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  1. Only some Terran ships can use shields against torpedoes. Cyclic shielding rule.
  2. Yep. Someone got over excited. Pretty picture though. I NEED STATS AND STUFF!!!
  3. Awesome pics. Nice to see someone else other than me uses the drop zone terrain!
  4. unless you play as Relthoza....I've been on the receiving end of a Battlestation shunt bomb and it violated my poor Sorylians in ways I cannot begin to describe.....
  5. how strange. I use it all the time.
  6. use photobucket.com mate. it is free and you can upload them in full size. Awesome looking Lizards by the way Looking crisp, smooth and lovely.
  7. Players: Slimeball vs FragEmAll Points Value: 6000 Factions & Allies: Directorate vs Sorylian Starting Zero Hour: 60 Zero Hour Score: -10/15 (Directorate Major Victory) Turn Count: 3 ---------------------------------------------------------- Sorylian Forces: Core Helix, 2 x Heavy Helixes, 2 x Recon Helixes, Command Helix Directorate Forces: Core Helix, Recon Helix, Heavy Helix, Command Helix, Ground Attack Helix ---------------------------------------------------------- Oh my god, I got spanked!!! My lovely Transports turned into Death traps! My Command Barge managed to get itself one-shotted by a plasma storm from Slimeballs heavy tanks, though i managed a small measure of vengeance when a unit of my Brave Heavy Infantry assaulted and killed his own command unit I think we both learned a lot about our Helix activations, and the order in which we do things. Great game once again Slimeball!
  8. I ordered one set in January and that shipped yesterday I did a bulk order for our club a few days ago and that hasn't shipped yet. They are probably working though the mass of orders.
  9. i am actually going for 5 x bombers and a shuttle in my carrier and battle cruisers from now on. i went full on defensive with interceptors and shuttles for a few games but disliked the loss of firepower. And yeah i love experienced Engineers. My favourite list right now involves Battlecruisers and Gunships which all have it as standard and have a few hull points. it all adds to the survivability.
  10. Element Games in the UK have always been absolutely fantastic! Quick delivery times as well. Ordering direct from Spartan is great as well, though get in touch with your local GCN gaming club to use their Gaming club network discount.
  11. Players: FragEmAll vs David (Not on forums) Points Value: 1400 Scenario: 1 - Border Clash Factions & Allies: Sorylians vs Relthoza Battle Log Scores: +3 / +16 It was all going so well until he shunted his Battlestation right into the middle of my forces. I went for a defensive SRS list with interceptors and Support shuttles to keep away his torpedoes and corrosive. It worked ok up to a point but eventually i was overwhelmed by corrosive! Next time i'm just going for bombers and unloading hell on the spiders! great game and actually closer than the score looked. his Battle station ended up on 2 HP and he had 1 Defence platform left..... Pesky Spiders! *Shakes fist*
  12. oh i totally run a cyber boarding heavy list. I love the idea of being your typical pirate and stealing your opponents flagship. there are just some times when i wish i could just unload a big old salvo of cannonfire at the enemy
  13. I play a cyber heavy Directorate force and to be fair i've never had anyone complaining, but then we also have a player that runs a full on tarakian fleet with grav weapons everywhere and no-one moans at him either. Cyber is powerful, but the lack of direct damage is sometimes an issue. SOmetimes I just want to blow stuff up instead of killing crew.
  14. I think your maths is right Captain Dan. Plus it is technically harder to finish off 20 hull points of heavy cruiser compared to 8 hull points of battleship. However it is easier to kill off the admiral which has a knock on effect plus the heavy cruisers are a lot more points to purchase in the first place Again on the flip side, heavy cruisers are much more effective for longer. Especially if you reinforce the sides.
  15. Fair enough thanks for the replies! To be fair, it would have probably made my heavy cruisers a bit too effective...
  16. Just had a random thought. Could I split boarding attacks into 2 waves? For example my Sorylian Heavy cruisers have 5AP and 4 ships in a squadron. Do I have to throw all 20 dice into one engagement or could I do 2 lots of 10 and force the enemy to split their PD? Would also give me a chance to weaken the crew by going for life support with wave 1 before going for the capture with wave 2.
  17. to be fair I was a fan of the blue, but the red is just awesome.
  18. I was thinking that. Must have been a big old game. I normally see them done in an hour.
  19. Had a thought - why not just add that Durable MAR from the planetfall ships to all Capital Class ships? That would limit them a bit maybe?
  20. Here is the underside and the back of the ship. again just roughly coated to give you an idea of the engine glow positions. This one is blurry as you like but gives you another perspective of the way the ship profile changes.
  21. Let us know how you get on! I have decided that Warwickshire with unlinked torpedoes are the way forward
  22. Most destroyers are awesome. Ours are not. They are OK fm for a cheap tied 2 but I haven't ever used them. I am painting up a unit of them that I got on the cheap but I can't see a reason I would take them over gunships (apart from cost)
  23. Hahaha you thread ninjad me!
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