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  1. but the Beta's will... or should...
  2. Seems more like the betas will be testing both armada and planetfall.
  3. Great idea for the concrete... I might have to try that for mine
  4. ^^^ THIS ^^^ ooh paint scheme idea already.... That sounds very cool. I like the idea, can't wait to see the reality.
  5. Good to know. I'm glad so many are interested, it shows how many dedicated individuals we have in this community. Thanks for providing a date when we can expect the call, Linde. I look forward to working with you all (if i get the call up) Hopefully we can refine these systems, clear up any queries and help expand the community.
  6. Zeph

    My New Terrans

    I really like how the numbers/flag/logos set them apart from each other but also give them a shared identity. Think i need to get some of my models painted instead of just undercoating...
  7. Zeph

    My New Terrans

    They Look great Ruckdog! Well done sir
  8. Well, I for one haven't quite given up hope yet. I still have the minis and am looking forward to the "revival" of the game...
  9. It's not dead yet... It is is a complete game, it is mostly balanced (could do with refining) and Neil did make an anouncement to the expedite the Planetfall 2.0 rules:
  10. I'd like to see more variations of Helices: Like a Heavy support being 2 squads of medium tanks, or field support just being a load of foot slogging infantry, or more recon/assault being fliers etc I'd also like to see less stationary units - I'm not a fan of automatically getting placed shots for not moving, although it is fitting for heavy support.
  11. Sounds like a great plan. Much quicker to upload results. Trello is a key tool when collaborating on projects when you're at uni part time. You can split tasks into cards with checkboxes that let everyone know when a part of that task is done. Definitely the way to go...
  12. Well the question that must be on everyone's lips is: When will the beta team be announced?
  13. @Meatshield to answer your questions: 1. Things do happen. I'ts polite to let the group know but you shouldn't be penalised for missing a week. 2. People did do something similar, I'd take the 1 game a week as a minimum average. I tend to play 2 games a week, most weeks, but payday weekend was spent "out". 3. You don't have to disclose any information to a potential opponent other than "I'd like to play a test game, here are your new stats" and make sure you collect the orbat back from them at the end of the session. 4. We had 2 approaches to this: play a standard game proxying units required which gives an overview of how the helix perfoms as a whole. or play a small game with just the minimum core and the test helicies which shows the balance of a unit. But in both instances I would reccomend playing an actual game rather than theory-hammer... Your beta leader (Spartan Mike) should be able to define his parameters for testing should you be chosen for the beta. Hope that helps
  14. I see that you're selling these? Did you not fancy finishing them?
  15. Don't be silly; Spartan doesn't employ people ~ They use volunteers
  16. Seems viable to me. I would recommend that you spend your logistics points to guarantee you get the recon move. Good Luck!
  17. Hahahaha at this rate that's likely... Let's hope not tho
  18. Alextroy is right: If you want to skydrop field guns you need to include the circe from either your core and/or heavy helix
  19. Zeph

    Adam west's aquans

    I find a very dry brush with either a lighter colour or white goes a long way to highlight a model: http://i839.photobucket.com/albums/zz313/Chris_Daubney/Planetfall/Painting/DSC_0711_zpsfrwmpfgy.jpg?235
  20. Very nice. You have done well with the "glow" effects.
  21. I would. If spartan breathe some life into planetfall we might get a few more games. Its still nice to see how games are going either way.
  22. Yes! It is a giant drop pod for the two salamas
  23. Yes, doubling up on the core box is a must especially for the cheap directorate! With regards to a game; I'm hoping to get another intro tournament set up at my local store in Sheffield in the new year if you're interested?
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