it would be the cloak on the battlestation, hate loosing half my guns to make it harder for someone to hit me So, welcome to the corporate baddie faction You'll be glad you did.
  9. Darn, almost good. I've updated my inventory and that holds but every list I create and save is cleared next time I open the program. The other problem I found yesterday is with my marauder fleets. They appear in my inventory but when I open fleet editor they are not there to create a fleet with. This is still my favorite builder program
  10. I've finally got this working correctly for me
  11. Echo everything said above, though I rarely get to field my Hawker Fleet. The Terran main force is a good choice and the Terran/Syndicate mix is quite nasty though I've only gotten to use it once. My Hawker mix originally was with Terquai torpedo cruisers, which was good but now I wonder on the other mixes (Ryushi and Veydreth) but haven't been able to experiment. Good luck and welcome to the war
  12. That's the direction I settled on, just waiting now... Next month I'll probably do the escort carriers.
  13. Thought the escort carrier is based on the light cruiser hull. I am planning to magnetize them when I get them even though I'm not really a fan of the light cruiser.
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