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  1. Fluffwise Torpedos are slower but more intelligent Kinetics. Ruleswise this weapon ignores Shield and Armor (fromt he Kinetic trait), but lowers the TN for PD to 4 (from the Torpedo trait, as pure Kinetics have a TN of 5 for PD).
  2. The most important change: Dindrenzi Hypervelocity Kinetics don't ignore all defences. And now models can be destroyed before the End phase of the game round.
  3. The interesting point on this one is the reduced Turn Limit. We played it so, that we only moved the lead model with ruler and template and then positioned the other models in coherency. Now i would aks my opponent to do this for the damaged model too, if i suspect, that coherency or the "all in the rearward"-position-rule will be broken.
  4. So, we had our first game last saturday, and it was fun. Impressions so far: The game is fast, the new movement concept is intiutive and easy to do. The possibility of changing speed was used extensivly to cover distances and then to move around in close combat. The hit&defence-mechanic plays out nice. The PD reroll rule of the Dindrenze is absolutely ace against Soryllian, as they only have kinetic weapons. And the Dindrenzi weapons are sort of surprise for a starting faction, as they ignore all defence rules. And the Dindrenzi Frigates have no Effective(x) on their DF Beams, making them good for staying in one corner of the table, linking together and never move again. The damage rules take getting used to. In the end we accumulated a ton of the same damage effect on one ship, so that, if not repaired, the whole unit is destroyed. After that we decided never to use squadrons of 6 ships again. Now we need more factions and their rules (our guess for aquans is "Multi-arc devastating beam"-weapons without the Effective(x) rule and overlapping arcs for linking )
  5. So the intend may be, that reacting is more valued than going first? Interesting.
  6. Question to the initiative roll. Rules say: "Player B may re-roll their single highest Die". My guess is, it should be "lowest", or "second highest".
  7. With a canceld vacation due to corona and time at my hands, i could tackle my FSA part on my Pile of Shame:
  8. Those sorylian ships look sweet, now i am tempted to update my fleet.
  9. I really like the style of these miniatures, especially Click Clack.
  10. No, not the Anarchist, no one likes the Anarchist (except Directorate players i think )
  11. Brimat

    RSN fleet

    I like the Bases of the SRS. Great Stuff.
  12. Ach menno...people painting their ships . Keep it up. I hope when FSA starts up in a new shiny way i will get motivated to paint my remaining ships (only 5).
  13. As Boarding is a one-shot-weapon, there is no reason not to make it a good and effective tool. In the example above, you get the 20AP to board only one ship. with the luck of the dice you will board a T2, as a standard T1 should give at least you 10 defence dice in return (when not shot to pieces before the assault) . My best suggestion would be to give them Second Assault.
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