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  1. The GuardTower East in Columbus is a new location for WWX. New because the store just opened this week. We will be playing on Tuesday evenings.
  2. The GuardTower in Columbus, Ohio USA, We have a second location opening this week. Tuesday nights is our WWX night
  3. I agree with reddwarf. The Aquans have the giant elder leading the race thingy already sewn up why would the Sorylians have the same schtick? It's a beast of burden for me all the way (a super nasty one with a sore tooth!).
  4. Personally, I would like the models that I already have stats for. I hate using proxies so I haven't tried either the Veydreth or the RSN.
  5. Players: Kabob/Dana McSaga (not on the boards) Points Value: 3500ea Factions & Allies: Sorylian vs Dindrenzi Starting Zero Hour: 35 Zero Hour Score: -8/-3 (Sorylian Victory) Turn Count: 3 A very close game full of tactical mistakes (we're still learning). McSaga began the game with blistering attack rolls once rolling 31 hits on 20 dice but he couldn't make a morale save if his life depended on it; he lost one heavy tank, two mediums, and another light tank to disruption rolls. All-in-all it was a very fun game.
  6. I disagree that the lights are some of the best available, I believe they are slightly underpowered when compared to other races/factions' lights. Still, there are 3 good reasons to take them: 1) They have the Take and Hold mar. 2) There are lots of them (25 in a full core, Heavy Helix, and with the Leviathan) 3) Let's face it, what's cooler than dinosaurs on grav bikes?
  7. Sadly, I only got 5 in my first core helix but 6 in the second
  8. Personally, I like to mix breachers with shooters for the tactical options provided.
  9. I don't know, artillery is a potential game changer whenever it is placed on the table. I would really like to see some sort of field artillery with a smaller template than the one from orbital bombardment (at least I think it's orbital).
  10. Player: Kabob & Chris/James & Narique (Totally butchered the last, Sorry!) Points Value: 5500 Factions & allies: Soryllians & Terrans vs Dindrenzi & Relthoza Starting Zero hour: 55 Zero Hour score: -2 / 13 Turn Count: 3 ‚ÄčLove having more squadrons so many tactical choices!
  11. Have the cards been taken down? I can't bring them up. Sadly, my sorylians will be careless this week.
  12. Logic would seem to dictate that "suitable models" would have to be those which could already make use of that type of portal. Wouldn't it?
  13. I'm working on finishing my second core helix for Sorylians, they are my fourth army not counting allies. Normally I would advise scattering around your choices to pick the one you like most but if you already have the Directorate Leviathan coming you should probably finish up that army to support it. At least that's what I'd do.
  14. I use both as well, Lizards on grab bikes are just too cool. Still, you always need infantry. . .
  15. I was wondering, as I was painting my Huk'Vok'Ka heavy support walker, who does the poor guy out in the open at the top of the turret have to piss off to get that job? Did his tail clear the commander's table at mess? Perhaps he shed his skin during a formal event? I wonder at the life-expectancy of a lightly armored soldier in the open when considering the amount of fire that thing will receive.
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