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  1. Starting up some WWX with a small group of guys to reinvigorate us back unto the Dystopian Age (Been DW players for years). One thing that pop up is the Theme bonuses for some bosses, mainly Grant's. Apologies if this has been answered in a another part of the forum already, but in Grant's Theme Posse bonus (or any 'free' type bonus for that matter), is the Charge Sergeant added to the Posse regardless if all 6 slots are filled for him (basically the free unit exists outside the normal unit selection)? Or is this meant to discount the cost of the Charge Sergeant itself, and the Charge Sergenat needs to be in one of the slots already for the discount to kick in?
  2. Oh man! Expectations! Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Been preoccupied with Other painting and gaming commitments hahaha. Will update as soon as I can. Again, I apologize that this post doesn't have something new and shiny in it...... or does it... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . dun dun DUUUUUUUUUN! Also got myself another Core Helix to round out my core slot. But priority goes to the Heavy Helix unfortunately, so no Levi action anytime soon. Also, I've been out of Planetfall for a while now...we got ourselves a ton of new Helixes....my wallet cries
  3. The Naval units are tons fun, highly maneuverable skimmers with shields as standard is pretty sweet! Their gunnery falls off quick at RB3, so RB 1-2 is your sweet spot for ship murder. Plus with their speed you could literally escort any opposing ship side-by-side and keep firing at it (Close Quarters Gunnery is the bomb!). Do remember that even if they have shields, treat them as glass cannons. Dedicated fire on one of your ships WILL bring it down (though this is true for most things), so use the terrain to block off firing lanes, and hop on and off them when you need to bear fire. Fliers are great. PLC fliers are reliable. They'll catch fire like dry grass, but that's fire off your other force. Obscure them as much as you can. Most if not all have Evasive Maneuvers +1, so drop down, shoot, ascend, repeat. Take advantage of this fact, because balloons! Heavy flamethrowers are your friend. They never lose gas, can combine fire, can re-roll (with our Doctrine) and ruins ship AP hard for fun boarding shenanigans. Also, if your bearing it down ships with low to zero AP counts, this can potentially sink any ship in the game, because fire. (I believe even Isolated Systems can't stop us, since it's not technically a critical roll, nor a critical effect, and is built in to the weapon?...Can anyone clarify this?). Also don't forget that they're Terrifying. Forcing disorders is potential D3 more damage to the ship. Regardless if they choose AP to kill off the disorder, the fire they have will potentially kill off the rest and hopefully creep into it's HP. Plus Incendiary munitions is a very reliable MAR, each flaming marker is a potential HP/AP loss, and that's just by matching a ships DR. Very good. For purchases though, do get both boxes as each benefits from one of your commodore abilities more than the other. Independent Initiative for your Naval (as most firepower that would cause stuff to get disordered will be directed at your more fragile ships, than obscured fliers with shields), while Fuel Tank-whatever that makes you re-roll Flamethrower dice will only ever benefit your fliers, SINCE THE ZAMIEC AND GRYF ARE THE ONLY ONES THAT HAVE ACCESS TO FLAMETHROWERS (I think their landship has it too, but who cares about that) Also get another Dazbog (because its a really reliable ship), and another squad of Bagienniks (cause you don't wanna be in a situation with 1 squad of smalls, and your opponent happens to have "Thin their Ranks" as their order). So getting another Naval box, wouldn't be a bad call.
  4. You're welcome! So an 850 game is coming up with my slow-grow league, so I need to prep 4 Aerial models for the Polish (As part of the newly added allowable options for the Scenario) have the following on my table currently, and will post progress pics when I get the chance: 1x Zamiec Sky Fortress 3x Gryf Flame Airships Dropping the Triglav for the next game though, as I don't understand why the hell that things doesn't have a shield gen. The Triglav has too many detrimental things on it to be a viable piece on the board for Polish. Slow, Fuel Reserves, Lack of ANY defensive generator or armour MAR (Flame Retardant is soooooo situational...we only have 1 french and japanese player ). Lack of CQG MAR, and it has a 50 Strat. Value? I'm honestly stumped :/
  5. Its a plastic cup system developed by (...is it ok to name a different minis company here?) Hawk Wargames. Its their flight widgets. Pop it in the connection holes with some CA glue/some green stuff and BAM, stress-free transportation of skimming/flying models. Might need to sand down the tip of the flight peg a bit, as it is incredibly snug even if you do that.
  6. So I'm not dead hahahaha, been busy with life and painting things other than DW...or anything Spartan for that matter (Starts with an "M" and ends with an "alifaux") Anyways, I did some progress for my PLC and I've painted 600 pts worth of it. Enjoy!
  7. The Dystopian Wars Cadet's League is a league hosted at Imaginary Wars that focuses on teaching new players the intricacies of this exciting game in a friendly atmosphere. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis (Thursdays), we design events and scenarios for each meeting designed to go over a specific set of rules in the game system along with a narrative. New and old players are welcome! For any questions, contact either @ckpmax1108 or @Clockwerks77 Event held on the following Venue: Imaginary Wars 10233 Elbow Dr SW #150 Calgary, AB, Canada T2W 1E8 (587) 351-1939
  8. The Dystopian Wars Cadet's League is a league hosted at Imaginary Wars that focuses on teaching new players the intricacies of this exciting game in a friendly atmosphere. Meeting on a bi-weekly basis (Thursdays), we design events and scenarios for each meeting designed to go over a specific set of rules in the game system along with a narrative. New and old players are welcome! For any questions, contact either @ckpmax1108 or @Clockwerks77 Event held on the following Venue: Imaginary Wars 10233 Elbow Dr SW #150 Calgary, AB, Canada T2W 1E8 (587) 351-1939 Some words from Clockwerks77 regarding this event: Alright! Here we go with the first event! This is a new league that I'm starting with the idea of SLOWLY introducing new players to the game of Dystopian Wars. It's also meant to be a friendly bi-weekly schedule so that people can get their fleets painted up in a realistic timeline. You are all free to join! The first couple are going to be group battles, getting down basic concepts of the game and such. We're going to be progressing SLOWLY so that people have a chance to get their fleets painted up in, you know, a realistic, grown up timeline. July 9th. 6pm start sharp! The Probe "Nearly all the Nations with naval might have sent reconnaissance forces to investigate an usual radio signal just off of the coast of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. Sturginium detectors read signatures that are off the charts!" Bring the following: 1 Medium Naval Squadron Choice, no combat attachments. No Carrier capable or SAS deploying options. 1 Small Naval Squadron Choice. No Free SAS Don't worry about points, we'll get into MFV later. We will be covering the basics of naval movement, Ordinance Fire, AA, CC, Ramming and Boarding concepts.
  9. The Krichevs were awesome...Battleships in the freaking sky! The fore guns left more to be desired, but man those bomb bays kicked butt. The Chanys were...ok. Kinda a bad idea when I fielded them against Italians..."oh yeah...torpedoes <facepalm>"...more testing needed. So I have another game incoming (Thursday, July 2), and its gonna be my first ever Armoured game. Gotta be honest, i have no idea how RC armour works, but if its similar to Naval, "Point-Shoot-Kill" then i would probably come out fine. But any tip/tricks you guys can share, it would be much appreciated. List as below: Fleet: ## | CORE - (72%) ---------------------------------- MASSIVE/LARGE 1x Kursk (Land Dreadnought) - Arm. Massive - 200 - 1/1 [Commodore's Flagship] 1x Vorkuta (Land Transport Driller) - Arm. Large - 140 - 1/1 MEDIUM 3x Volochok (Medium Bombard) - Arm. Medium - 180 - 2/3 3x Minsk (Tank Destroyer) - Arm. Medium - 180 - 2/3 3x Kamchatka (Medium Tank) - Arm. Medium - 120 - 2/3 SMALL 4x Poltava (Light Tank) - Arm. Small - 140 - 2/4 5x Tikhvin (Small Tank) - Arm. Small - 125 - 2/5 3x Infantry Company (Assault Infantry) - Inf. Tiny - 0 - 1/3 ## | NON-CORE - (28%) ---------------------------------- MASSIVE/LARGE 1x Tunguska (Large Skyship) - Aer. Large - 160 - 1/1 Tunguska | Squadron Support (RC: SAW Fighters, 5) - Aer. Massive - 15 MEDIUM 1x Krichev (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 120 - 1/1 1x Krichev (Heavy Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 120 - 1/1 SAS 3x Fighters (Kursk) 5x Fighters (Tunguska) 5x Fighters (Local) 5x Fighters (Local)
  10. Yes, I will be gambling with my opponent on my small choices. he has a 33% chance to either pull the order or pull the commodore's discretion it, so I'll need to play to take this into account. I'm forcing order Saturation on him, as if he goes, Medium/Large/Commodore/70%, he's gonna go guns blazing and kill me to a man, which would mean a good deal of his own force is dead/prized. If he does go for the small, I'll just run them around and bully some smalls or just hide them in icebergs. (Mag explosions will quickly ruin my plans...yes...yes it would) The only change to my smalls is that I don't field the Kazimovs or the Rostovs (so my smalls, aren't really that many anyways)....which reminds me....kinda want to field the Nikels at some point. The Tunguska and Saransks are exceptional H&A's for any RC list, but I wanted to try the Krichevs, as they are a new purchase for me. Hardy little buggers, but I have enough fighters on the board to support them. Just have to run them around carefully. I typically go Khatang/Dudinka on my lists, but fielding the dread and the Kostroma at least once is the goal of this game other than testing the new guys. I like going Medium heavy actually, diversifies my frontline and midfields with tough support and gunships.
  11. This is something clockwerks77 and myself wanted to clarity. So by default bombs never combine? Noted then.
  12. Game was last month (May), but it was still an awesome time to be had. @aetius was there, so he could vouch for this. 3000 pts per side (1000 pts per player) Big game. Imperial Bond...and friend RoF CoA LoIS vs Grand Coalition (Big 3) KoB FSA RC Scenario points system was used, so even a points difference can spell victory or defeat. Victory to the Bond....sneaking 1 point in before we had to end it.
  13. Hello folks! Been a while since I posted...well anything in the forums. Been tied up with projects and deadlines, and family commitments. Anyways, finally got around to schedule a game tomorrow to get me back on the swing of things. Decided on 1500, cause we wanna go big...also imposed a rule on myself to never take the same units 2 games in a row, barring only 1-2 squads. so with that: 1500 pts. Large/Massive: Moskva Dreadnought - Target Jammer Gen Upgrade Kostroma Fleet carrier - Glacier Gen Upgrade Medium: Azov Battlecruiser Azov Battlecruiser 3x Suvorov Cruiser - Crew Upgrade 3x Chany Assault Subs 2x Krichev Heavy Bombers Small: 4x Novgorod Frigates 4x Novgorod Frigates SAS 5x Fighters LAS 5x Fighters LAS 5x Dive Bombers (Kostroma) 4x Dive Bombers (Kostroma) 3x Fighters SS (Krichev) 3x Fighters SS (Krichev) Some logic in my choices: Dreadnought is in cause I always want to field this baby. Kostroma to bring down more SAS for activation delay, and also as a field escort for my smalls. Broadsides anything that may flank, tossing 11 - 13 AD at anything that comes close. 2x Azovs, cause each is basically the same as a 1 Large in fire power. Fairly squishy as RC goes, but still a solid fire base, and still dangerousin its own right. 3x Suvorovs cause the last time I fielded these is a year or so ago. Crew upgrade as 15 pts point filler. I expect these to fall under heavy fire, but I'll be fielding them as a Vanguard to bully (read ram) smalls and duel mediums, will force movement denial if i deem them doomed. Chanys cause they're new, and their Pack Tactics +2 sounds nasty as heck. Krichev cause they're new, and 8 dice on 3 bomb bays (24 Concussive AD) sounds more nasty as heck than the one above. Will be less maneuverable though, so I need to keep their deployment in mind, as they'll be less likely to react quickly if trouble arises on another side of the board. Novgorods are good, dont leave home without them. Will be my max 2 squads that i will always bring as per my personal rule. 25 SAS total is awesome, No need for Recce, as I have 8 models with spotter anyways, plus mortars are non-existent in my list. Going medium heavy as most of our more interesting toys are in the medium slot, plus I'm juuuuust under the 60% max for mediums hehehe (55%) So with that, does anyone have any experience with the new Heavy bomber and assault subs? Any tips?
  14. Me (RC) vs non-meber Tyler (EotBS) Draw Helping him out with rules clarifications and such. Pretty tight game really, with fires and ice bergs littering the landscape in a weird oxymoron. I got his Commodore and a squad of smalls. Deployed half of his force too far to the edge, so I wasn't able to meet my 70% order. Double Azov is pure evil
  15. RC (me) vs KoB (non-member) 1000 CV for RC Many back and forth moments, boarding shenanigans, and crazy maneuvers. Was able to meet my "All Mediums & 50%" order, with TAC cards rocketing me to a dominating lead. First time fielding the Rostovs, and boy do I love them!
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