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  1. The Plan. Release Canadians. Reload the cannons. Build up a head of steam and set sail to Prussia with all guns blazing
  2. Hi there. Thought i'd throw my thoughts in to the mix. I play Italians and Britannians. Nation: Italians Model: Affontadore Problem: It is just too damn good for the points. you get 4 activations and it is pretty much the battleship in firepower. Suggestions: I would reduce the main & upper guns to the Light cruiser weapons to make the ship more of a supporting choice rather than the Battleship with a flight deck on top. i'd then reduce the points cost to about 200 and probably reduce the SV as well. Nation: Kingdom of Britannia Model: Eagle War Rotor Problem: It misses a bit of firepower and is a bit slow. Suggestions: I'd suggest "Advanced Engines +2" rather than an actual movement boost to make people choose between speed and lining up a bombing run. I would also suggest maybe switching the turrets to the heavy ones found on the Monarch battleship. I don't think this would warrant a points increase though. Nation: Kingdom of Britannia Model: Doncaster Bomber Problem: My issue with this bomber is that it is useless in land games. Suggestions: A simple fix would be to give it an option to switch the torpedoes for bomb bays. I wouldn't give them area bombardment, that should remain the Halifaxes remit.
  3. You know I am glad that i'm not the only one that was feeling a bit put out by this lol It is only a minor thing, but you definitely need some spacers in there. I'm actually carving some into my Italian Gunships. @ Any people at Spartan - please be aware of this. we're a picky bunch of gamers
  4. As a British player that refuses to play a Windsor because I like having people to play against, the fact that a really solid large ship is incoming makes me happy. Lets not forget that the area bombardment is automatically hitting on 5's though as it is indiscriminate then it still ignores defensive MARs and shields etc I believe? It stacks well with the indirect fire as well so it should be interesting for sure. The torpedoes and turrets would probably not get used that much to be fair. I love the look of the Prussian and American ones as well, but the Japanese one really confuses me, especially as they are persisting with that abomination called clear acrylic (Why not use Laser cut MDF????????) All in all it will be nice to see fresh stats for the game we love
  5. Ok! Ok! I remembered my forum password. Dude, sign me up. I even got a fancy hat for the occasion i think most of the Sluggaz assumed we were auto includes I will get people rallied to the cause now.
  6. I was the Ba'kash player..... and it was the shunting of the Heavy cruisers that really knackered things up for you mate. Ryjak's idea of split fire on the beams and then double tapping a tier 2 is a damn good idea. Personally, I am becoming a fan of the "More boyz, less toyz" strategy, where I pack as many actual ships onto the table. You could do the following with nothing added: Dreadnought 2 x 4 Cruisers 2 x 4 frigates You could even drop a frigate squadron to 3 and then add a few bits to the dread (Maybe a couple of interceptors and that split fire trick)
  7. Thought I had better start posting again as the Southampton Sluggaz Autumn firestorm campaign will be starting soon. Had a couple of 1k games on Friday night to test out our lists for Reading Warfare. GAME 1 Players: Fragemall vs Chris (dammit - can't remember your forum name!)Points: 1000Scenary: Border ClashFactions: Ba'Kash vs XelocianBattle Log: +15 vs -5 GAME 2 Players: Fragemall vs ChrisPoints: 1000Scenary: Border ClashFactions: Ba'Kash vs XelocianBattle Log: +15 vs -3
  8. do squadrons of 2. march them up to a Spider sky drop point that threatens your line and slap them in cover on overwatch. dare him to drop there. THat is certainly one use for them. Our heavy infantry are certainly our damage dealers though!
  9. I have a bit of a Dystopian Wars addiction going on at the club I go to right now, so my brave Sorylian ground forces are tucked up in their troop ships for now. It would be epic to see if there are any plans to release further unit types now that the core lot are completed but we shall see. As for your urban camo scheme idea, i totally approve of it! like a puzzle camo scheme, or a digital camo scheme?
  10. I totally love the Majesty Dreadnought. It is a brutal hammer of a ship. One day I will actually remember to use the guardian shield to protect my destroyers as well! Second favourite is specifically a full squadron of Tribals with a Dominion attached. What a brutal hammer of a squadron! Honestly, there is actually not a single unit that i dislike with Britannians I even love my Eagle!
  11. i quite like the disorder rules as well. makes it more satisfying when you knacker the enemy command elements and force disorder checks everywhere! I haven't played Planetfall in a while as my gaming club is on a Dystopian Wars rampage right now, but I have managed to get in 2 games recently. the Heavy transport skiff is a totally different beast now with the changes to the DR and reduction of the shielding. Still a great game!
  12. I think it was less luck with the dice and more the Opponent still finding his feet with list building... but even so I enjoyed it, and would certainly fly it again. The bombs are brilliant though. Concentrated bombing is my new favourite thing. Of course, now I am putting the finishing touches to a pair of Halifax Bombers i will probably love them even more!
  13. I have started selling part time in the UK and i have to say that whilst the usual wholesalers sometime have issues, if you need to order direct then speak to Gary or Katie and they will send you a direct order form. You have to pay the postage which most wholesalers don't charge, but it gets the stock order moving at least.
  14. Had a lovely 1200 point game with my brave Britannians facing off against a carrier heavy Prussian list. the piercing ammo on the Eagle is a useful little tool on the lead up but it is the bomb bays that really shine on this little beauty. for a fleet that (in my opinion) is better sticking to range band 2 and 3, this lovely beast of a vessel doesn't mind getting close and brawling. the defensive MARs are lovely, but the combo of preventing RB1 firing from a lot of weapons by being flying, and the 3x6/ 1x12 concentrated bombing meant that it hammered into the Prussian ships - it managed a single critical to finish off one carrier, and then a double critical with guns and bombs having come down from the clouds on a Metzger. I realise it doesn't match the battleships for sheer firepower but i think it is a jolly useful piece of kit,and i will certainly take it again.
  15. I have 2 Terran Taskforce cruisers (1 which can be used as a Harpoon) and 2 Dindrenzi Taskforce cruisers (1 of which can be used as a Decurion) so if anyone wants an extra cruiser then PM me and we will sort something out. full cruiser squadrons for the win!
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