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  1. He is referring to the 2 Core Helix as in 2 actual maxed-out Core Helicies (aka 4 boxes)
  2. Let's hope for one in a future alternate Heavy Helix In the language of the Ordos there is no word for the concept of trust or honor, but there are more than 300 word for the concept of profit.
  3. Players: Crusader vs ZKRobi Points Value: 5000 Factions & allies: Terran Alliance vs Directorate+Works Raptors Starting Zero Hour: 50 Zero Hour score: 27 / -9 (Zeninan victory) Turn count: 3
  4. Plus Sorry is Fearless and Sectored armoured. At least they are not Zenian !
  5. Well.... good for them .
  6. What is the difference between the March 24 version and the previous one (linked by gr1mdan)? Oh and I know that cross faction comparing are bad and what not, but the Sorilyan Assault Walker is significantly better in every way to the Terran one for the exact same points . Grim could you please say a few words about it, what is that I'm not seeing? Edit: Okay, sorry I was vague before. So there is a new ORBAT but it is exactly the same as the previous one or so it seems. What has changed between the two in the past 2 days?
  7. 10 pt for 2 DR and Assault vehicle-ing after Flat out wouldn't be a bad trade if the Hirdmens were a little bit better. But at least you can bring Infantry without the Sinir tax. That is something.... I think.
  8. Vidar stayed the same with +1EF/+1LR dice, Freya got +AD +DR and got cheaper, ULLRs got cheaper with increased DR, Arial interceptor thingy got +2LR and got cheaper. Edit: On the other hand Tyr, the Ground helix and some other things got nerfed mildly. Overall not that bad IMO.
  9. You are right, I should have wrote "it looks like meh" instead. We'll see in future bat-reps how these tin cans fare on the battle field . Yes I suppose it was a 'must' to make the Assault helix a Walker one too, but it's frustrating that the majority of the Helix releases are either Walkers (we keep the Sorilyans around for a reason ) or airplanes (there is the whole FSA for flying around) with only the odd Field Command and Heavy helix to bring some tankyness back to the Terrans . But as I said in my earlier post it's only subjective thing, I jsut wanted to give voice to my concerns about the visuals.
  10. The whole Assault Helix is meh. Terran's greatest weakness is Long Range firepower and we get a basically CQB only unit. Okay it is fast with option to CQB after Flat Out, but that is still only 13"+4", at that point the Heimdals could shoot 21AD (all hail the LR buff to 7 ). Plus, it's only a subjective-aesthetic opinion, they are Walkers. Terrans were about Tanks and other tracked vehicles, Sorrys got the Walker front covered if someone wanted that kind of visuals.
  11. If it means more tanks and less silly walkers for Terrans then I'm all for it!
  12. +1 for Command. It was my opponent who brought it to the field, but it was a devastating pain-train all game long. It's practically indestructible, have Decent AD on its own (which he could shoot out on 3+ even after moving, thanks to the drone-planes) and a super killy HI grand company.
  13. It is quite balanced with the exception of the Relthoza (as a whole), but a major(ish) overhaul will come around March 20th. The command helix is a Suport helix yes, and it preforms well IMO. A little bit squishier than what DR10+10+9 & SH6 defenses implies, but it's a really strong attacking and anti-air vehicle with the gun-turret option.
  14. The main consensus is that the Ground Attack Arial helix is a nrea-must have, and it is better in every way compared to it's rival the Recon helix. So I would advise to replace at least one Recon with one GA-Arial helix if not the two of them.
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