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  1. So played my first game yesterday. great starter boxes btw! except...(and maybe it's just my firestorm armada kicking in) ok i understand that you gain disorder markers from taking damage from the damage table. you can remove disorder makers in bidding at the end. besides the one example towards the back of the book...which suggests the # of disorders markers equals the number of successful PD dice the defender rolls against a boarding assault become lost. (i.e. if you have 3 disorder markers, you lose 3 successful anti-boarding PD after rolling your PD) But... what in God's name do disorder markers specifically do?!? (i cannot for the life find it in the book) Is it, that disorder markers reduce just anti-boarding PD?, or all successful PD (against torpedoes, bombers, boarding)? is there a cap to how many a ship can have? does disorder impact shields? does disorder tokens impact attacking weapon dice, boarding dice? *** okay edit, i see now disorder reduced defensive success (pd against bomber, torps, board) (doh oversight on my part)* Damage... okay maybe it's my firestorm history (agains), but to clarify if you meet or exceed the DR, you roll on the damage table (doing an opposing roll). say we roll and the result is disorder markers; does the enemy gain a damage token and x# of disorder? or just X# of disorder? thus just because you meet or exceed the DR doesn't mean you done "damage" yet (i.e. it could just be disorder markers) or does it mean you make 1 damage and have the opportunity to gain say X2 damage (i.e 1x2 = 2 damage tokens, or 1x3 = 3 damage tokens or 1 damage and 3 disorder markers) taking damage it seems does nothing to reduce PD nor Attack dice.... it's like "yah that's nice, but i'm still kicking! at full power" but if i take a disorder marker "ah **** the guns are down some of PD goes down(maybe?)? thanks for any clarification!
  2. ... ya.. even at that view, still a "swing and a HUGE miss" for me. the bull nose rings? lol like what the hell who's pulling that thing on a leash? a super walker robo? it's kind of fail any way you cut it.... sorry but no matter how you cut it, Spartan blew it on this one; it' s just ... ya kills soryilans for me. just... sigh ... who the hell gets into planetfall to run a "zoo" on the table top? lol
  3. Aquans and Relth = top notch! really digging it!... Sorylians....wha... i don't even... is this 40k orkz?! hahaha who's leading the design on sorylians?!?! you have A+ firestorm ships designs and then planetfall... D+ 40k biker gangs orkz vibe yeeouch [it's april 1st right? right? tell me it's april 1st.... it;s a ruze to have me quit my firestorm soryilians and start a new firestorm army....it must be]
  4. hahaha oh man just got my terrans..... a few games in... loving the challenge have just having to make into EF.... and then boom screw u , screw your "shields" and pay up chum! all i can think is... *better start buying those loaded 6 dice.... lol
  5. Thanks for the feedback! sounds like i need to add in a beefy large! to soak up fire to help out the smalls then. enter the kasier karl i suppose! if i cut the Imperium and the Geiers (save 325 with 5 remaining for a full 330 left) and i toss in a Konisgberg and Kaiser Karl (now using up all 330) that should revised this to the following: Faction: PE - Prussian Empire MFV: 1200 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 1200 (0 left) Massive/Large: 375 (31%) Medium: 365 (30%) Small: 460 (38%) Tiny: 0 (0%) Naval: 92% Aerial: 8% Armoured: 0% Fortifications: 0% Infantry: 0% Fleet: ## | CORE - (92%) 1x Kaiser Karl (Heavy Battleship) - Nav. Large - 220 - 1/1 Commodore's Flagship 1x Könisberg (Battle Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 110 - 1/1 1x Sturmbringer (Submarine) - Nav. Large - 155 - 1/1 3x Donnerfaust (Support Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 255 - 1/3 4x Stolz (Destroyer) - Nav. Small - 160 - 2/4 5x Saxony (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/5 5x Saxony (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/5 ## | NON-CORE - (8%) 5x Zerstörer (Strike Bomber) - Aer. Small - 100 - 2/5 Local Air - x5 fighters Local Air - x5 dive bombers Sturm - x1 recon I suppose the question is; in 2.0 is not having a carrier going to be a problem? would a single fighter wing be enough? is the lone konigsburg even worth it? or is that become a 'point sink' ? would it be better save an go for a shielded emperor? and reinvest else where?
  6. Hello! looking forward to my first tournament this january! it's 1200 MFV tournament. played a few games in 1.1 but never a 2.0... (getting in some games during the holiday break here!) i've put together the following list. not sure how she'll do yet, but any thoughts of comments? Faction: PE - Prussian Empire MFV: 1200 - Core: Naval Fleet Value: 1195 (5 left) Massive/Large: 300 (25%) Medium: 435 (36%) Small: 460 (38%) Tiny: 0 (0%) Naval: 64% Aerial: 35% Armoured: 0% Fortifications: 0% Infantry: 0% Fleet: # | MAIN FORCE - (100%) ## | CORE - (64%) 1x Sturmbringer (Submarine) - Nav. Large - 155 - 1/1 3x Donnerfaust (Support Cruiser) - Nav. Medium - 255 - 1/3 5x Saxony (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/5 5x Saxony (Corvette) - Nav. Small - 100 - 2/5 4x Stolz (Destroyer) - Nav. Small - 160 - 2/4 ## | NON-CORE - (35%) 1x Imperium (Sky Fortress) - Aer. Massive - 145 - 1/1 Commodore's Flagship 3x Geier (Bomber) - Aer. Medium - 180 - 2/3 5x Zerstörer (Strike Bomber) - Aer. Small - 100 - 2/5 SAS - Local Air - x5 fighters Local Air - x5 fighters Carrier - x5 fighters Carrier - x1 recon Sturm - x1 recon The idea, is to build on the Telsa MARs. Against enemy small ships, the Geiers being a medium aerial (non-capital) could light up/soften large groups of smalls from a decent distance before closing in a bombing on turn two to mop up/bomb into mediums/battleships. the zerosters would be fly obscure until it can peg a juicy target (dread or heavy battleship) to lock on some lightning rods so that the imperium/strumbringer can focus in with bombard/massive telsa coil it to death or soften up so much so that a saxony rush is very scary. the imperium is going to fly obscured and support for the most part until late game when it can close in for mop up. the strum is playing the back field support beside the donnerfuasts. the donnerfuasts are all about trying soften up targets of opportunity and screen for the saxony blitz. the stolz will be a 'flanking' unit, i figure they are tough enough to threaten a flank and dish out enough pain to wipe smalls, threaten mediums and be scary enough to cause some fire their way least they zoom up the flank to close in turn two on a boarding action unless dealt with. I figure my SAS would all be fighters to take air superiority and protect my low percentage massive/large from other fighters/torpedo/dive bombers that could easily ruin their days. Cheers!
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