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  1. Oh Planetfall, how we miss thee...
  2. I haven't heard WC mention anything about PF. Where can I review that?
  3. Yep...I'm waiting until I can work through all the rules before playing.
  4. @child9 I suspect it is already too late. PF 2.0 will be released someday, and it will likely be a good game. But customers won't come back because SG ignored the primary rule of hobby sales... People buy games/models because of the enjoyable experience they have when interacting (playing games, painting minis, reading fluff, etc.) with them. When a company ignores (SG), forgets, or foregoes (GW's "we make models") the idea that their responsibilities extend beyond a single sale and into the shared realm of the customer's experience, they will not be successful. The Gamer's Haven is one of the most successful mini-centric game stores in the Western United States. Rob specializes (to a degree) in mini games with lots of table space and convention support. He bought a ton of FSA and PF and taught the game to the customer base. The fact he is on here is indicative of how bad the situation is. When he replaces SG's product with something else...SG is very unlikely to ever get that space or promotion back. Which might be ok (but it really isn't) if they are going direct to consumer sales channel approach, which the Kickstarter indicates. The problem then becomes the lack of development and customer engagement. Bottom line...a lack of integrity and communication kills every business. If you don't talk to your customers (both players and retail) and if you don't speak the truth when you do...no amount of create game/mini design will over come that.
  5. Good post, Rob. Probably time to vote with your dollars, shelf space, and table space, my friend. At some point, this dynamic stops being anything other than deliberate and either malicious or incompetent. Its too bad...we had what 12 players or so buy PF stuff?
  6. Linde, Thanks for the post. To be clear, I want to make sure I understand what expectations I should have. Spartan Neil posted in Sept in this forum that we should see PF 2.0 rules by the end of the year/first part of 2017. What I hear you saying is that you will have some pre-release models to show us in March, 6-7 months after his post and no mention of new rules. Am I understanding this correctly?
  7. A reason to reenergize the Planetfall community. Please give me one. - Santa
  8. A reason to reenergize the Planetfall community. Please give me one.
  9. My .02... The LOS system for the current PF game works fine. If you can see it, it dies. This is consistent with "modern war." Remember, if your stuff is hidden/no LOS it can't be destroyed no matter how many hits the opponent has. The current system is simple, fast, and eliminates the most contentious part of playing most mini games. That being said, the tracked/wheeled/walker rules need a revision. As a Terran player, the current rules don't mean much to the game and with terrain can be a real issue with board set-up (when large sections are difficult or impassable to wheeled vehicles).
  10. Come on and play with us! It will be a good time.
  11. Tacticon 2016 is coming! Hotel Elegante 2886 S. Circle Dr Colorado Springs, CO 80906 www.tacticoncolorado.com Event Start Time Friday 09/02/2016 09:00 AM Event End Time Friday 09/02/2016 04:00 PM A far-future clash of troops, armor, and giant robots! Firestorm : PLANETFALL from Spartan Games! Bring you best 3000pts, single Battle-Group, but plan for no more than 12 activations per side (not counting transports). This will keep things fast and furious, while still aloowing for larger model inclusions! Custom scenarios based on the Adepticon events, but the Zero Hour Tracker will still start at 30! Official Prize Kit will be available! If you have questions, email "dale.kunz@gmail.com". Hope to see some of you there!
  12. I've got a game coming up in a week or so. I'm so going to try this!
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