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  1. That is a damn good point and I didn't see that. Light cruisers might actually be a decent option to fill out tier 3 slots though of course our tier 3 options are already brilliant.
  2. might be worth getting your Teutons out again, what with the change to the stats that give them a shield cruiser accompanyment. i think that really adds to the squadrons versatility and usefulness.
  3. I'm sorry Dan, did you say "Road trip"?
  4. Lol that's where it went astray. Don't worry mate. We did something similar at our club when we first started playing against Terrans. Your core helix is damn good. Especially vs Terrans as you aren't getting roughed up on the way in by too much long range fire.
  5. How are you playing the shield dice? You are only rolling for the vehicles that actually took damage. We made the mistake in my group of rolling all shields for the whole unit before applying damage and Terran heavy tanks were pretty much invincible. You only roll for the second tank of the second tank would actually take damage. That big blast of the directorate heavy tanks is the best In The game and one of the reasons I am actually starting to collect them. Just get in close and wallop those Terrans before they activate.
  6. time is always a good point, which is why the idea of gaming clubs is a great idea. I go once a week every friday and over the years there is now at least 30-50 people showing up for games. Facebook is a great way to get people interested. if there isn't a club or community already set up then consider doing it. The rest of the community will always help out in any way we can. Even if there isn't a great gaming community then consider hosting an afternoon event at your local gaming store. a store owner shouldn't mind you doing that, especially as he is getting extra footfall. There are enough of us across the world that can make this truly awesome.
  7. Perhaps it is just me but I am fortunate enough to be part of a large gaming group. A couple of us started with Armada last year and just through playing once a week and encouraging gamers who wander over to grab a game with us we are growing the player base ourselves at the club. It involves a lot of work though. If you are wanting more players then do the advertising for Spartan. That is what I did. Sure there is nothing in it from them for me officially but if I love the games (which I do) then I see it as my duty to spread the joy to other gamers out there. It is now a self sustaining cycle at the club I go to. The players that I introduced to the game are now getting other people involved and I am now finding myself gaming with people that have been introduced to the game by others who already know the rules. Less tuition and more smacking in the face with broadsides ensues! Word of mouth is the most powerful tool out there. People seeing others jumping around the table high giving each other as a string of sixes is rolled will naturally want to see what all the fuss is about Of course it helps that the group I game with are all delightfully nuts
  8. Would you consider the escort carriers if they were an accompaniment In addition to the squadron? Just thinking if they ever tweaked the rules in future.
  9. Didn't even think of boosting the front fun lol good spot. And there is no battle log loss for them getting shot apart so well worth taking.
  10. I have just been having a look through the new PDF's and our Destroyers are now looking semi useful with the opportunity to get either stealth systems or Pack Hunter. I have to say that i would actually be tempted with pack hunter to make both the kinetics and the torpedoes more useful. It may even be worth going for nukes now! There are also trial Accompaniment rules: Add Accompaniment option to the Falx & Swordbreaker Battleships: 0-3 Flechette Light Frigates • Add Accompaniment option to a single Hasta Battlecruiser: 0-2 Lucern Light Cruisers • Add Accompaniment option to a single Amentum Battlecruiser: 0-1 Harvester Gunship • Add Accompaniment option to the Morning Star & Xiphos Carriers: 0-2 Harvester Gunships 3 Fletchette light frigates with a Falx Battleship gives a brilliant +6 AP and also buffs one of the broadsides up from 14 to a brilliant 20! I would totally give up the insane point defence of our escorts for the chance to unload serious firepower into the enemy. It also forces the enemy to actually deal with the escorting ships as you don't want that much fire coming. I can't see anything else for the moment but it looks good
  11. Right then my dear Ladies and Gentlemen. I have my first game on Friday. I suspect I will be facing Empire of the Blazing Sun, though possibly the Antarticans may make an appearance. Right now I only have the contents of the Hunter Squadron and Battle Flotilla and am trying to make a list from it. Here are my initial thoughts: 1 x Majesty Dreadnought (Nullification Generator) with 3 Bastion escorts 3 x Agincourt Gunships 1 x Lord Hood Battlecruiser 3 x Vanguard Submarines 4 x Orion Destroyers 5 x Swift Corvettes I haven't quite figured out whether a nullication generator or a pulse generator is a better option here. The only other models I currently have is a second Lord Hood. There is a (Small) chance that I will have an Eagle War Rotor and a Ruler Battleship arrive before Friday. Any comments and criticism is welcome, as are tactics for how to use this force on my Virgin outing.
  12. FragEmAll

    Cerberus Station

    saw it on facebook as well. massive respect to you all. that looks amazing!
  13. are those custom tokens? if so, can i ask where you got them from?
  14. Fair enough if they are. They are cool. I was just assuming from the renders that they would be individual ones.
  15. I pre ordered the Terran, Directorate and Sorylian Assault Helixes so that I could get the bonus objective sets. They have all turned up and the models are great, but the objective sets are all identical for each of the races (so one design on all 5 Terrans etc...). Has anyone else had this? I was certain that they would be 5 unique designs. Has anyone else had this issue?
  16. thanks for the link. Will probably get it anyway for a painting project. I suppose the question I really should be asking then is whether to go for a Monarch, or try out the Ruler? Bearing in mind i'll be playing smaller games whilst me and my gaming group paint up our forces.
  17. Just having a look on the Spartan site, there are several models which appear individually but not in the boxed sets. Namely the Eagle War Rotor and the Ruler Battleship? Are they worth getting on their own? I like the look of both of them. What are peoples experiences with playing them?
  18. I really like that idea. I visualised something similar with Terran Walkers wanting to get close, but not too close. Flaying the enemy at 8" seems about right
  19. I am the opposite regarding our Leviathan. I hate the model and the fluff behind it so refuse to get one regardless of how good the rules are. I have a double Heavy Helix that always perform well I. My games even though we play really heavy terrain at our place!
  20. Absolutely. The only decision I have now is whether to take 1 or 2 helixes of them! The buffs to our command skiff made life even harder lol
  21. I am looking forward to using our Assault Helix Those things are just waiting to punch Enemy Leviathans in the face.
  22. so they do still have hard target then? awesome if so!
  23. I think that our Relthoza players will actually now come down the club for a game instead of hiding because no one wants to play them. Let's see what the win stats are for Relthoza. I bet they will still be decent. The army is still solid. Quite frankly if I hear spider people moaning that they outshoot Sorylians at long range anymore I will flip. Get closer. Learn from your Terran and Directorate players. Also you still have cloak. Which makes your units bloody awesome
  24. And I suppose they have leviathan CQB so it makes sense that they'd be counted the same. Thanks for pointing it out.
  25. The new Battle Walker is an 'elevated' Line of sight class, which is neither armoured or Leviathan. Does this mean it cannot re-roll 1's in effective range? I'm not moaning as 2 of them chucking out 30 dice is bloody marvellous but it came up in discussion in my gaming group. would it not have the same advanced targetting as the Borka's etc? Is there a way of clarifying this?
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