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  1. also (And i promise his is the last time i post in a row) the Jol'Tak command skiff has one sar'nav firing left only and the other one can apparently fire front, right and aft. Is this a balance thing to stop us linking the AD pools together on the front? what if i have a target in the right arc, and want to fire the left gun forward? doesn't massively make sense though i understand you may not want combined fire everywhere....
  2. totally agree on the Leviathan CQB stats being the wrong way around surely.... give it 5/10 and the laser lance suddenly makes more sense.
  3. Also just a FYI really but the Ground attack flyers are still saying that they can target FLYING models whilst moving flat out.....surely should read NON-flying models.
  4. was just about to post about Hard Target on the Kul'voks. Not really bothered if they dont get it but it was certainly nice
  5. that makes sense. So technically I could go for a proper heavy focussed battle line, or a swarm of lights
  6. oh it is on Slimeball! Between us all at the club, we'll make some up to date stuff we'll just have to collect them all!
  7. i am trying to wrap my head around the rules for Dystopian Wars. Is there a tier building system? or is it done differently? trying to work out if I am going to end up with obsolete units
  8. Hello everyone. I am taking the jump and will soon be commanding a fleet of His Majesties finest warships. Any recommendations for what to get to begin with? Was thinking of the Naval Battle Group, and then the Battle Flotilla to begin with. In your opinions, would this be a viable starting point? (Posting in the right forum now....lol)
  9. don't forget this isn't a retcon, this universe (Unlike some other game system universes) are evolving and developing. Imagine during the actual conflict. Sorylian Engineers realise that their supposedly tough ships are actually more fragile under combat conditions. So with the new cruiser and Battleship hulls rolling out from the shipyards, they have engineered additional protection in the form of the retractable plating. A perfect engineering solution to the problem that the Sorylian front line commanders have been finding on the (Space) battlefield. The original ships are still perfectly viable, there would have to be some kind of reason to take the older ships compared to the new ones.
  10. Both of your fleets are absolutely beautiful! looks like a great game.
  11. It's been a while since I put up my games. Roll on next friday where we are all doing an all day session! Players: FragEmAll vs Joe A (Not on forum) Points Value: 1200 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: Terran vs Works Raptor Battle Log Scores: -4 vs +15 My first game as Terrans, and vs the most frustrating fleet i have ever gamed against!!! awesome fun though Players: FragEmAll vs HerezJohnny (Not on forum) Points Value: 1200 Scenario: Border Clash Factions & Allies: Ba'Kash vs Tarakian Battle Log Scores: +13 vs +6 A proper brutal game where BOTH of our flagships got double 1'd on the critical damage table (4 hull points each hahahaha) Tarakian torpedos were brutal to begin with but short ranged savagery from the Heavy Cruisers and the frigates turned the tide and won the game.
  12. There is one for sale on the Facebook sales page.
  13. I have 2 spare Dindrenzi Reinforcement boxes that I will happily break open and split up if anyone is interested in beefing up their Dindrenzi starters. PM me or get on the Firestorm Armada Shipyard facebook page and we'll work something out.
  14. personally i think our weapon systems are actually pretty decent anyway. My slight concerns are over the general squishyness of our Tier 1's. for an engineering race, i can't help but think our battleships and dreadnoughts could be a little more solid. Not much, but possibly an extra pip of DR on the dreadnought, and maybe an extra hull point on the battleship. of course if retractable plating broadsides became a thing (Which it so should, as the imagry would be epic - "ROLL OUT THE CANNONS!!!") then that would solve it i reckon. obviously i realise that the buff would be reflected in the cost a little but i think it would totally assist.
  15. i have to agree that i like that it gives each race its own flavour. and makes my opponents cry with rage when they realise that a Sorylian Battlefleet can bring 2 squadrons of Warwolves. Of course, if you made it more generalised, then Works Raptor players may be able to use both the Destroyer squadrons that they get in their box
  16. Alternate Helix options would be an awesome idea. Close Combat Leviathans and Infantry swarms in the assault helix for example Plus all of the above post
  17. I am going to proxie some tier 3's on Friday. Can't do too many as it is an intro game.
  18. Waiting for my shines to arrive but the tier 3's are definitely making an appearance in my fleet
  19. Thinking of them as big tier 3s instead of small tier 2s works but remember that you are giving away more battle log for less hull points. i think that as has been said in the other thread, they need to get in. Hit a few things and then hide in an asteroid field whilst they shunt out.
  20. just an outsiders perspective here, but 1AP is maybe a little light on your gunship when it needs to get close to use its torpedoes at best. is vunerable to boarding. possibly add an extra AP to just make it a bit less fragile to assaulters. Otherwise they all look blooming awesome. our Relthoza players are drooling all over their many, many legs at our club
  21. i am seeing a long range 14AD torpedo spook and nuke salvo and thinking that Terrans just went up in the competitive ladder. especially if they are facing those new low PD Dindrenzi cruisers Having just started Terrans, I am well impressed with the models and the rules.
  22. speaking from an outsider, with 2PD each, if your cruisers reach 12-16" range band of my ships undamaged by torpedo fire then i have really lost the plot with my game plan. for all their headline strengths, dont forget that they have lost the torpedoes and mines that make your cruisers so powerful. anyway, i play Sorylians and the fun of unloading 20AD from your tier 2 squadrons is immense - of course, my ships get to fire in 2 arcs Honestly i think your cruisers are fine as they are and give you interesting choices in your tier 2 section. plus they look AWESOME
  23. agreed. just take the -1 turn limit MAR and drive right through my main concern is with the gunship. bearing in mind we moan about the Sorylian destroyer, this has similar weaponry and a shorter kinetic range. sure it is cheap but if it wants to be a brawler style gunship instead of the Warwolf, it needs more broadside punch and maybe a higher pip on the CR. could tag on some more points for it though and would still be a viable alternative to the Warwolf. To end on a positive, i think those light frigates are going to be flippin' amazing!
  24. I think the frigates are going to be truly brutal. 14AD gunracks (or 2 x 8AD) followed up with a 12 AP assault blitz is going to be so much fun. especially as a kamikaze run through asteroids will be possible with agile. and they are faster than our bloody corvettes! love it. the light cruisers seem like a cheap filler in smaller games. I can't see me not taking Falcatas. and as for the gunships? basically have the same punch as our destroyers....so i will be keeping my Warwolves. they look cool though so will probably get them anyway hahaha
  25. The stats are up by the way in the downloads section. As for the missing frigates? The small ships are squads of 3-5 anyway so the only thing you are missing is 2 X small squads of 3 each. Don't let it ruin your experience. Enjoy the awesome new models!
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