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  1. Are torpedoes affected by cloaking fields? & Are ships with a 0" turn limit able to turn 180 degree and go back the other way, or indeed any direction they want ?
  2. when a dindrenzi gunship is acting as an escort to a carrier does its PD work the same as an escort class ship ?
  3. Thanks folks. Another thing, in some of the games ive seen when your shooting at something it normally hits on a 4,5 or 6. But if it smaller than you some games have been saying you hit on a 5 or 6 is this an old rule too cos I don't seem to be able to find it in the new rule book. I know difficult targets hit on a 5 or 6 and srs hit on a 6, but what about a battlesip vs crusier is that a 5, 6 or a 4 5 6?
  4. Hi guys & gals im a new player looking for a little help with a few rules from some of you more veteran players. 1. Im playing Dindrenzi one of my battle ships has 2 banks of 6 torps, my question is can I fire them as a group of 12 or do I follow the linked firing rule as if I was using a different ship. As I understand it; its the difference between rolling 12 dice or 9 dice. 2. When targeting stuff do I need to get the pin in my fire arc or the base. I know we measure from the pin but what about targeting ? 3. I have seen a few games played online, some of them seem to be attaching SRS without carriers, is this an older rue from v1 or v1.5 or can we still do it ? 4. When linking fire do you measure from all the ships taking part or just the one that is heading the attack ? Thanks for now, Ive got to get ready for another game. Cheers G
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