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  1. Brimat

    new rules set

    Ok, i will mark this date in the calender and check the news section here. Such a roadmap is what i am waiting for.
  2. Brimat

    new rules set

    Any new infos on a time table for Firestorm? Any info is appreciated.
  3. Brimat

    just wondering kedorians

    Perhaps this helps. Link to one of my battle reports.
  4. Hi everyone, as i never played Dystopian Wars, i don't know the differences to the previous edition. Can someone with this knowledge take a look on these new rules and point them out? (Link: www.dystopianwars.co.uk) If some of this rules get transported to FSA, the game will be getting deadlier and faster, as exploding dice can only effect offense. And the Victory/Valor-Cards seem interesting.
  5. Brimat

    Tac cards, and delaying use?

    We always resolve TACs when revealing them. So, all effects of the TACs, repairing, chosing a squadron for Drives to Max and so on, are done before rolling initiative. RAW you may be able to delay, as the Rulebook says:"Place it face up in front of you as a reminder of the effects it can have throughout the turn." Discuss it with you play group and set a inteded use for playing.
  6. Brimat

    May 4th Q&A discussion

    Thanks all contributers for this write-up. I am curious for the faction aggregation, as i own a Sorylian and Veydreth fleet. Plastics is something not primarly on my list, the Spartan resin did a good job. An interesting point is the "Warcradle Classic" line. Perhaps some of our players can complete their fleets. All in all it sounds as if Firestorm is in good hands, and i like, that WC does not rush to bring new rules, models, stuff, but rather takes their time. I and my opponents can wait and in the meantime play with 2.0.
  7. Brimat

    G-Two's Dindrenzi Fleet

    But your fleet looks good. Nice work on the engine glow.
  8. Brimat

    Future FA rules

    Yes, sounds like the 1000 points games we currently play in our club.
  9. Brimat

    The Sorylians shall rise again!

    Too unpredictable. I play Kedorians as my second(third?) faction and even with 2-ship-squadrons and a selfmade probability table for distances/number of dice it is gambling for squadron coherency. And Kedorians have the advantage of all around weapon arcs.
  10. Brimat

    The Sorylians shall rise again!

    Sorylians are fine and well designed. All the others just have unfair advantages.
  11. Brimat

    Skyhawk's UFOs(unfinished objects)

    I really like your work on the star destroyers. Do you plan on using them as proxy or do you have something else in mind?
  12. Hallo liebe Mitspieler, ich plane derzeit ein Turnier für Firestorm Armada. Und wollte dazu mal schauen, wie groß die Reichweite dieses Forums ist. Also meldet euch. Grüße aus Erfurt
  13. Brimat

    Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    I will, new stuff on the painting table: (and on a side note: the "Insert other media"-Button is working again )
  14. Brimat

    Feb 2018 - Painting Challenge/Paint Along

    So, how got everyone along?
  15. Brimat

    Firestorm Painting Group

    Cool scheme, well done. I like it more than the dark one. I found some time to prime the assault cruisers ud battlecruisers from the Sorylian Bastion Fleet. They will be done during next month' paint challenge.

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