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  1. mjorr

    Places to play in North Queensland (Australia)

    Unfortunately not many regular places for play here in vic / melb. Good to have Aust mentioned in locations.
  2. mjorr

    Harvester gun

    I know this is old post however just now reading 2014 orbat. I read the harvester gun stats and immediately think of an area effect template placed at target centre meaning larger models could loose some ap but a small sqdn could loose ap across 2-3 ships. Is this unreasonable or is the harvester just a pinpoint teleporter not an area teleporter (subject gathering field device). Invaders appear the secret rage tried to buy models which had sat in shop for ages only to have them put on hold and sold this last week (when i finally decided to have some) Im on an invader hunt now....
  3. mjorr

    Covenant Drone-Link Feedback Rule Issue

    If drone rule so iffy - not sure to get any back into the scrapyard, why not turn them into a physical bomb strength 1ad. Have your surviving (aa) bombers/ torpedoes just aim for target and add 1 ad each plane ie. Bomber - 3 ad (bomd) + 1ad (suicide drone mode) CoA bombers, all surviving the torrent of AA to suicide at 20AD- yeah yeah and indiscriminate attack as well....... Sink your stupid rowboat, sink.
  4. Apolloxer Thanks and its a shame there is no valid reason to include in fleet to show that the Covenant have teeth as well as style.
  5. Yeah I've never found a reason to play it but the look makes it feel like it shoud be used and i'd like to see a fast heavy strike unit with maybe a special teleport trick - like teleport the actual model itself to escape or appear in the midst of the enemy. Dream....Dream....Dream
  6. Just wanted the boys to come out and play.
  7. mjorr

    Specialist Group Squadrons

    Posted this in new units. How about using our poor Daedalus and pair it up with another - drop 4 mines per turn could be fun at controlling the seas.
  8. What about using our poor Daedalus and pair it up with a second one so that we have up to 4 (4) mines delivered per turn, that would be fun also the other combined stats - 2 sharks of the air hunting down that "prey".
  9. mjorr


    I'll have to "theoretically" discuss with a TO when I attend a tourney next weekend unless I get a more concrete ruling saying expressly "no way are those southern magicians going to be allowed any magic - our world is scientific and logical - NO MAGIC ALLOWED"
  10. mjorr


    I can see that that interpretation can be made, however as I can also make sense that the munitions of a model are "part of a model" and therefore when the book states when the model "makes contact with the portal MUST move between the two portals" implying that "any part of the model" also translates - and logically any attached to the model that is considered "not at the surface" is disconnected ie CAPs, etc. I can understand the "partially blocked" impairment due to the physical nature of the "portal" is logical in this context. I have yet to see any clarification of this type of shenanigans and wonder whether people have actually considered this aspect and that is why I have asked the question because "fluff" wise those Antarctician "magicians" can do real "Magic". Playing this type of shenanigans in a match would be "fun" and be a surprise ONLY ONCE.
  11. mjorr


    ? On the Teleport Generator ? What is the "implied" distance between energy portals of the generator. I read it as an implied 0" because the table of D6 results indicates that the model "may continue its Movement Segment as normal" [page 98 Digital Edition]. ? What is the "direction" of any shot that "passes through an Energy Portal" [page 98] I ask these questions because (it came to me whilst driving) I read that if I shoot through a portal at a target that I have LOS on I can "extend" my effective range as the distance between portals is 0" so that if the portal exists I can fire any weapons that effects only surface targets and calculate the range as distance from attacker to portal centre + other portal centre to target. eg Hippasus generates Teleport energy portals and my Cleomedes fires through it (7") to a target "via" the other portal (25") making an effective distance of 7 + 24 + 25 = 56" max. (very situational).
  12. mjorr

    Anyone Wavelurk?

    Thamoz Thanks for to clarification and also for the quick response.
  13. Old idea and first "mod" to ships I made is the addition of port/starboard "BEAN TURRETS" added to Aristotle - 180 deg fire. eg. Ports side attack 5 turrets into a target at rb1
  14. mjorr

    Anyone Wavelurk?

    I know this is an old thread but I've never used wavelurking. I would appreciate some assistance as I plan to try it first time in a local tourney. ? Where does the "extra 2" comes from in the movement. ? If I start submerged - move - change level - shoot - can I change level again or do I require a "Swift Manoeuvre" check to do that. ?If I start on surface - move - shoot - can I change level then or is the Swift manoeuvre check required ?Is it a reasonable for the aristotle/kepler to be wavelurking, within rb1/rb2 to fire pa and torps instead of being on the surface
  15. Is there any concensus on the various tactical cards to be used with specific models and/or playing styles (have only played 4 tac cards games since I've had models, late 2014)

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