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  1. Awesome game tonight vs Slineball resulted in mutually assured destruction. Was a draw at +6 vs +9 to him. my Sorylian gunships hammered apart cruiser after cruiser despite the cloaks but his dreadnought finally turned up and went on a single handed rampage that completely turned the tables on me. Brilliant game and damn good fun! Also blunted the Kurak Counter attack in our club campaign. The Zenians March onwards!
  2. That is FRICKING awesome. Well played
  3. Always save the battlestation for last. I am trying to put one together at the moment and it is making me want to shove the clippers in my eye. Those clear plastic things are a right pain in the arse.
  4. I don't think a second battleship is ever going to pull its weight. If anything consider a dreadnought as it fills a similar role to a battleship but is obviously more expensive. The box gives you escorts and SRS tokens as well. Plus the model is awesome.
  5. You're not forced to take the cruisers, but if you do choose to take cruisers, you must apply the same common upgrades to both them and the carrier. So if you want the extra shield on carrier you must buy the extra Shield in the cruisers as well. It's not a problem for gunships as they can't buy extra shields.
  6. Will dance for preview rules. And my dancing is unique and hypnotising. Could also possibly induce vomiting but that's a risk you take
  7. We actually tried double activations in a 2v2 once. Wasn't pretty. Stuff just got ganged up on and torn apart. It really changes how you play the game and we didn't use it again. It's still the same amount of moving models and rolling dice anyway so in practice doesn't speed things up. It does mean that stuff dies more efficiently but that's not always a good thing Imagine a battleship taking fire from 2 cruiser squadrons. Theoretically that ship goes from full health to crippled before it activates. At least it would get a chance to do something before the second enemy squadron activates
  8. I prefer cruisers with my carriers only because I am trying to get into close range to deploy bombers and I find that the weapons synch up better, although the if you go for a shield upgrade on the carrier you also are forced to with the cruisers l, but it makes for a brutal unit. With decent torpedoes and front guns on the way in and then epic broadsides when you enter the brawl
  9. Hahahaha totally your fault Slimeball. I look forward to killing and eating your crews on Friday
  10. Actually. Ignore my previous post. Was being a moron lol
  11. Just to check what you said at the start of your post. You can only choose one of the accompaniments. Not all of them. So you choose either gunships or cruisers or escorts
  12. Just get yourself a load of Planetfall and come join the fun mate I'm David Richardson and if you are on the Sluggas Facebook page you will know that I am never childish or borderline crazy. Join us in the addiction!
  13. im actually taking the opportunity to go for 2 different factions. Am getting the terran/Dindrenzi starter, and i am a Sorylian/Directorate player. Will be a great chance to try out new stuff cheaply
  14. That does of course mean that Pathogen can be defeated with Lemsip, a hot water bottle and a blanket. Looks like my R&D Division need to find a new payload for our torpedoes! "FIRE TORPEDOES!!!! GIVE THOSE FREAKS A SALVO OF HONEY & LEMON!!!"
  15. To be fair I am pretty certain the some of the 300 are just signed up on Facebook and haven't ever come down to the club it we always have a decent number in. Got 3 more who just purchased Planetfall this week (2 X Dindrenzi and a Sorylian) so it is starting to pick up speed now. The bad thing is that we need to did more 10mm terrain!
  16. Could be interesting then! I guess we just need to see what the rules are and the. See how things pan out. It could mean that I get to use all these mountains of resin that I have all across my house. I am now actually more excited than I was before!
  17. Valid points. I guess I am lucky in that I am part of a big gaming club with about 300 members and at least 40-50 turning up every week. We can get away with randomness whilst still representing the game
  18. Pretty sure Slimeballs is going to be fielding The DeathKitten when I play him on Friday. Any tips you can all think of? I have asked my Sorylian engineers to convert my scatter cannons to fire cat treats but I'm not sure it will be enough.
  19. The problem with that is that my Sorylian Battleship would lose it's main function of minesweeping.........
  20. but imagine i have a 10" move, and wanted to move the following combination: 2" forward 2" worth of turning 3" forward 3" of turning the other way. That is still a lot of picking up and placing templates. i am thinking alout here but something made of plastic that is divided into 1" sections that can be 'clicked' up to a 45 degree angle could work, but again - is it an over engineered solution to a problem? I dunno. I really should probably just shut up because personally me and the people i game with have more of a headache working out the dice pools than the movement hahaha
  21. that is an awesome idea. Well played!
  22. I feel bad when i CQB flyers at no penalty. could we not just apply the speed modifiers to both main ordnance and CQB? that would be representative of their difficulty in getting hit.
  23. to be fair, for casual games arent' we able to totally do what we like? for example in Armada, me and the Sluggas are going to soon be doing a whole game just involving SRS tokens.... we're also talking about infantry only games of planetfall just to make use of all the spare bases we end up with after the infantry upgrade boxes!
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