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  1. Scatter beams would look really pretty blowing things up, kind of like a rainbow of death....or a double rainbow! But I'd like to see kinetic beams! Getting killed by a contradicting weapon seems fun.
  2. Torps always use the 12" range bands, and as stated under rulebook on pg.66 can have the coherency effect of a weapon system added to it if available to the ship. So nuc away at an awesome 42" and ruin some squadron's day. Also I don't know of any ships being able to have access to TWO weapon system types, but scatter AND nuclear would be the pinnacle of overpowered...and also fun.
  3. So I'm wanting to pick up my first fleet and from everywhere I've seen and read, carriers and all the SAW they bring to the table are a really big deal. I'm reading about guys wanting to run a three carrier list, that seems a little extreme to me, but is it? And if carriers are pretty good in 2.0, which nation has the best one at the moment? And as a side question, is there any nation that favors bringing flyers more than the others? For sheer looks, cool points have to go to the Vauban and the Imperium for me, I guess it's something about flying aircraft carriers that just does it for me...
  4. Hello all! I've been a fan of Spartan's games for a long time, I played DW back in its earliest days, back before CoA even had a starter box. I liked the game a lot, and loved the models even more, but the rules at the time were far from perfect and I was simply too invested in too many other games at the time. Now I've been brought back into the fold by a friend of mine wanting to play FSA. So far I've been blown away by the 2.0 version of THAT game so much that I'm really interested in seeing how 2.0 of Dwars is. I'm really interested in picking up to different nations, it's how I role, I always like to to have an extra army to let someone else who's interested in the game give them a try for the first time. I know there's the 2 player box set, and I still might get it in the end, but honestly for me, out of all the nations, the Japanese and the Americans are my least favorite looking models. Don't get me wrong they still look great, but the rest of the models of the other nations just look so fricken amazing. The Prussians look like they're straight out of WWI, the real Russian navy should ask Spartan to let them redesign their ships to look as menacing as they do in this game and if the French really had a navy and airforce looking as cool as it does in DW, the world would actually take their military serious. I could keep going with the others, but I digress. It also seems many of the factions themselves were effected by the update and I'm wondering what, if any, of the nation's play styles have changed. For example are the Prussians still the get in close and board 'em navy? Are the Britts still all about the torpedos and likewise for the Americans and their love of rockets. If anyone is willing give a breakdown of the factions in 2.0 I'd love it.
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