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  1. Because green is mean and planetfall lacks a decent missile launcher to make a nice "deviator" ()
  2. Hello everyone, Here are my small directorate core helix from the proteus box. When i've seen the design of the directorate buggy, it reminds me of the old Dune 2 computer game...and soon I knew that I had to paint them in a bright blue : the color of the atreides (in the videogame, because in the books the atreides flag is green and black). So, here are my small force : And another picture And my sonic tank (mmmm, cybertank I mean)
  3. I've painted my aquan with camo colours. Here are my topic with pictures : http://community.spartangames.co.uk/index.php?/topic/12618-camo-aquan-my-planetfall-painting-topic/ Lysiar
  4. There is a close up. The camo is quite simple : Zandri dust + lightning in Desert yellow. And Scorched brown + lightning in Calthan brown. and voila.
  5. Hi everybody. After a looooong time without painting, here I'm back for a small update. My Aquan (half) Core Helix is now done.
  6. I did not know the Vorlons. I google it and they have some sweet spaceship. I think it can be really cool to do this type of camo on the aquan ships. Thanks for the hint.
  7. Thanks Here are more of them : And here : The grass is currently missing on the sirsir but it will be glue on soon. Next are the crystals and support defense turrets. I'm waiting for my proteus missing lamana About the crystals, I will paint them blue. I'm looking for a simple and effective paint scheme.
  8. Hey, nice video guys. But as Darthp00o00 says : a full video battel report can be a lot more engaging. And, by the way : where do your (scenery) road come from ?
  9. Hi all, After seeing the topic "Why have only Terrans mastered the concept of camouflage ? " , I got the idea to put camo on my Aquans tanks. After all, they are very ancient and wise no ? Moreover, the Aquans vehicles are semi organic and maybe they got a natural ground color camouflage on their skin when they grow up (who knows ?). Anyways I dont' like the bright blue colour used for the official aquan colour scheme so I got to find something else. After some surfing on the Internet for ideas, I've fund the torpedo/electric ray (fish). They have a great (but complicated) ground colour camo pattern. But I liked it very much. As I want some tabletop quality miniatures (paint wise) I put 2 different brown colour in a camo pattern style on my tank. I want something easy and fast to do. What do you think of it ?
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