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  1. I have to agree it is very clear. You can only link with weapons of the same qualities, with the exceptions being Minimum & Effective qualities. Thus the Odyssey BB can like it's two Arcbolt Railgun together, but neither can link with the Dorsal Lance Rack or Prow Torpedoes (who also cannot link with each other)..
  2. From what they have presented, the Terran Directorate is not the Directorate of old. That place is taken by just one of the many corporations that make up the Directorate.
  3. We won't know until we see the new rules. Could be about the weapon arcs. Could be about movement. Could be something we didn't think about.
  4. It is the one one the left. I can't find the quote on Facebook with the arc names, but I think the arcs are something like: Fore Aft Port/Starboard Fore (or was it Fore Port/Starboard?) Port/Starboard Aft
  5. GenCon 2020 is canceled . Hope to see you all in 2021 .
  6. Latest tidbit out of Warcradle is that each Helix will consist of a command squadron (BB, BC, DN, or CV), cruiser squadron (or equivalent), and a frigate or destroyer squadron (or equivalent). I'm assuming that says more about the models in the box than exactly what miniatures you must take in your fleet.
  7. Given it's a new game, they can't exactly take away anything But seriously, any well designed system will have limitations on that you can take to make it easier to balance the game. The question is how restrictive will those limitations be in a Helix system?
  8. If you are looking for some Firestorm Armada content to tide yourself over until the Beta, join the Black Ocean Facebook group. Stuart is dropping tidbits of info like a broken faucet over there. A few teasers: 8 Factions include the Terran Directorate, Sorylians, Relthoza, Dindrenzi, Veydreth, Bakash, and presumedly the Aquans. No word on our mysterious 8th faction Ships have 6 Arcs of Fire!?! The Terran Directorate seem to have absorbed most of the human factions, including the Syndicate The Veydreth homeworld is Oroshon Apparently Energy Shields don't work on Kinetic Weapon Mines are not a big thing in the Storm Zone And I am sure there is more I don't recall.
  9. Note that a Helix would contain a number of compulsory elements along with an number of optional or expandable elements. The elements of a Helix often had variable size also. For example, the Terran Alliance Core Helix was: 1 Heavy Tank Squadron (1 or 2 tanks) 1-2 Medium Tank Squadrons (2-3 tanks each) 1-2 Light Tank Squadrons (3 or 5 tanks each) 0-2 Infantry Squadrons (4 or 6 infantry with optional transport) 0-2 Support Tanks This gave you lots of options on exactly how you designed our force, but also placed limits to avoid rampant min-maxing. It also made sales/collecting easy because each Helix box contained either the models to make 1/2 the Core Helix (so 2 purchases gave you all the possible options) or was all the models of the Support Helix.
  10. For those of you who didn't read the blog post, the Beta is delayed by COVID-19. They have said they will start sharing portions of the rules before the Beta, which has no definite start date at this point.
  11. We are still 4 months from GenCon. Given how quickly things have been changing so far, I wouldn't panic about it being canceled just yet.
  12. Looking forward to GenCon. This will definitely be on my schedule.
  13. Stuart opened a discussion in the Firestorm Armada Admirals League on 10/24 with topic Firestorm Beta Discussion Point: Boarding!
  14. Every time I see that wonderful explosive cloud from a successful Nuclear Weapon attack spreading damage across multiple ship I think, "Remember Dramos."
  15. The 16 may have been a case of future proofing. However, the Charon is taken with a Grand Company of Nix. The 7 bases may all be upgraded, so you that means they can take unto 14 Transport Capacity to carry.
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